Uzbekistan Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2024

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Uzbekistan virtual phone number providers

Do you want to get an Uzbekistan virtual phone number but are unsure which virtual phone number provider to pick?

With many service providers, it can get confusing to know the right provider that meets your business requirements. It’s terrifying to think that one wrong choice can cost you a lot of money and even ruin your business communication. 

Not only for businesses but getting an expensive and incompatible provider for personal use will be a waste of money as well as useless.

To help you from getting bothered with finding the best service providers, we have made a list of the top 10 Uzbekistan virtual phone number providers. Stick to this article to find and choose the best service providers per your needs.

Key Takeaways 

  • You can get four types of virtual numbers in Uzbekistan: Local, Mobile, Toll-free, and Vanity.
  • The best Uzbekistan virtual phone numbers providers are Continent Telecom, Zandarma, Freezvon, Avoxi, Hivoox, Koala Calling, Katetelecom, Virtnum, TollFreeForwarding, and UnitedWorldTelecom.
  • The basic price for Uzbekistan virtual phone number ranges from $ 37 – $144.86
  • To get a virtual number for Uzbekistan, you’ll need to submit various documentation, including a passport, verification of citizenship, account information, or a driver’s license.

What is an Uzbekistan Virtual Phone Number? 

An Uzbekistan virtual phone number is a real number that is not connected to cellular networks or local phone companies. Instead, it uses DID or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for making and receiving calls through the internet. 

You’ll only need smart devices with stable internet connections to make calls through virtual numbers. You don’t have to set up different equipment like a physical phone.

Benefits of an Uzbekistan virtual phone number

  • Establish local presence: Represent your brand as local among Uzbekistan nationals and gain their trust. If you have Uzbekistan local numbers familiar to the residents, it makes it easy for you to gain and build trust.
  • Reduce costs: As a virtual phone number does not require additional equipment, you don’t need to set up an office for call centers.  Also, you don’t have to pay roaming charges to make international calls, making virtual numbers cost-effective.
  • Provides flexibility: You can make phone calls from anywhere and anytime using your business phone number. You can also make conference calls and attend important business meetings while traveling or from home remotely.
  • Improves Professionalism: Virtual numbers allow you to separate personal and business numbers. It improves your professionalism as every business owner wants to present themselves as professional.
  • Customization: You can customize your business’s greeting messages, forward calls, and other features according to your needs.

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*Disclaimer: KrispCall offers virtual phone numbers for a wide range of countries, however, please be informed that Uzbekistan phone numbers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to expand our country coverage in the future.

What types of Uzbekistan virtual phone numbers can you get?

Here are four types of virtual phone numbers for business or personal use.

1. Local phone number

Local phone numbers in Uzbekistan are specific to particular areas of the country. It has nine-digit numbers. Local numbers in Uzbekistan start with country code, 2-4 digit city prefix, and remaining numbers.  

Format: [Country code] – [area code] – [remaining numbers]

Examples: +998 65 9412568, +998 752 98785, +998 6222 98478

2. Mobile number

Mobile numbers in Uzbekistan are particular to cellular network providers and have 9-digit numbers. The mobile number consists of 2 digit prefix followed by 7-remaining numbers.

Format: [Country code] – [cellular prefix] – [remaining numbers]

Examples: +998 90 489 5489, +998 93 568 4896

3. Toll-Free number

Toll-free numbers in Uzbekistan do not charge the user to make calls. The number comprises 10 digits, and 800 is a toll-free prefix followed by the remaining numbers.

Format: [Counrty code] – [Toll-free prefix] – [remaining numbers]

Example: +998 800 894 8423 

4. Vanity number

Vanity numbers are similar to toll-free numbers but contain letters instead of numbers. The letters are placed to promote the brand for advertisement and marketing. 

Format: [Country code] – [Toll-free prefix] – [numbers or letters]

Example: +998 800 SAMSUNG 

10 Best Uzbekistan Virtual Phone Number Providers

Several cloud-based platforms provide Uzbekistan phone numbers. They contend among the best competitors. However, all the providers do not provide the best quality services and features.

We have made a list of the top 10 providers after performing research on the following factors:

  • Communication features
  • Value for money
  • Customer service
  • CRM and API integration Capacities
  • Customer reviews 

Let’s look at the list of best service providers for Uzbekistan virtual numbers.

1. Continent Telecom 

Call forwarding to SIP and Telegram is free with Continent Telecom. In addition, the company offers international multi-channel virtual phone numbers (multi-channel DID, direct inward dialing numbers).

uzbekistan continent telecom virtual phone number

Key Features:

  • Call Recording
  • Advanced IVR
  • Fax to Email
  • Sequential Forwarding
  • Call forwarding
  • Time-of-day-Routing

Pricing: The price for basic plan costs you $55 per month.

