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UAE Phone Number Format: A Complete Guide



UAE Phone number format

Are you constantly trying to deal with the confusion of digits every time you attempt to dial a phone number in the UAE?

Then, don’t worry! as you’re not alone.

Many overseas residents or even locals in the UAE are constantly left confused over how to use the many formats of their country code numbers for calling in the country. 

Therefore, with this guide, you will be able to handle numbers with confidence. No matter what area code you need help with, we’re here to help.

🔑 Key Points 

  • The Time Zone in Dubai is the Gulf Standard Time Zone (GST), and it is 4 hours ahead of GMT.
  • You can make affordable calls to Dubai from any place using VoIP apps, Virtual numbers, and international phone cards.
  • You will need to dial the UAE country code, which is +971, to reach the UAE.
  • KrispCall allows you to select the desired phone number type (local, mobile, and toll-free).

Let’s get started.

What is the UAE Phone Number Format?

To call UAE, the country code is 971- area code(4), prefix-3 digits- 7-digit line number. 


A typical format looks like this: +971 4 555 1234 


  • +971: represents the country code
  • 4: represents the “Dubai” area code number
  • 555: represents the prefix number
  • The remaining number

To dial the UAE phone number, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Dial country code: This includes +971 for UAE.
  • Dial Area code: This includes a 2 or 3-digit code number.
  • Dial Prefix number: This is a 3-digit code that identifies the region or Emirates.
  • Finally, dial line number: This includes a 7-digit number assigned to individual subscribers.
  • 1234: is the remaining number.

How do you call UAE using your phone?

To call the UAE using your phone, you can follow these steps

 Step-by-step guidance for dialing the UAE  phone number 

  1. Dial your exit code: You can start by dialing an exit code.
  2. Dial 971: The UAE country code.
  3. Dial the area code: Remember to include any leading “0”.
  4. Dial the prefix: Remember to include any leading “0”.
  5. Dial the line number: The unique 7-digit number.

How To Call UAE?

When calling UAE From A Landline phone, you can follow certain steps:

  • Step 1: Dial the international access code: 011
  • Step 2: Enter the country code for UAE: +971
  • Step 3: Enter the UAE area code: 4
  • Step 4: Dial the local phone number: 321 5678

A complete format looks like this: 011 971 4 321 5678

What Are The Area Codes In UAE?

Using an area code, you can place a call to a specific region within a country.

Here’s a list of area codes of UAE:

ProvinceMain CitiesArea Code
Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi2
Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain6
Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah7
Al AinAl Ain3
Western RegionMadinat Zayed, Liwa8
Northern EmiratesKalba, Khorfakkan9
Eastern RegionDhaid, Khor Kalba9
Dubai Silicon OasisDubai4
Dubai International Financial CentreDubai4

UAE Main Cities Phone Number Example

The telephone numbering plan of the United Arab Emirates is well-structured to ensure efficiency and clarity. UAE phone numbers begin with the country code +971, consisting of eight digits, including the area code.

UAE local numbers

A Dubai local number serves a particular state, city, or region in the United Arab Emirates.

A typical format looks like this: Country code(+971) – Area code – Remaining Numbers.

here, we have given an example of Burj Khalifa’s local number, i.e., +971 4 333 3333


  • +971: this is a country code
  • 4: This is the area code for Dubai.
  • The remaining is the number.

UAE toll-free numbers

If the number begins with 800, you will not be charged whether you are calling from a landline or from your mobile phone. A UAE toll-free number begins with the toll-free prefix (800) and ends with 7-9-digit numbers.

Toll-free number format: Country code(+971) – Tollfree prefix(800) –  remaining numbers

For example, you can see  Dubai Mall’s toll-free number, which includes +971 800 38624 


  • +971: This is the country code for the United Arab Emirates.
  • 800: This is the toll-free prefix in the UAE.
  • 7-9 digit subscriber number

Note: Businesses may also use the 600 prefix for non-toll-free numbers with easy-to-remember sequences. However, calls to these numbers are not free for the caller.

UAE mobile numbers

The Dubai mobile phone number includes 10 digits and begins with 05. The third number indicates the telecommunications service, followed by seven digits.

Also, a typical format looks like this:

+971 (country code) + 05 (mobile prefix) + two-digit network operator code + seven-digit subscriber number


+971 050 123 4567 is an Etisalat mobile number for a coffee shop.


  • +971: This is the country code for the United Arab Emirates.
  • 05: This is the mobile prefix for all mobile numbers in the UAE.
  • 50: This is the network operator code for Etisalat.
  • 123 4567: This is a seven-digit subscriber number for the coffee shop.

UAE national number

There is no local number assigned for these numbers in the UAE since they are considered “non-geographic.” The national number starts at +971 600. The majority of the time, they can be reached via mobile phones, landlines, or other countries.


+971 (country code) + area code + subscriber number

For example: +971 4 333 3333


  • +971: This is the country code for the United Arab Emirates.
  • 4: This is the area code for Dubai.
  • 333 3333: This is a fictional subscriber number for the company.

UAE vanity number

The features of Dubai vanity numbers are the same as those of Dubai toll-free numbers. It is easy to remember a vanity number since it combines letters and digits. The vanity number can be customized to reflect the brand of the business.

