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What Is Tech Sales, and How Can You Break Into It?



What Is Tech Sales, and How Can You Break Into It

Due to the growth of the advanced tech sales industry, there will always be a buying cycle as the customer recognizes a need for their solutions. With the evolution of the advanced tech sales industry, there will always be a demand for sophisticated technology. 

The tech sales industry and its careers are both secure and exceptional for the future, as it is expected to reach 💲 USD 104470 Million by 2030.

With the help of Tech Sales, businesses can enhance 📈 their sales productivity in any evolving technology.  Using a variety of sales technology and skills, businesses can negotiate and build relationships with clients, providing better customer satisfaction🤝.

In this blog, we will cover tech sales, their types, essential skills, and the technology required to land a tech sales job💼. We will also cover different tech sales rep roles, their salaries 💰, and some common FAQs about the tech sales industry.


  • Tech sales or Technology sales is the process of selling technology products or services to the customers.
  • Tech Sales positions can range from entry-level SDR or BDR to account executives and managers.
  • To land a job in tech sales, you must have a solid foundation in the technology industry. You must acquire knowledge of the latest trends, services, and products.
  • To get into the tech sales industry, include previous sales experience on your resume, consider earning certifications, and stay updated with industry tools and trends.
  • A salesperson’s primary work is connecting the company and potential customers. It also involves an end-to-end sales process, ensuring smooth implementation and satisfactory customer support.

What is tech sales?

What is Tech Sales

Tech sales are the sale of technology that involves the process of selling tech products like SaaS (Software as a Service) products or services to customers for different businesses.

Hardware and software are among the products offered in tech sales. The primary role of a tech sales professional is to generate leads, analyze client needs, present technical products, and provide ongoing support to clients.

Tech sales is a constantly changing and fast-growing industry, and various technologies and products are being introduced to the market. 

The role of a tech salesperson is to identify a client’s needs and ensure that they can develop solutions for businesses that rely on an understanding of their products, their clients, and the problems that they face. 

Benefits of working in tech sales

Tech Sales services offer diverse roles, collaboration with sales teams, high earnings, continuous learning, measurable success, and positive impacts on your career path. 

So, why should you choose Tech Sales as your career❓ Here are Tech Sales’s benefits that help grow your career in tech sales sustainably.

  • Updated to technology trend: The latest sales force automation software is always right around the corner. Since you are a tech sales rep, you will have access to modern software and hardware trends. Understanding the advanced automation software unlocks the path to new sales opportunities and leads to a wide range of career growth.  
  • Emerging sales opportunity: With the rise of the tech industry, there will always be a need for salespeople. There will always be a buying cycle as the customer recognizes a need for their solutions. To utilize this opportunity, startups and existing companies will hire Tech Sales Reps for market research, data analytics, and innovation to meet evolving customer requirements.
  • Collaborate with other tech sales professionals: With the Tech sales job, you will have plenty of mobility opportunities. It allows you to interact with a wide spectrum of professionals and high-profile industries. If you want to stay in this job for an extended period, you’ll have connections with other talented salespeople and lucrative job opportunities.
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Types of tech sales jobs

Tech Sales types can range from entry-level Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) or Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to account executives and managers. 

They are responsible for various roles, including sales management, account management, and partner/ wholesale channels. Some of the Tech sales job types are:

  • Business Development Rep/Sales development: The Entry-Level SDR and BDR are responsible for seeking out new business prospects and generating sales leads. They connect with possible customers by making calls and responding to initial overtures with the specific goal of setting appointments and performing product presentations. 
  • Account Executive (AE): SDR/BDR’s primary target is establishing clients and setting appointments. On the other hand, AEs are charged with closing new businesses by finding customer pain, presenting solutions, and selling as well as managing accounts.
  • Account Manager (AM): A sales account manager is a professional responsible for managing and resolving the matters of customers, build communication between client and company, aiming at satisfying the customers before and after-sales. Further, they apply market research to identify customers’ needs and propose improvements to existing products or the development of new ones.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM): During the post-sales, customer success managers help the customers to get the most out of the purchased product, find out the best suitable solutions, and respond to the questions to ensure satisfaction. They are also excellent trouble-shooters who help the clients, getting them ready with appropriate resources and skills in order to meet their goals and missions.

How to get a job in tech sales: the basic fundamentals

To land a job in tech sales, you must have a solid foundation in the technology industry. You must acquire knowledge of the latest sales tools, services, and products. Developing your sales skills is important, including negotiating deals, closing deals, building relationships with clients, and ability to communicate complex information with potential customers.

Other than that, networking is also a key component of success in tech sales. Attend industry events and organizations and connect with people through LinkedIn to build relationships. With the right combination of technical skills, sales knowledge, and networking, you can set yourself up for a Tech sales Job.

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What does a technology salesperson do? 

Tech sales representatives, also known as technology salespersons, have various responsibilities focused on selling services or products to their potential customers. Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate customer needs and requirements to determine appropriate solutions.
  • Study and design technology packages tailored to client’s needs.
  • Ability to explain complex hardware, software, and IT services to clients in an understandable way.
  • Prepare invoices, sales contracts, and other required documents.
  • Stay up-to-date with the industry’s latest products and trends. 
  • Analyze and execute customer data to discover new sales opportunities.
  • Travel to attend meetings and conferences with clients.
  • Report the sales metrics to forecast management.

