Speech Analytics: How to Use Speech Analytics in Call Center?

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Speech Analytics How to use Speech Analytic in Call Center

Imagine tapping into the flood of hidden information in your call center conversations – Understanding customers’ needs, Improving agents’ performance, or identifying trends. That’s what speech analytics software helps you to achieve😍

Whether it’s about identifying customers’ emotions, monitoring compliance, or tracking KPIs, Speech analytics does it all effortlessly. 

But have you ever considered using speech analytics tools in a call center?

If not, then Join us and discover how you can use speech analytics in a call center and the best speech analytics tools to provide better and more effective customer service👇.


  • Speech analytics software analyzes tone, pitch, and language patterns to determine customer sentiments.
  • Speech analytics platform allows for identifying emerging trends and patterns in customer conversation.
  • Agent Productivity can be optimized using a speech analytics platform.
  • Insights from speech analytics enable organizations to personalize customer interactions.

What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to identify human speech from audio recordings and extract speakers’ emotions and stress to meaningful insight and information. 

Speech analytics software is a powerful tool that can help businesses identify offensive or inappropriate language and gain insights into customer data by tracking their sentiment. This can be incredibly valuable in improving customer experience and enhancing customer loyalty.

What is call center speech analytics?

Call center speech analytics is a tool call center agents use to extract customer insights like emotions and stress from audio recordings; this data is then analyzed to improve customer service and agent performance. 

What is call center speech analytics

👉For example, call center speech analytics solutions can identify the root cause of a customer’s frustration with a particular product or service and provide insight into how to resolve it.

Call center speech analytics can track customers’ satisfaction levels and identify any issues that need to be resolved. It can also assess the quality of calls and improve the overall customer experience.

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How does speech analytics work?

Speech analytics technology examines human speech recorded in audio format and extracting meaningful information. It uses natural language processing(NLP), artificial intelligence, and Machine learning algorithms to detect different patterns in the audio.

Furthermore, it identifies speakers’ emotions and stress and measures sentiment to track customer satisfaction levels with sentiment analysis. Finally, it generates reports to give insights into customer behavior.

Here’s how speech analytics work 👇

Step 1: Capture audio conversations

Step 2: Use automated speech recognition

Step 3: Text Analysis

Step 4: Insights Generation

Step 5: Reporting 

Why does your call center need speech analytics?

Call center needs speech analytics to unlock valuable insights from customer interactions, allowing you to identify customer emotions and trends📈 and optimize overall customer service processes. 

Improves customer experience

Improves customer experience

With speech analytics, the contact center🎧 better understands customer expectations and provides them with tailored solutions and personalized interactions. 

By analyzing customer conversations, speech analytics can identify common pain points and issues⚠️, allowing customer support teams to address and resolve them quickly.

Enhances agent performance

Call centers can significantly benefit from speech analytics as it helps improve customer experience and enhances🔥 agent performance. 

Supervisors can gain valuable insights into their agents’ communication skills and customer service effectiveness by implementing speech analytics solutions.

With that said, they can identify areas for improvement, provide targeted🎯 training and coaching to their agents, and improve overall contact center performance.

Reduces post-call work

Post-call work is the remaining task that agents perform after customer interaction. 

Speech analytics solutions reduce📉 the manual effort required for post-call analysis, like categorization, updating customer databases,  and generating reports. 

With that, agents can focus more on essential tasks.

Data-driven decision-making

Data driven decision making

Speech analytics allows you to analyze patterns, trends, and customer interaction and feedback, allowing call centers opportunities for improvements and product enhancements. 

Furthermore, speech analytics software extracts🔎 actionable insights from customer interactions, providing call centers with data-driven insights. 

Real-time issue resolution

Speech analytics tools enable call centers to identify rising issues during real-time customer calls. 

By monitoring interactions like sentiments, speech, and other indicators, they can address and solve problems💯 quickly, ensuring positive customer experiences.

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How to use Speech Analytics in the Call Center? 10 Best Practices

By integrating the right speech analytics platform into your call center operations, you can enhance customer calls and experience. 

Additionally, it provides valuable insights that contribute to continuous improvement. You can go through these 10 best ways to use speech analytics solutions in the call center 👇

How to use Speech Analytics in the Call Center 10 Best Practices

1. Understand Customer Needs

Analyzing customer conversations through speech analytics can provide valuable insights into their needs, pain points, and preferences. 

This allows for better tailoring of products and services, ultimately leading to improved customer service and a competitive advantage.

2. Automate Critical Actions

Automating critical actions such as call📞 categorization, transcription, and tagging can help contact centers free up agents’ time and let them focus on resolving complex issues and providing exceptional customer service. 

3. Invest Wisely in Software

Find and choose a feature-rich, reliable software that perfectly aligns with your goals and requirements. 

A speech tool’s standard features and functions should be user-friendly✅, easy to navigate, and intuitive, helping users quickly and easily access its capabilities and achieve their desired outcomes without any frustration or confusion.

4. Evaluate Agent Performance 

Speech analytics ensures the evaluation agent’s performance by examining customer interactions. 

It can provide insights into the effectiveness of customer service agents, allowing them to identify areas for improvement, enhance sales💲 effectiveness, and optimize their interactions with customers.

5. Analyse Customer Sentiment

Speech analytics allow you to extract customer interactions and identify positive, negative, or neutral sentiments. 

Understanding customer sentiments can help you achieve better customer satisfaction.

6. Identify Trends and Patterns

Speech analytics solutions enable identify common keywords and phrases customers use. Look for patterns📊 in customer queries, issues, and feedback. 

This will allow you to identify emerging call center trends, address customer needs, and improve your service with all these insights.

7. Monitor Compliance

To prevent compliance issues, such as inappropriate language or inappropriate product recommendations, speech analytics solution can be used to monitor agent-customer interactions. 