2. Zandarma 

Zandarma is a suitable option to expand and grow your company in Uzbekistan, regardless of the base of your location. It supports small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises too. 

uzbekistan Zandarma virtual phone number

You can make cheap VoIP international calls with Zandarma than regular international calls. You can get an Uzbekistan phone number and start making and receiving calls; it takes five minutes to set up.

Key Features:

  • Global call forwarding
  • Sales teams management
  • Call Transfer
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Inbound Call Center
  • Help Desk Management
  • IVR / Voice Recognition

Pricing: The starting price charged by Zandarma is $48 per month.

3. Freezvon 

Freezvon is a fine choice for Uzbekistan’s virtual numbers. You can enjoy all the advanced communication features, make seamless connections with Uzbekistan locals, and win their trust. You can get toll-free lines, virtual PBX, and other international numbers with great services and features. 

freevon uzbekistan virtual phone number

Key Features:

  • Virtual IP PBX
  • Custom greeting
  • IVR
  • Click to call 
  • Screen sharing
  • Callback
  • Voicemail
  • Conference call

Pricing: Freezvon costs you $72 per month for Uzbekistan VoIP numbers at a base level.

4. Avoxi 

You can choose Avoxi for Uzbekistan’s phone number to give excellent service to Uzbekistani residents and benefit from it.  Make yourself a strong contender to the other competitors using the Uzbekistani numbers. 

Avoxi uzbekistan virtual phone number

Avoxi offers you with best communication features with free setup fees. Also, it provides more than 20 features without paying additional fees. You can definitely go for Avoxi if you want Uzbekistan’s virtual number.  

Key Features:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call forwarding
  • Auto attendant
  • Global call forwarding
  • CRM
  • Call Monitoring
  • Communication Management

Pricing: the basic plan of Avoxi for Uzbekistan virtual phone number starts from $74.49 per month

5. Hivoox

Hivoox provides top-notch communication tools with advanced features to expand your business and contact your Uzbekistani customers. For an Uzbekistan number, it provides a service that you can depend on and use the number for any sized business. You can receive and send texts and calls for personal and business purposes. 

hivoox uzbekistan virtual phone number

Hivoox costs you one-time setup fees, and the charges are based on minutes. You can pay monthly for 1,3,6, and 12 months. You can get discounts if you pay a handful of payments for long-term plans.

Key Features:

  • Voice messages
  • Caller ID
  • Call routing
  • Outbound Call
  • Click to call
  • Cloud PBX
  • Virtual Attendant
  • Progressive dialer

Pricing: The basic price is $144.86 per month

6. Koala Calling

Koala Calling is one of the excellent options for taking Uzbekistan virtual numbers. It is simple to use and adaptable, offering a user-friendly voicemail solution.

koalacallling uzbekistan virtual phone number

Their customer service is excellent, and they have a variety of Uzbekistan phone numbers. Call transferring and failover forwarding is made easy with Koala calling. Its service can help you grow your business in Uzbekistan.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise API
  • Online Account Management
  • Record calls
  • Failover Forwarding
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Sequential Forwarding

Pricing: The basic subscription plan starts from $58.95 per month.

7. Katatelecom 

Katetelecom is one of the massive providers of Uzbekistan virtual phone numbers. You can get an Uzbekistan number and start receiving calls on laptops, computers, virtual PBX, or IP phones. 

katatelecom uzbekistan virtual phone number

The setup fee is low, and you’ll receive and make calls as soon as the setup is completed. You can get multiple phone numbers for your organization in Uzbekistan to promote and represent your brand internationally.

Key Features:

  •  Answering rules
  • Call recording
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multi-level Interactive Voice Response
  • Idea Management.
  • Meeting Management.
  • Audio conferencing

Pricing: The base price for the Uzbekistan number starts from $37 per month.

8. Virtnum 

You can run your advert campaign in Uzbekistan with services provided by Virtnum and increase your revenue. The services provided by Virtnum are top-notch at very affordable fees. 

virtnum uzbekistan virtual phone number

The services provided by Virtnum are versatile, and you can use them for any type of business, such as offices, call centers, and other business phone systems. It makes your conference calls and business meetings very effective. In terms of Uzbekistan phone numbers, it is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Call center
  • Click to call
  • Progressive dialer
  • Outbound Call
  • Virtual Attendant
  • Voice messages
  • IVR
  • Caller ID

Pricing: Virtnum offers Uzbekistan numbers from  $55 per month

9. TollFreeForwarding 

Another best VoIP prover we have on the list is TollFreeForwarding. It has  3 simple setup processes, choose a number-Activate-Make or receive calls. TollFreeForwarding provides the best business communication services with multiple integrations and unlimited extensions.

tollfreeforwarding uzbekistan virtual phone number

To grow and expand your business internationally in Uzbekistan, you can choose TollFreeForwarding as your communication service platform. You can also try their free trials to be familiar with features and services.

