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How to Make a Conference Call on Android & iPhone?



How to make conference call on Andriod & iPhone

Are you a firm owner thinking about starting a conference call with your important clients but are unsure how to start it on your Android?

It is an undeniable fact that conference calls have become an integral part of every team, no matter where, when, or how it is used. The reason is that it is a quick, convenient, and easy-to-use method for anyone who wants to use it for collaboration and just for catching up with current events.

However, it should be noted that conducting conference calls on an Android phone system can be a bit confusing as there are several ways through which you can initiate one. So, what should you do to start?

Therefore, this article is here to teach you what conference calls are, how you can start a conference call on your Android phone as well as on an iPhone, and some additional methods to make conference calls.

Here we go!

What is a Conference Call?

A conference call is a group call/business meeting in which multiple participants can connect via audio (or video) and speak to each other at the same time. Up until recently, conference calls were done through a shared conference landline or mobile number.

What is a Conference Call

However, as of now, conference calls are commonly used in video formats and are conducted over the Internet via services like Google Meet, Skype, or other Cloud Telephony services.

So now, let’s move on to the actual topic of discussion!

How can I set up a Conference Call on Android?

Making conference calls on a recent version of the Android operating system is a piece of cake. However, you must note that not all cellular providers offer this feature for Android phones. 

Apart from that, a few other things like beforehand preparation, which include pre-informing the participants, inviting them, and troubleshooting common issues, also need to be addressed before even beginning.

Once done with that, here are the steps that will guide you through the process of setting up a conference call on your Android device:

  1. Firstly, dial the first person’s number and wait until the call is answered.
  2. After the first person answers the call, place the call on hold and click the ‘Add Call ➕’ button to add a second participant.
  3. Then, you can merge both calls by clicking the ‘Merge or Merge Call Buttonmerge calls button.’ 
  4. If you need to add more members, repeat the second and third steps until you reach the limit.
  5. There, you have your conference call started, and now you can get going with the conversation.
set up a conference call on my Android calling
set up a conference call on my Android merging

How to make a Conference Call on an iPhone?

Making a conference call on an iPhone is pretty quick and just as easy as starting one on an Android phone. You can add up to 5 participants in a conference call on an iPhone. The only thing to pay attention to is to make sure that you have the call-forwarding settings disabled. If it is already off, here are the instructions for starting a conference call on your iPhone:

  1. Make the first call and wait for it to connect.
  2. Tap the Add Call ‘➕’ button.
  3. Make the second call and wait for the connection to be established.
  4. Now tap the Merge Calls Button ‘ to merge both calls together.
  5. If you’ve done the previous step correctly, both calls will be merged into one conference call. If you wish to add more people, you can repeat steps 2-4.
  6. Go ahead with your Conference Call on your iPhone.

Note: The number of participants for your carrier might be limited if there is no option to add another call.

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How can I set up a video conference with my Android phone to my iPhone?

Compared to a regular audio conference, setting up a video conference between two different operating systems is a bit technical and is typically done through the means of an external service like the FaceTime app link or specific apps like Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

1. Using FaceTime to start a video conference

As the FaceTime app is an IOS-exclusive service, Android users have no other way but rely on the iPhone-using party to initiate the conference call.

FaceTiming from different OS features was launched only recently by Apple, so in order to use it, the iPhone user must have their phone’s software upgraded to IOS 15, and the Android user must have the most up-to-date version of Chrome web browser installed. Here’s how to do it-

  1. Firstly, the IOS user must open the FaceTime app on their iPhone and initiate the call.
  2. Then, select Create Link in the top left corner.
  3. After that, they have to share the link via message or other messaging services with the Android users.
  4. Now, the Android users should receive the FaceTime Link and open it.
  5. They can now enter their name and other details if needed and then tap Continue.
  6. The next step for them is to wait for admission, which is administered by the iPhone user.
  7. Finally, all parties can join the call and start conferencing.

2. Using Video Conferencing Apps

When talking about third-party video conferencing, the general steps are nearly the same for all. All you have to agree on is with all the interested parties in choosing a service platform. Here is a simple outline of initiating a video call from a platform of your choice:

  1. Choosing a video conferencing app: As there are hundreds of video conferencing apps available for Android, such as Google Meet or WhatsApp, you might have to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.
  1. Setting up your video calling account: This varies from app to app. One example is- Google Meet; here, you need to complete the setup by following the instructions provided on-screen, and for other apps, you may need to download and install the app first.
  1. Starting a video call: Now, open the app you have chosen and select the person or group you want to start the video call with, then tap the video icon to start the call.
  1. Inviting participants: The next step is to invite more people to the video call; for this, you can send an invitation via email or share a link directly via messaging services.
  1. Managing the call: Once the video call is active, you can manage other settings according to your will. This might include adjusting the settings or muting/unmuting individual participants.
  1. Ending the call: Finally, when the conversation is done and dusted, you can end the video call by tapping the “End Call” or “Hang Up” button in the app.
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In this blog, we discussed what conference calls are, how to initiate those using your Android phone system, iPhone, and KrispCall’s cloud phone system, and made you familiar with the general steps involved in using external services for video conference calls.

As a closing note, learning how to make conference calls on Android opens a world full of possibilities for seamless communication. Whether it be for work or personal connections, understanding the intricacies of these calls ensures that you make the most of its beneficial attributes.


What are the ways to block a conference call on Android?

As each device is different, the process of blocking conference calls depends on the specific phone model and carrier, as there may be slight variations in the settings and procedures.

However, the general approach involves disabling the merge calls feature by directly going into the phone settings, blocking the number, or using a third-party call-blocking app. Here’s the lowdown on each of those-

Method 1: Disabling Merge Calls Feature

  1. Open your phone’s Phone app.
  2. Access the Settings or Call Settings menu.
  3. Look for an option called “Merge Calls” or “Three-Way Calling.”
  4. Toggle the switch or uncheck the box to disable the feature.

Method 2: Directly blocking the number using in-built settings

  1. Go to the Call section of your phone’s Settings menu.
  2. Select Blocked Numbers from the Settings menu by scrolling down.
  3. Now, to block a phone number or a contact, tap Add New and enter the number or contact’s name.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party Call Blocking App

  1. Download and install a call-blocking app from the Google Play Store. Popular options include Truecaller, Mr. Number, and Call Blocker.
  2. Open the call-blocking app and grant it the necessary permissions to access your phone’s call logs and contacts.
  3. Configure the app’s settings to block incoming calls from specific numbers or unknown callers.
  4. Some call-blocking apps allow you to block conference calls specifically. Check the app’s settings for this option.

What number of calls can be merged in a conference call at a time?

If you are an iPhone user, then you can have a maximum of five participants in a conference call. On the other hand, for Android users, the limit varies based on the device model and the carrier being used.

And if we talk about video conferencing platforms, most service providers allow for at least five callers in a conference call, with some offering up to 25 or even 100 participants, based on subscription plans.

How can you disable a conference call on Andriod?

Disabling conference calling on an Android device typically requires some additional effort as it requires a setting or feature that needs to be enabled or disabled to prevent conference calls from being initiated or joined. Here are some methods that can help you disable a conference call on your Android-

  • Contact your phone carrier’s customer support to inquire about specific instructions or settings disabling conference calling on your device.
  • You can also open your device’s Settings app and search for in-built “conference calling” or “call settings.” Check for any options related to disabling or restricting conference calls.
  • Use of a third-party app for call blocking or a call management app that can restrict conference calls.
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