A typical format looks like:

+971 (country code) – vanity number sequence (usually 5-7 digits)

Example: +971 800 EATNOW 


  • +971: This is the country code for the United Arab Emirates.
  • 800: This is the toll-free prefix in the UAE.
  • EATNOW: This is a memorable sequence of letters.

UAE Emergency number

While in the UAE, you can contact the following numbers in case of an emergency:

Fire Department (Civil Defence)997
electricity failure991
water failure.922

Also, you can read Emergency numbers for further information.

Reasons Why Your Call To UAE Did Not Connect?

If you are experiencing any issues with connecting to the UAE, then there might be many reasons that could be at fault. Some of them are:

1. Wrong country code or incorrect dialing format

If you are placing an international call, it is important to make sure that you hit the right country code for the UAE, i.e., +971.  Meanwhile, if there are any errors in dialing the wrong country code or incorrect dialing format, then it could lead to a failed connection.

2.  Problems with network connectivity

Since your call is heavily dependent on a stable network connection to reach its destination. 

Additionally, many factors can disrupt the data transmission of your call, such as a weak signal strength, a congested network, or a temporary outage. As a result, the recipient will not be able to receive it.

3. International calling restrictions

International calling may be restricted by some service providers or phone plans to prevent misuse or manage costs. In addition, users may be required to activate international calling features in advance or be barred from certain countries. If you do not meet these requirements, you may be blocked from making calls.

4. Distinct Time Zone 

The UAE operates in Gulf Standard Time (GST), which may have a significant time difference from your location. 

Also, it is important to remember that your call might not be connected if you attempt to call after business hours until and unless you have scheduled a meeting.

5. Call routing or Technical Issues:

Various technical issues can arise when you have a complex telecommunications network infrastructure.

These may include call routing errors, where your call is directed incorrectly or experiences delays, as well as technical glitches within the network. This prevents the recipient’s device from connecting successfully.

6. Invalid or inactive phone number:

Your call will not be able to reach its intended destination if the number you dialed is incorrect, incomplete, reassigned, or deactivated. So, if you want to ensure a successful connection, make sure your phone number is accurate and valid.

7. International calling charges:

Placing international calls often incurs additional charges, which may vary depending on your phone plan or service provider. So, your service provider may restrict your call if you do not have adequate credit if you haven’t enabled international calling features, or if you have exceeded usage limits. 

 What is the Best Time To Make Business Calls In Canada?

Since the entire country observes the same time zone, Gulf Standard Time (GST), which is UTC+4, when calling abroad from the UAE, there is no need to worry about time zones.

However, here’s a table outlining the best times to call the UAE based on Canada’s time zones and whether Daylight Saving Time (DST) is in effect.

Here are the different UAE time zones along with the best time zone to call, the best time to call UAE from Canada

Canada Time ZoneTime Difference with UAEBest Time to Call UAE (Standard Time)
Newfoundland (GMT-3.5)7.5 hours ahead8:30 AM – 4:30 PM UAE time
Atlantic (GMT-4)8 hours ahead9:00 AM – 5:00 PM UAE time
Eastern (GMT-5)9 hours ahead10:00 AM – 6:00 PM UAE time
Central (GMT-6)10 hours ahead11:00 AM – 7:00 PM UAE time
Mountain (GMT-7)11 hours ahead12:00 PM – 8:00 PM UAE time
Pacific (GMT-8)12 hours ahead1:00 PM – 9:00 PM UAE time

Before placing a call, you should consider both UAE and Canadian time zones. So, targeting late mornings or afternoons, generally, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM or 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the recipient’s time zone are considered productive hours. 

Since Friday is considered a weekend day in both countries, it is better to avoid business calls until and unless it is specifically arranged beforehand.

How To Get A UAE Phone Number From KrispCall?

Get your UAE virtual number from KrispCall today and stay connected effortlessly. Furthermore, you can follow these steps to get a UAE phone number from KrispCall.

  1. Create a KrispCall account.
  2. Select the country from the pool of countries list.
  3. Enter the city or state of our phone number, 
  4. Select the desired phone number type (local, mobile, and toll-free), and 
  5. Finally, make a payment.


It is essential to carefully consider various factors that may hamper successful business calls to the UAE.

From verifying the correct country code and dialing format to navigating potential network connectivity issues and international calling restrictions. So, to establish an effective communication channel, you should consider each step.

Hence, selecting a reliable VoIP provider is a challenging task. We recommend you go with KrispCall, which gives you a number of top-notch features such as call analytics, call transfer, voicemail to email, global calling, unified communications, and so on.

Also, by integrating KrispCall into their communication systems, you can overcome technical hurdles and deliver seamless customer service to a UAE client.


What is the area code for [city/emirate]?

The UAE uses a unified country code (+971) and doesn’t have separate area codes for each city or emirate. However, the first digit after the country code indicates the region:

  1. 2: Abu Dhabi
  2. 3: Al Ain
  3. 4: Dubai
  4. 6: Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain
  5. 7: Ras Al Khaimah
  6. 8: Western Region (Liwa, etc.)
  7. 9: Fujairah

What does the leading “0” in an area code mean?

When calling within the UAE, you generally need to include the leading 0 before the phone number. However, when calling from outside the UAE, you should remove the 0 and use the country code (+971) instead.

How do I call a toll-free number in the UAE?

Toll-free numbers in the UAE start with 800. You can call them without additional charges from landlines within the country. 

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