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Top Moldova Virtual Phone Number Providers



Moldova Virtual Phone Number Providers

Are you having difficulty finding the best Moldova virtual phone number provider to expand your business in Moldova?

It can be difficult for you to research a long list of service providers that offer good features and services you need. There are many service providers, but they do not provide adequate features and value for money. 

To make it easy for you and find the best provider you need, we have compiled a list of Moldova’s best virtual number providers. The list is based on the considerations such as features, value for money, customer service, and more. 

Let’s dive into the article, and be sure to check our list of Moldova virtual number providers! 😊

🗝️Key Takeaways 

  • 4 types of numbers are available for Moldova: Local, Toll-Free Mobile, and Vanity numbers
  • The average cost of a Moldova virtual number ranges from $43.99 – $184/month
  • The top Moldova virtual phone number providers are Squaretalk Telnum HotTelecom Avoxi, Freezvon, Telobal, Commpeak, MyCountryMobile, Vietnam, and Zandarma.
  • You should submit legal documents with proof of identification to buy the number

What is a Moldova  Virtual Number and how is it different from SIM-Based Phone Numbers?

A Moldova virtual number is a phone number not tied to a cellular network or landline cables. It uses VoIP technology to make communications anywhere in the world with the help of software and an internet connection.

Moldova Phone Number Format: Country Code – Area Code/Operators Prefix – Remaining Numbers

Examples of Moldova Phone Numbers:

  • Local phone number: +373 210 698 452 
  • Mobile phone number:  +373 6 7196 5415 
  • Toll-Free Number: +373 171 03


+373 is the country code of Moldova, 210 is the area code of Grigoriopol City, 6  is the cellular prefix of Moldcell and 171 is the toll-free prefix of Moldova.

Here is a summary of the differences between Moldova virtual and SIM-based phone numbers. 

Feature SIM Based numbers Virtual Phone Numbers
Location Tied to a specific cellular network/ physical location Not tied to a physical location or cellular network
Internet connection Not required Required
Cost Often expensive for international calling Cheaper for international calling
Scalability Not scalable for an organization as they have to buy new numbers for additional employee Highly scalable as the same number can be assigned to multiple employees. 
Portability Difficult to port to a different cellular network Easy to port to any provider

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*Disclaimer: Please be informed that Moldovan phone numbers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to expand our country coverage in the future.

What types of Moldova virtual numbers you can get? 

You can get 4 types of virtual phone numbers. Let’s discuss them briefly. 

1. Moldova Local Phone Number

Moldova local phone numbers are allocated to serve the specific areas/cities of Moldova. It starts with a 2-3 digit area code prefix, followed by the remaining subscribers’ numbers. 

Moldova Local Phone Number Format: Country Code – Area Code – Remaining Numbers

Example: +373 230 654 259, +373 248 652 455

Some area codes of Maldovas’ local phone numbers:

Area/City Area Code
Grigoriopol 210 and 310
Chișinău 22 and 32
Strășeni 237 and 337
Ștefan Vodă 242 and 342
Florești 250 and 350
Dondușeni 251 and 351

2. Moldova Mobile Phone Number

Mobile phone numbers in Moldova serve across all parts of the country. Moldova mobile phones allow you to make calls and send and receive messages on a mobile phone. 

Mobile phone numbers in Moldova are provided by cellular providers and start with a cellular prefix followed by two digit area code and 6 digit number. 

Moldova Mobile Number Format: Country Code – Mobile Operator Prefix – Area Code- Remaining Numbers

Example: +373 760 247 489, +373  671 111 111

3. Moldova Toll-Free Number

Moldova toll-free numbers allow clients/customers to make free calls, and the owner takes care of the phone bills. Toll-free numbers in Moldova start with 171, followed by the remaining numbers. 

Moldova Toll-Free Number Format: Country Code- Toll-Free Prefix – Remaining Numbers

Example:  +373 171 03, +373 171 12

4. Moldova Vanity Number 

Moldava vanity numbers are similar to toll-free numbers that have letters and words correspondence to an alphanumeric keyboard. It is used for brand promotion and advertisements. It can include the brand or company’s name, product, etc. 

Example: +373 171 HELLO 

Top 10 Moldova Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2024

Now we’ve come to the part you’ve eagerly waited for. We have listed the best Moldova virtual phone number providers based on the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Pricing/Value for money
  • User reviews and feedback
  • Uptime

Here is a brief description of the service providers, including their pricing, features pros, and cons. 

1. Squaretalk

Squaretalk is the finest option for the VoIP provider if you want to have a global presence and give the local touch with Moldovan virtual phone numbers. It provides you with a set of features that helps you to boost call rates along with developing good relationships. 

