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Tips to Increase Productivity with KrispCall and ActiveCampaign Workflows




Are you struggling to take notes 📓 send follow-up emails 📧, or do you have difficulty tracking communication progress? If so, then you are at the right destination.

Integrating KrispCall and ActiveCampaign can streamline workflow, automate tasks, and improve communication visibility.

In this blog, you’ll learn 💡tips to increase productivity by integrating KrispCall and ActiveCampaign. This topic covers integrating a VoIP application with a CRM system.

So, if you’re ready to optimize your call workflow and boost efficiency, let’s get started.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • With KrispCall ActiveCampaign workflow integration, users can seamlessly combine cloud telephony functionalities by enabling VoIP capabilities directly within the ActiveCampaign CRM platform.
  • To integrate KrispCall with ActiveCampaign, log into KrispCall, go to the ‘Integrations‘ page, choose ActiveCampaign, and select the Connect button to integrate it.
  • Utilize KrispCall and ActiveCampaign workflow integration to automate tasks properly, create custom message notifications, sync contact details, etc.

What is KrispCall ActiveCampaign Workflow Integration? 

KrispCall ActiveCampaign Workflow Integration is a tool that connects KrispCall with the popular CRM system ActiveCampaign. This powerful integration can boost productivity and improve communication between leads and clients. It allows you to keep all your communication data centralized in one place for easy access and better customer service.

The working principle of KrispCall and ActiveCampaign is easy to understand. However, before you start the integration, you must understand the combination of APIs and webhooks. This integration platform can capture all the details when users send and receive calls, leave voicemail messages, or send mail. Then, KrispCall uses its API to send this data to ActiveCampaign securely. You should understand that one of them acts as a communication channel, and the other functions as an automation hub.

The integration can be set up very quickly by connecting your KrispCall account to ActiveCampaign, which takes just a few clicks: Log in to your KrispCall account > Navigate to ‘Integrations’ > Select ‘ActiveCampaign’ > Authorize it > Connect it > Turn it on and start using it.

5 Tips to Increase Productivity with ActiveCampaign and KrispCall

1. Stop Dialing Numbers

When integrating KrispCall with ActiveCampaign, you don’t need to manually dial the numbers; you can leverage click-to-dial functionality. This allows users to transition seamlessly from CRM tasks to direct communication, helping to save time and money.

Suppose you’re viewing a lead profile in ActiveCampaign. Following their information, you’ll see a clickable phone number. Clicking on this number will directly initiate a call through KrispCall. You can use various features, like custom fields, to store additional contact details and streamline the dialing process.

2. Get Easy Access to Call Analytics

The main tip for increasing productivity by integrating ActiveCampaign and KrispCall is quickly accessing call analytics. The platform offers various built-in reporting features, such as call duration, volume, completion rate, and missed calls.

Analyzing call reports can provide valuable insights, such as optimizing call scripts, addressing common call objections, refining communication strategies through shorter sales cycles, increasing lead conversion rates, etc. It simplifies access to call analytics, empowering users to make data-driven decisions and improve communication strategies for a better outcome.

3. Speed up the call-handling process with Caller ID.

Another excellent tip for increasing productivity with ActiveCampaign and KrispCall integration workflow is to speed up the call-handling process quickly and efficiently with Caller ID. Let’s suppose a client calls. KrispCall instantly recognizes the number and taps into the user’s ActiveCampaign CRM, pulling up the caller’s or client’s profile with all their information and details.

You don’t have to go through common questions, as ActiveCampaign can automatically route the call to the most suitable agent based on the caller’s information. With this, the caller avoids hold time, and the agent gets straight to addressing the customer’s specific issue.

4. Get Complete Information with Efficient Call Management

The tip to increase productivity with KrispCall and ActiveCampaign Workflow is to get complete information with efficient call management. All the call data and details are readily available within the CRM interface. This can foster better collaboration, as the team can share call recordings, notes, and transcripts.

You can also automate the tasks with ActiveCampaign by automatically tagging calls based on keywords in the conversation or triggering email sequences with personalized information based on call details. KrispCall’s integration with ActiveCampaign creates a central hub for call data, facilitating efficient management, improved collaboration, and better use of valuable call information.

5. Set up Appointment Scheduling

The final tip for increasing productivity with KrispCall and ActiveCampaign Workflow Integration is to set up appointment scheduling. An essential aspect of maximizing productivity and efficiency where you can save time for your team and clients is ensuring the appointment or meeting is seamlessly scheduled.

You can personalize appointment confirmation messages by enhancing the clients’ experience. Users can leverage the reporting capabilities to track metrics related to scheduling appointments and attendance. Critical indicators like appointment conversion rates, no-show rates, and average lead time need improvement to optimize the scheduling process further.

Ready to Boost ActiveCampaign Productivity? Integrate KrispCall with ActiveCampaign Today

KrispCall and ActiveCampaign are essential platforms for boosting call center performance and productivity. Integrating both optimizes the overall workflow and helps automate several tasks related to business communication and CRM.

With various features such as Automatic Chat/Call Logging, Click-to-Call, Caller Identification, and Two-Way Contact Sync, businesses no longer have to worry about repetitive routine tasks or tab switching, which saves time and costs. In addition to the HubSpot integration, KrispCall offers other CRM integrations such as MS Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, etc., giving businesses even more flexibility and functionality from as little as $15 per month, with no additional/hidden costs.

So, don’t wait any longer. Explore the advantages yourself and maximize your business’s productivity. Try out KrispCall ActiveCampaign Integration and see the results for yourself.

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