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Tips to Increase Productivity with KrispCall and MS Dynamics 365 Workflows



Tips to Increase Productivity with Krispcall and MS Dynamics 365 Workflows

As a business owner, the challenges of maintaining peak productivity while dealing with the complexities of your overall business communication and CRM workflows are definitely overwhelming. 😩

However, fret not! 😉 To tackle the same problem, VoIP systems like KrispCall provide integration with MS Dynamics 365 to automate your routine tasks and manage your overall workflow by bringing hidden capabilities into play. 

This blog will guide you through everything you need to know and more about maximizing your business profit utilizing KrispCall + MS Dynamics 365

You will learn 5 useful ways to utilize this integration to improve your business communication, simplify workflows, and optimize your routine tasks. You will also discover new ways to increase productivity with KrispCall and MS Dynamics 365.


  • With KrispCall MS Dynamics 365 Workflow Integration, your business telephony is integrated with the Dynamics 365 platform, which includes CRM, ERP, and marketing automation.
  • Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires logging into KrispCall, going to the ‘integrations’ page, and selecting Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • To increase productivity with KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows, you should use features such as automated call logging, 2-way contact syncing, click-to-call, and analyzing the collected data for precise decisions.

What is KrispCall MS Dynamics 365 Workflow Integration? 

What is KrispCall MS Dynamics 365 Workflow Integration

KrispCall MS Dynamics 365 Workflow Integration refers to the integration of KrispCall, a cloud-based business telephony with the Dynamics 365 platform offering a wide range of operational functionality including CRM, ERP, and marketing automation

This integration of KrispCall helps businesses to automate their daily business workflows with business-critical features such as two-way-contact syncing, click-to-call, auto chat login, and instant caller identification, all within a single application, eliminating the need to switch between tabs. 

With KrispCall + MS Dynamics 365, you can create automated predefined workflows. Through this, Dynamics 365 triggers VoIP actions such as call initiation, routing, and logging based on specific events or conditions. This ensures data syncing between Dynamics 365 and your business telephony, KrispCall, improving efficiency, customer experience, and overall business productivity. 

The integration can be set up very easily by connecting your KrispCall account to MS Dynamics 365, which can be done in a few clicks, i.e., Log in to your KrispCall account > Navigate to ‘integrations’ > select ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365’ > Authorize it > Connect it > Turn it on and start using it.

5 Tips to Increase Productivity with KrispCall and MS Dynamics 365 Workflows

1. Automate Chat and Call Logging to Increase Efficiency 

With KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, chats, and calls can be logged automatically. Using this feature, all interactions between a contact and the company, such as phone calls, SMS messages, voice mails, and recorded conversations, are instantly recorded in Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

This ensures that all the communication activities on KrispCall are accurately documented and readily accessible within the CRM system, making it easy to retrieve required information quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, by automating the chat and call logging, employees no longer need to manually input call information, saving valuable time by streamlining the data capture process. This also helps to eliminate data entry errors and improve response times, improving the overall workflow efficiency and the QoS delivered to the clients. 

To automate your chat and call logging with KrispCall + MS Dynamics 365, you first have to set up the integration process, and then go to the General Settings inside the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and enable the Calls and text logging toggle. 

2. Use Click-to-Call functionality to Skip Manual Dialing

KrispCall integration with MS Dynamics 365 gives businesses the power of click-to-call functionality, making the calling process much smoother, productive, and streamlined. Using this feature, businesses can easily initiate calls directly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboard with just a single click. This eliminates the hassle of manual dialing and switching between apps, significantly saving valuable time, reducing call initiation times, and minimizing errors.

To use the KrispCall + MS Dynamic’s Click-to-Call feature, you just have to configure the Click-to-Call toggle under the General Setting of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. Once configured, phone numbers will appear as clickable links within your Dynamics 365 records (e.g., contacts, leads, opportunities). Simply clicking the number initiates a call through KrispCall, eliminating the need to manually dial. 

Additionally, utilizing the click-to-call feature in MS Dynamics 365 workflow integration helps not only streamline workflow to enhance user experience but also boosts productivity by enabling employees to focus their efforts on engaging with customers and prospects rather than managing dialing tasks. 

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3. Implement Bi-Directional Contact Sync for Business Growth

Another great feature to increase your productivity and efficiency for your business growth is implementing the bi-directional contact syncing feature of KrispCall + MS Dynamics 365 integration. 

To use it, open KrispCall > go to the General Settings inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 > enable the Contacts 2-Way Sync option. Once configured, changes made to contacts in either system (Dynamics 365 or KrispCall) will automatically be reflected in the other.

Bi-directional contact syncing ensures contact details are consistent across both platforms, KrispCall and MS Dynamics 365. This means no manual record entry is required, your data is consistent, and you save time and effort. Consistent and up-to-date contact information across the two platforms allows organizations to streamline their communications and stops discrepancies or duplicates in customer records.

With this Bi-Directional synchronization, Businesses will flourish faster than ever before. Instantly, they can communicate better, keep customer records clean, exchange data also without any manual labor, and, most importantly, give their employees the freshest information about customers possible. This means more productivity, more meeting expectations, and more trust to grow and build on. All of this adds up to more success and more revenue.

4. Accelerate Call Management with Instant Caller Identification

With KrispCall + MS Dynamics 365, businesses can utilize the Instant Caller Identification feature to boost their call management. When a call comes in, businesses can quickly access all information about the caller, such as contact details, as soon as a call is received. Once the two-way contact syncing is enabled, instant caller identification is automatically activated, and you can enjoy it without any problem. 

MS Dynamics 365 + KrispCall’s instant caller identification simplifies call routing and escalation within the organization. By automatically identifying callers and their associated records in Dynamics 365, the integration ensures that incoming calls are directed to the appropriate department or agent without delay.

This optimization of call management reduces wait times for customers and minimizes the need for manual intervention by employees, thereby improving overall operational efficiency and resource utilization. 

5. Utilize Customer Insights to Make Data-Driven Decisions

With KrispCall integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll be able to unlock capabilities, including call logging, chat logging, contact details, and a caller identification match. Also, you receive real-time data summary, insights, and call data using KrispCall for making and receiving calls from Teams Dailer in Dynamics 365.

Making such decisions helps businesses solve problems before they become major issues and prepare for the future. By analyzing call data, businesses can predict where the market is heading, discover new areas of growth, and avoid risks. Being proactive allows companies to stay ahead in a changing market and come up with new ideas for success.

Ultimately, with KrispCall + Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses can analyze customer insights efficiently, and by using these insights, businesses can create new solutions, improve their results, and succeed in the long run in a tough market, becoming the best and most reliable in their fields.

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Ready to Boost MS Dynamics 365 Productivity? Integrate KrispCall MS Dynamics 365 Today 

Increase Productivity with Krispcall and MS Dynamics 365 Workflows

To sum things up, integrating KrispCall and MS Dynamics 365 is the best decision for businesses wanting to automate daily tasks related to their business communication while boosting their overall workflow efficiency and productivity. 

With features like Auto chat/call logging, click-to-call, two-way contact syncing, and data insights, businesses can easily handle their CRM and business telephony without the need for any cross-tab switching and manual data entry. 

Additionally, along with MS Dynamics 365 integration, KrispCall also offers other CRM integrations such as Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zapier, and Pabbly Connect at no extra charges to maximize business growth. 

So, don’t hesitate any further. Take advantage of the perks firsthand and boost productivity within your business. Give KrispCall a try today and see the results for yourself.

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