Key Features:

  • Fast Setup
  • Virtual PBX
  • 24/7 Account management
  • Global call forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • Real-Time Reporting

Pricing: The basic plan starts from $119 per month.

10. UnitedWorldTelecom 

UnitedWorldTelecom has been providing service since 1996 and serves more than 160 countries. It gives you trustworthy resources for communication, and you can provide the best services in the different cities of Uzbekistan.

unitedworld uzbekistan virtual phone number

UnitedWorldTelecom provides multiple numbers like local, mobile, toll-free, and vanity numbers for personal and professional use. The features provided by UnitedWorldTelecom are reliable to establish your brand in Uzbekistan as a professional. 

Key Features:

  • Sequential Forwarding
  • Enterprise API
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Rollover Minutes
  • Unlimited extensions

Pricing: The basic plan for Uzbekistan number starts from $58.95 per month

What is the cost of an Uzbekistan virtual phone number?

An Uzbekistan virtual phone number costs differently depending on the number you get; Toll-free, vanity numbers are costly compared to local and mobile phone numbers. Also, the price varies depending on the quality of features and services.

The starting price for a phone number in Uzbekistan per month ranges from $37 to $144.86, depending on the services and use.

The VOIP service providers offer unique features and services on different pricing plans. The cost will be added to your bill as you upgrade your plans. Some providers offer free features and setup fees, whereas some do not.  

Tips to find an Uzbekistan Virtual phone number for personal and business use

  • Decide your requirement: Identify the features and purposes of the virtual phone number requirement. By knowing what you require, you can narrow down the features and choose a service that fulfills your specific requirements.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Be clear about the important business terms they provide to you and help understand the contractual parties’ obligations, rights, and roles.
  • Read public reviews: Read reviews posted by customers to decide whether the service provided to them is satisfactory or not. Also, it helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the provider. 
  • Compare pricing and features: Find out which number provider is the best for your scheme and financial plans and compare prices and features on their plans. Verify no undisclosed fees which may be added in the future. Also, check whether you can port your number to the existing phone.
  • Try First: Before purchasing, you should try a demo to ensure they have good services, calls, quality, features, performance, etc. Also, check the experience during the trial period. 


You may buy several virtual numbers in Uzbekistan from multiple providers if you intend to expand your business there. You can use it to manage your company and improve customer relations. You can choose any of the above-listed virtual number providers based on your needs.

Among the multiple virtual phone number providers in Uzbekistan, the above list includes the best 10. Check their pricing plans and prices and try a demo or free trial before purchasing. 

Currently, Uzbekistan’s virtual phone number is unavailable on KrispCall. But you can contact us if you want virtual numbers for the UK, USA, Australia, Korea, and other countries.


How to get an Uzbekistan phone number?

You can get a virtual number in Uzbekistan by completing these steps:

  • Choose the ideal virtual number for your needs.
  • Make an account, then sign in using that data or the email address associated with your company.
  • Before choosing a number, select Uzbekistan from the countries list.
  • Choose a subscription plan, either a monthly plan or an annual plan.
  • Submit the correct documents if necessary.

Can I use the Uzbekistan virtual phone number to receive SMS and OTP verification?

Yes, It goes without saying that you can get SMS and OTP verification using an Uzbekistan virtual phone number. The number can also be used to create emails for personal or professional use.

What documents are required to get an Uzbekistan virtual phone number?

You must submit identification and address proof for verification to virtual phone number providers. Different sorts of documents may be required for business and personal use. You’ll need documents like a passport, verification of citizenship, account information, or a driver’s license.

What are the limitations of Uzbekistan’s virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers for Uzbekistan have the following limitations:

  • It always needs an internet connection; you cannot place or receive calls without it.
  • Adding features will cost you extra money.

Where can I use the Uzbekistan Virtual phone number?

The Uzbekistan virtual phone number can be used in offices, businesses calling, personal use, and call centers. Additionally, you can use it momentarily while visiting various countries and for customer support for your company.

How to get Uzbekistan’s number for WhatsApp?

The following are the steps to get an Uzbekistan WhatsApp number:

  • Select a provider of Uzbekistan virtual phone numbers.
  • Create an account and log in.
  • Choose your number and Uzbekistan as the country.
  • Submit the paperwork
  • Open WhatsApp and sign up with that Uzbekistan phone after you get the number.
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