Thus, the primary work of a salesperson is to connect the company and potential customers. It also involves an end-to-end sales process, ensuring smooth implementation and satisfactory customer support.

What essential skills do you require in tech sales?

What essential skills do you require in tech sales

To become a technical sales representative, you need to be good at implementing sales strategies, acquire sales skills, be able to generate sales leads and have some technical knowledge of the sales industry.

Here are some of the essential skills you need to acquire for a tech sales position:

1. Product knowledge

When selling technical products it is crucial to understand their features and possibilities, as well as advantages and unique selling points. One can explain the features of the product to the customers and convince them of the fact that you know about the product.

Having the depth knowledge of the product will improve the level of trust most customers will have for the company’s products. You can also explain to customers how the product can be useful for solving some of their needs, which will also lead to increased sales. 

2. Technical communication

Tech sales require the ability to explain complex concepts and processes in simple terms. It’s important to convey your message depending on each customer’s specific needs and do so effectively and confidently.

Thus, this skill set enables one to come up with a common understanding that will enable the customer to understand the value and benefits of a particular product. 

3. Technical demonstrations

Tech salespeople should be knowledgeable about writing proper technical documentation and should ensure that the product is in full working order. Technical products require good demonstrations to market because most buyers are particular about what they are paying for.

This shows that you are professional and careful with the assignment to ensure the customer gets a good experience. It can also ensure that the customer is well equipped with knowledge about the product and its features and hence can easily be sold a product.

4. Continuous learning

In this tech world, it’s very important to stay updated on the latest technology, trends, and product changes. You need to be curious and willing to learn to adapt to the tech sales world and drive sales performance

By continuously expanding your skills and knowledge, you can stay ahead of the competition and give your customers updated and relevant solutions. 

With continuous learning, you can stay ahead of the competition and give your customers updated and relevant solutions. In addition to the competition and solutions, you can build trust among customers, which can drive your success in the tech sales world.

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What types of sales jobs are available on the market?

There are many tech sales jobs positions available on the market. At the entry-level, there are positions such as SDR (Sales Development Representative) and BDR (Business Development Representative), whose job it is to source for leads.

At the middle level, there are employments such as account executive and customer success, which require working directly with certain clients. At the senior level, there are positions such as sales management and vice president that entail heading the sales team and making decisions on how to sell.

There are also more specific positions, for instance, partner sales or working with the wholesale channel, which also brings different approaches to the tech sales field. 

Why should you work in tech sales?

Tech sales have become popular, and one can expect to earn decent money. There are lots of remote jobs available in this industry. It is an opportunity to gain such beneficial strengths as communication and problem-solving within the framework of a swiftly expanding sector.

In general, tech sales is a better opportunity for those who are eager to get a job with a lot of interest and opportunities for their personal growth. It unlocked all those paths to your sales career.

Advantages of working in a tech sales career

A tech sales carrier is a great choice to start as it comes with many advantages. It will provide a wide range of opportunities for your growth. In a tech sales career, you can earn good money with lucrative commissions and salaries.

Working in tech sales helps you get other marketable skills that come in handy when you move to other positions. Moreover, the availability of more choices concerning telecommuting means one is usually free to work at home. These points put together to ensure that the sale of these technologies makes it a noble and fulfilling venture to venture into.

Disadvantages of working in tech sales career

No doubt, tech sales offer many advantages, but there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. Due to the fast-paced nature, you need continuous learning to keep up with technology updates. Because of the competitive environment, your work can be stressful, risk of layoffs if sales targets are not met by the deadline. 

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Conclusion: How to get into tech sales

To get into the tech sales industry, include previous sales experience on your resume, consider earning certifications, and stay updated with industry tools and trends. Expand your experience and chances by following influencers, reaching out to hiring managers, and joining online communities.

While a degree isn’t always considered, one in a relevant field like IT, computer science, business, or marketing provides a strong foundation. Many tech companies offer training programs that can enhance your skills and networking. With the right combination of education, skills, and network, it’s possible to break into this lucrative tech industry.


Is the tech sales job hard?

Tech sales careers can be challenging due to the constant need to learn to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. However, exciting, fast-paced work, high earning potential, and growth opportunities can overcome this problem.

How much is a tech salesperson’s salary?

The salary ranges from $48,000 to $126,000, with entry-level reps earning around $48,000 base salary and $126,000 total, mid-level reps making $116,000 base. The senior-level reps averaged $95,000 base and $150,000 total. Top earners can exceed $100,000 annually.

Is tech sales professionals a good career?

Tech sales is a promising career due to its dynamic work environment, earning potential, and future growth opportunities. It offers valuable transferable skills and remote work flexibility with the potential six-figure incomes. 

What are the different job roles in tech sales?

The different job roles in tech sales include Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Executive (AE), Sales Manager, and Customer Success Manager, with specific responsibilities in customer support, lead generation, and team leadership.

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