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How to port Optus phone numbers to KrispCall?



How to port Optus phone numbers to KrispCall

Do you plan to port Optus phone numbers to KrispCall? Wondering how to make the switch? 

It is our responsibility to make the porting process as easy as possible. 

Thus, in this guide, we’ll outline all the steps you need to follow and documents to submit to port Optus phone numbers to KrispCall. By switching to KrispCall, you’ll get enhanced flexibility, scalability, and advanced features, all at a reasonable price.

Porting Requirements (To Be Considered Before Porting Out Your Optus Phone Number)

It is important to check out and take care of a few things before you start the porting process. These things include:

1. The Number Must Be Portable

The first checklist you need to complete is making sure that the desired Optus phone number you wish to port is portable. KrispCall generally accepts porting of all types of Optus phone numbers, be it local, mobile, or toll-free.

However, to be on the safe side, it’s always a better idea to ensure your phone number is qualified to port.  You can use KrispCall’s Number Porting Eligibility Checker tool to check the porting eligibility. 

2. The Number Must be Active

Besides being portable, the phone number must also be active and in use. An inactive number can’t be ported to KrispCall. 

Hence, you should refrain yourself from doing anything that affects the number activation, like canceling the plan with an old service provider. 

3. Clear Outstanding Payments

You can’t port the Optus phone number to KrispCall until and unless you have cleared all the due bills related to the phone number with Optus. You have to present clear bills to our team during the porting process.

Failure to give clearance bills may delay the process.

4. Submission of Necessary Documents & Information

As part of the porting process, you must also prepare and submit some documents and information. These documents and information include:

For Optus mobile phone numbersFor Optus local Phone numbers
Regulatory Compliance Documents (Proof of ID & Proof of Address)Regulatory Compliance Documents (Proof of Local Address)
Most recent phone bill (Last 30 days)
CAAA form Letter of Authorization (LOA)
MNP (Mobile Number Porting) Spreadsheet

 Note: The submitted documents must follow the format suggested by KrispCall.

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Information and Document Requirements (To be submitted to KrispCall)

To port your Optus phone number to KrispCall, you’ll have to prepare and provide the following information and documents:

1. Phone Numbers

The first information you need to provide is the information about the phone number(s) you wish to port.  There are a few things you need to consider regarding phone numbers, which are;

  • The phone number must be active.
  • The phone number must be portable.
  • The number must be in E164 format. The E164 number format begins with a (+) sign, followed by the country code, the area code, and the phone number. For example, +[61][xxxx][xxxxx].

2. RC (Regulatory Compliance) Bundled Approval

The RC (Regulatory Compliance) Bundled Approval is another thing you need to submit when porting Optus numbers to KrispCall. RC bundled approval is about Know Your Customer (KYC) and serves as proof of identity and address. 

If you wish to obtain an Australian number from KrispCall, you must compulsorily provide RC bundled approval. 

But, if you have already submitted the valid RC document to KrispCall when purchasing an Australian virtual phone number, there is no need to submit a new RC document while porting a number to KrispCall. Submitting an RC bundled approval document is a one-time requirement.

3. CAAA (Customer Authorization Agent Appointment) form

You must also submit the CAAA form to port the Optus mobile phone number to KrispCall. CAAA allows a person other than the account holder/phone number owner to carry out the porting process on the account holder’s behalf.

This means the CAAA form gives legal permission to the appointed agent (KrispCall in this case) to port your number. In the CAAA form, you’ll find info about the customer and their mobile number.

Here is the sample of the CAAA Template

4. MNP (Mobile Number Porting) Template

MNP is a service that allows you to keep your existing mobile phone number when you switch to a new service provider in Australia. 

KrispCall requires you to submit the filled MNP spreadsheets when porting your Optus phone number. There are four types of information included in MNP: phone number, account number, date of birth, and date of desired porting.

Here is the sample of MNP (Mobile Number Porting)

5. Letter of Authorization (LOA)

If you wish to port out Optus Toll-free and local numbers, you need to submit a signed Letter of Authorization dated within the last 30 days. The LOA proves your ownership of the number and permits KrispCall to port numbers from Optus.

A Letter of Authorization must have the signature of the authorized user or owner of the phone number(s) and include an Australian local non-PO Box address.  Also, the username and service address on your LOA must match the ones provided by your current carrier. 

LOA Template for Optus Phone Number

6. Phone Bill

Additionally, you must send a scanned or electronic copy of your most recent phone bill (dated within 30 days). Make sure the bill has both the account number and the name of the authorized user for all numbers you wish to port. 

7. 6-digit Pre-port Verification (PPV) Code

You will also need to provide a 6-digit Pre-port Verification Code. Our number porting support team will send a 6-digit code via SMS to the mobile number being transferred when you request a number transfer to KrispCall using our customer portal or by calling our customer service agents. The porting process will start after you provide this code. 

How to Port Optus Phone Numbers to KrispCall?

Follow these steps to port Optus phone numbers to KrispCall:

Step 1: First, ensure that your number is portable. Use our Phone Number Portability Checker Tool to find out if your number is portable. In case of inconvenience, while using our tools, you can contact our support representative via Live Chat or email ([email protected] or [email protected]).  

Step 2: If your number is eligible to port and you haven’t purchased any Australian number previously from KridpCall (if Regulatory Compliance has not been approved before), you need to get your RC approved. For Optus local numbers, proof of local address is enough for RC approval. However, for a mobile number, you need to submit proof of ID as well as proof of address.

Step 3: Once your RC bundle is approved, you need to verify your phone number. For mobile users, our carrier provider will send an OTP to verify if your number is active. Upon receiving it, you need to send the OTP to us. Once the number is verified, we will then proceed with porting.

Note: Once your number is verified, the porting will be complete within three working days if the documents are accurate and submitted on time.

Step 4: Send your documents and a 6-digit Pre-port Verification Code via email to [email protected] as directed by our support agent. You must include all the necessary documents and provide all the necessary information.

Step 5: Once we receive your documents, we will check them. If the submitted documents meet our requirements, we’ll start the porting process. But if there is something that needs correcting, our team will guide you.

Note: You will have to keep your phone number active during the entire porting process. 

Step 6: When the porting process is complete, you will receive a notice by email, phone, or text indicating that your number has been successfully transferred to KrispCall. You can now access the number easily from the KrispCall app.

Step 7: Upon completion of number porting to KrispCall, you can cancel your Optus contract.


How do I transfer my Optus phone number to another carrier?

You can transfer your Optus phone number to another carrier easily. Submit your porting request to the new service carrier via email, phone call, or live chat, fill out the CAAA form and MNP template, submit the necessary documents and information, and wait until the porting process is completed.

How can I get a Pre-port Verification (PPV) Code?

To get a Pre-port Verification (PPV) code, you must first submit your porting request to a new service carrier. After that, the new service carrier will send a 6-digit code via SMS to the number being ported.

How long does it take for Optus to release your phone number?

Optus usually takes 30 mins to 3 hours to release your phone number. Transfer from Optus usually takes place between the following times:

  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm (AEST)
  • Saturdays: 10 am – 6 pm (AEST)
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