If your target is establishing and expanding your business in Moldova and its different parts, Sqauretalk can be your ideal communication assistant. You can get advanced features. However, you have to pay a set-up fee of $74. 


  • Local phone numbers
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Call analytics
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call queuing


The price of the Moldovan phone number is $74 per month. 


  • Quick response time
  • Easy to integrate


  • Unreliable customer support

2. Telnum

Telnum is one of the leading providers of Moldova virtual phone numbers. You can get local, virtual, toll-free numbers for your personal or professional communications. The robust set of features, such as integration, call analytics, and call forwarding, will help your business to grow effortlessly in Moldova. 


  • Forward calls
  • Virtual IP PBX
  • Wholesale DID
  • Local caller id
  • IVR menu
  • Personalized Greetings
  • Blacklist
  • Call recording


Mobile phone number:  Setup fee: 30 USD  /  Monthly fee: 50 USD per month

Chisinau area code number: Setup fee: 50 USD  /  Monthly fee: 45 USD per month


  • Good interface usability
  • Flexible pricing options 


  • Customer support is not always helpful

3. HotTelecom 

You can rely on HotTelecom as your convenient VoIP provider for Moldovan phone numbers. You can use it as an effective communication tool to expand business in Moldova internationally. 

You can connect with Moldovan customers and impress them regardless of the base of your operation and employees’ locations. It improves your local presence and shows professionalism among locals with Moldovan numbers with HotTelecom. 


  • Cloud PBX
  • SMS numbers
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • DID numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Call forwarding
  • Rollover option
  • Local Ringtones


Chisinau area code:  set up fees $50 and $45 per month

Mobile for registration (Voice and sms): Setup fee  $30 and $50 per month


  • Changeable settings
  • Allows to register accounts on web services


  • Limited coverage of SMS

4. Avoxi

Avoxi is a popular VoIP service provider in Moldova that offers voice sms and call center software in a single platform. It has great VoIP technology with wide coverage and great call quality. 

It offers Moldovan virtual phone numbers free of setup fees and serves over 100 countries. Also, it offers 20+ features without additional charges. It is a good choice for Moldova virtual phone numbers.  


  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Communication Management
  • Global call forwarding
  • Call forwarding
  • Communication Management
  • Call Recording 
  • CRM
  • Call Monitoring
  • Auto attendant


Basic: $43.99 /month 

Connect:  $61.99 /month

Standard: $97.99 /month 

Advanced: $124.99 /month

Premium: $160.99 /month


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Good integration features  


  • No mobile apps or desk phones

5. Freezvon

Freezvon offers you a fast connection, multi-channel handling capabilities, and a range of SMS and communication services. You can relish all the advanced communication features that help you to make seamless connections with Moldovan locals. 

Freezvon has 10 years of providing services to businesses of all sizes, you can rely on them if you want to promote your brand in different parts of Moldova. 


  • Outbound SMS
  • Call recording
  • Conditional call forwarding
  • IVR
  • Conference call
  • Multichannel 
  • Call forwarding


  • Mobile: $29 setup fees, $50 per month
  • Chisinau: $39 setup fees, $70 per month
  • Toll-Free: $10 setup fees, $184 per month 


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited calls


  • Unreliable call quality

6. Telobal

Telobal is an excellent alternative option for Moldova virtual phone number providers.  You can easily get Moldovan phone numbers and create a local presence among the locals and residents of Moldova.

Telobal provides its service in 80 countries and over 4622 cities. The applications are available on all platforms, such as Android, iOS, windows, web, and more. Also, it provides free setups.  



$69.99 per month. 


  • Audio clarity
  • Good customer service


  • Occasional bugs and glitches

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7. Commpeak

Commpeak is a good VoIP provider for Moldova phone numbers that offers you good quality features at an affordable price. You get to relish all the features, such as VoIP service, Commonpeak dialer, Cloud PBX, DID numbers, and others. 

You’ll get good value for money with Commpeak and expand your business in Moldova. It provides global coverage, reliable uptime, and superior quality commitment. 


  • VoIP Service
  • CommPeak Dialer
  • Call analytics
  • DID Numbers
  • Softphone
  • Auto attendant
  • SMS Messaging API
  • Speech-to-Text
  • LookUp


Contact support team


  • Excellent Video conferencing feature
  • Highly scalable 


  • No trial version

8. MyCountryMobile

MyCountryMobile is a trusted Moldova virtual phone number provider. It is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses who want to use corporate-level features. You can buy a Moldovan virtual phone number with no minimum contract. 

In easy steps, you can buy a Moldovan phone number and activate your number. Also, it provides 30 days free trial to get familiar with the product. 