This can help businesses improve customer service and ensure their agents are aligned with company policies and regulations.

8. Optimize Scripts and Processes

It is crucial to analyze customer interactions to identify areas where scripts📄 or processes can be improved. 

With this data, you can get valuable insights into what’s working well and what needs to be improved and facilitate customizing your scripts based on customer feedback and agent insights.

9. Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Conduct a KPI analysis to determine the average handle time, the first call resolution rate, the abandonment rate, and the customer satisfaction score. 

Identify🕵️‍♀️ areas for improvement and take action regularly by reviewing these KPIs. Also, monitor performance over time to ensure that efforts are having a positive impact on customer service.

10. Continuous Improvement

Analyze and review speech analytics data continuously to identify opportunities for improvement. Make improvements in collaboration🤝 with team members, supervisors, and stakeholders.

3 Best Speech Analytics Software in 2024

The use of advanced tools to analyze customer interactions is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. 

With the increasing competition in the market, the ability to understand customers better, drive efficiency, and grow the business💹 has become crucial for companies.

Speech analytics is a powerful tool for businesses to gain insights into customers’ needs and concerns. It helps them understand the areas where they need to improve and measure the performance of their customer support teams, allowing businesses to improve their overall customer satisfaction😍 and drive growth.

Here are some impressive benefits of speech analytics software:

  • Better understanding of customers
  • Actionable insights
  • Improved efficiency
  • Tracking agent’s performance
  • Personalization and customization

It’s essential to consider key factors, such as the software’s capabilities, accuracy, reliability, scalability, seamless integration, and pricing, when selecting the right speech analytics software.

With that said, here are 3 best speech analytics software in 2024 👇

SoftwarePricingKey Features Best for 
Genesys Cloud CXStarts at $75/monthCommunication channels, automation and AI tools, analytics, reporting, insights, collaboration toolsLarge enterprises with complex needs and high budgets
TalkdeskStarts at $75/monthDigital channel, customizable user interface, built-in AI automation, workforce engagement managementMid-sized businesses and contact centers focusing on sales and customer service
Nice CXoneStarts at $71/monthOmnichannel dashboard, workforce intelligence, CRM, call center management, callback schedulingEnterprises requiring strict compliance and quality management

1. Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Cloud CX is a cloud-based platform allowing seamless communication across various voice, chat, email, and social media channels. 

It is an excellent option for large businesses with complex needs to enhance their customer service.

genesys speech analytics software

Genesys delivers an excellent customer experience for businesses of all sizes by integrating AI-powered automation, integrating with existing systems, and providing real-time insights and reporting. 

By providing personalized experiences at scale, they are helping companies to connect with their customers meaningfully.

⚡Features of Genesys Cloud CX

  • Customer self-service
  • Digital channels 
  • Voice services like chatbots
  • Integration with other apps
  • Workforce Management

Pros and Cons 

Omnichannel CapabilitiesCustomization limitations
Intuitive designSlight bugs with new features


Genesys Cloud 1: $75/month (Voice)

Genesys Cloud 2: $115/month (Digital+Voice)

Genesys Cloud 3: $155/month (Digital+WEM+Voice)

2. Talkdesk

With Talkdesk‘s cloud-based call center software, you can improve customer experience and agent productivity, offering a range of benefits, such as customer experience analytics, integrations, automation, and intelligent call routing.

talkdesk speech analytics software

 It is a great option for businesses to enhance their sales and customer service.

⚡Features of Talkdesk

  • Workforce management
  • Prebuilt integrations
  • Quality management
  • Agent workspace

Pros and Cons

Allows whisper function during agent callsReports are not user-friendly
Tracks open ticketsLacks effective customer service


CX Cloud Essentials: $75 per user/month

CX Cloud Elevate: $95 per user/month

CX Cloud Elite: $125 per user/month

3. Nice CXone

Nice CXone is an AI-powered cloud-based call center solution that offers features like automation, and engagement tools. 

Also, it provides advanced reporting and analytics tools to help companies track and measure performance. 

Nice CXone speech analytics software

With these capabilities, businesses can improve operational efficiency, create personalized customer experiences, and gain insights into customer behaviors.

⚡Features of Nice CXone

  • AI-powered customer self-service
  • Queue Management
  • Call back scheduling
  • Omnichannel Dashboard
  • Predictive Dialer


Digital Agent: $71/month

Omnichannel Agent: $110/month

Essential Suite: $135/month

Complete Suite: $209/month

Pros and Cons

Connect to the customer from multiple channelsLimited customization on the agent’s interface
Multiple integration optionsSlightly Expensive

Wrapping Up…

Integrating Speech analytics is crucial for businesses to optimize operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Make sure to list📋 your business needs and choose the best🏆 speech analytics solution that is reliable, scalable, and fits your budget. 

However, implementing successful speech analytics requires the right resources, the right team, and the right processes. Moreover, it’s important to ensure that the platform you choose is user-friendly and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Take your call center operations to the next level🤗 and provide customers with an exceptional experience with KrispCall. Offering a range of powerful features like IVR, Unified Callbox, Virtual Phone Numbers, Call Forwarding, and Call Analytics to ensure crystal-clear communication and a seamless experience for your agents and customers.


1. What are the uses of speech analytics?

Speech analytics enhance customer experience, quality assurance, monitoring compliance, sales and marketing optimization, and real-time customer support.

2. How can I improve my speech analytics?

You can improve your speech analysis by Choosing the right software, setting keywords and phrases, monitoring and scoring calls, Ensuring data quality, and Learning more about your customers.

3. What is the use of speech recognition in call centers?

Speech recognition in call centers is used to implement self-service options, call transcription, analytics, and insights and improve overall customer experience. 

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