  • Unlimited fax
  • 24/7 support
  • Cloud IVR
  • Softphone-WebRTC
  • Call ADC
  • Call recording
  • SIP trunking


Contact sales team


  • Great international calling and call recording features
  • Easy to manage international calls on a client base


  • Bad user interface

9. Virtnum

You can promote your business and brand in different parts of Moldova with the service provided by Virtnum and increase your sales. Virtnum provides good quality features at an affordable price. You can get robust features, such as call centers, conference calls, and call forwarding, and use them for your business phone systems. 

Virtnum provides versatile features you can use for personal or business use. You can use it as a call center, office, business phone system, etc. it makes your communication very effective. It can be an ideal choice for Moldova phone numbers. 


  • Call center
  • Virtual Attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Click to call
  • Progressive dialer
  • Outbound Call
  • Voice messages
  • IVR


Mobile: Setup fee: 30 USD  /  Monthly fee: 50 USD per month

Chisinau: Setup fee: 50 USD  /  Monthly fee: 45 USD per month


  • Affordable price
  • Good for businesses of all sized


  • Weak call analytics features

10. Zadarma

Zadarma is a Moldova virtual phone number provider for Moldovan numbers for businesses of all sizes. You can set up a fully cloud-based virtual telephony office without investing in high-end equipment in Moldova. 

You can make international calls at a low rate with Zandarma and effortlessly run a business no matter the base of your operation. It has a wide coverage of services provided in over 90 countries worldwide. 


  • Global call forwarding
  • Help Desk Management
  • IVR / Voice Recognition
  • Sales teams management
  • Call Transfer
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Inbound Call Center


The price starts from $45 per month and costs $45 as setup fees. 


  • Customer support in different languages
  • Stable and easy configuration


  • Poor call forwarding
  • Issues with PBX

What is the average cost of a (+373) Moldova virtual number?

The cost of Moldova’s virtual number totally depends on the features, services, and reputations of the service provider. Also, based on your requirements and the type of subscription package you choose. 

As per our research, the average cost of a Moldova virtual number ranges from $43.99 – $184/month. The price is based on the type of numbers and features. 

The price has a huge range because the price varies on the type of numbers.  Also, some providers have setup fees and some don’t. As you add numbers and features, the cost also rises up. 

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Tips to find the best Moldova Virtual cellphone number for personal and business use

Here are some ideas to consider while choosing Moldova virtual cellphone number:

  • Decide your needs: Consider for what reasons you need a number for personal or business use. Choose the number depending on your needs and decide what kinds of features you need. 
  • Research the best providers: Searching on the web can confuse you as there are paid ads that rank above organic results. They don’t provide the number you need. It can confuse. So research is based on organic results. And select the best and most reputed service provider.  
  • Check the features: Look for the features you require for your business phone system or for personal use. Look for advanced features for a better communication experience,  outgoing calls, and inbound call handling.  
  • Read customer feedback and reviews: To have a better perspective on the providers and know them well. Look for legit sites or read real user reviews and analyze their weaknesses and strengths. It will help you you know the product more clearly.  
  • Try the Demo or Free trial: If available, use the demo or free trial before using the service. It will help you to get used to the product and navigate easily. Also, it will help you to determine the quality of service, uptime, and features in real time.
  • Check customer service: Consider providers with 24/7 availability as errors and troubles can occur during important calls. Make sure the customer service quality is excellent Technical errors, and problems can occur at any time. 
  • For further questions, you can contact directly to the provider for detailed information and consultation


Moldova virtual phone number helps a lot to reach your business goals in different parts of Moldova. You should choose a service provider wisely to have an effective communication system for your business.  

The above-listed 10 providers are the best you can find on the market for Moldovan virtual numbers. They all have their own unique services and features which you can choose among them based on your needs.

As of now, KrispCall does not provide Moldovan virtual numbers, but you can stay connected to us if you want a phone number for USA, UK, Korea, etc. 


How to get a Moldova virtual number for WhatsApp?

Here are the steps to get a Dubai number for WhatsApp:

  1. Choose a Moldova Virtual Phone number provider.
  2. Sign up and sign in to your account.
  3. Select the country as Moldova and choose your number
  4. Submit the documents
  5. After buying the number, open WhatsApp and register with new Moldova number.

Can I use a Moldova virtual number to receive SMS and OTP Verification?

Yes, absolutely. You can use a Moldova virtual phone number to receive SMS and OTP verification. You can also create personal or business emails using the number.

Is Moldova virtual numbers legit and secure to make and receive calls?

Yes, Moldova virtual numbers are legit and secure for making and receiving calls if purchased from a reputable service provider. You may become a victim of a scam if you purchase them from an unknown and untrustworthy service

What documents are required to get a Moldova virtual number?

You’ll need legal documentation to buy Moldova phone numbers with proof of your identity. Documents the service provider accepts include a passport, driver’s license, and national ID card. 

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