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How to Call Taiwan From USA : A Step-by-Step Guide



How to call Taiwan From USA : A comprehensive guide

Are you feeling frustrated trying to call Taiwan from the US?

Handling time zones, understanding complicated phone dialing formats, and worrying about expensive charges can make you confused and stressed. 

But fear not as you have found the right place to make things easier for you.

In this blog, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to call Taiwan from USA any location.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • To call Taiwan from the USA dial the exit code of the US then add Taiwan’s country code, local area code, and subscriber phone number call Taiwan’s mobile number from the USA
  • Dial the – US exit code, dial the Taiwan country code, and add the digit 7 before the area code.
  • Things you should consider while calling Taiwan from the US are dialing code, Taiwan Country Code, correct mobile code, and many more 
  • KrispCall is one of the best virtual phone number providers to call Taiwan from the USA.

How To Call Taiwan From The US?

To make a call from the USA to Taiwan, dial the 011 US code then dial the country code of Taiwan (866) after then dial the area code of the state city you want to call and finally add a 7 – 8 digit phone number.

Here is the step-by-step guide to Calling different numbers from the USA: 

  • 02 – 1234 – Area code – Landline Number (For Taiwan’s Landline Phone Number)
  • 886-912 – Area code – Mobile number code 9 digit mobile number of subscribe (For Taiwan’s Mobile Phone Number)
  • 1-800-XXX-XXXX – Toll-free number – Dial the exit code of the originating country and then the toll-free number.

Remember: Except for Taipei and other nearby locations, where phone numbers have nine digits, the area code plus the phone number should equal eight digits

How to dial Taiwan landline numbers from the USA?

To make a call in Taiwan landline number from the USA, dial the exit code (011). After that, dial the country code indicated by 866. Then the area code of the particular region you are calling. Now, you can dial the local phone number.

Here is the step-by-step guide to making a call in Taiwan landline number from the USA:

  1. Dial the exit code (011)  to start an international call from the USA. 
  2. Dial the country code (886) which is the area code in Taiwan
  3. Dial the area code depending on which area you are calling 
  4. Dial the local phone number of the person or business you wish to contact. 
Process to make a call from US to Taiwan
How to call Taiwan from USA

Example: When you call in Taipei with the local number “12345678” you would dial 011 (USA exit code) + 886 (Taiwan country code) + 2 (Taipei area code) + 12345678 (local phone number).

How to dial Taiwan mobile numbers from the USA?

To dial a Taiwan mobile number, dial the international access code: 011 (in the USA) – 886 (country code for Taiwan) – the area code 9 indicating its mobile number and now the local mobile number.

  1. Dial exit code 011 for international calls 
  2. Then dial country code 886 for Taiwan
  3. And dial the area code for Daxi, Taiwan,  (for example, it’s “3” for Daxi).
  4. Now mobile code “9” to indicate you’re calling a mobile number
  5. Finally, call the individual you are attempting to contact on their mobile phone.

Example: when you call your friend in Taiwan whose number is 011-886-9-0988765764 

Here 011 indicates the US exit code, 886 indicates the Taiwan area code and 9 indicates the mobile number code.

How to call Taiwan a toll-free number from the US?

To call a toll-free number in Taiwan from the United States dial the United States exit code 011. Then the country 886 code for Taiwan, dial “9” for the mobile phone before entering the phone number. Enter the 8 to 9-digit phone number. Now you can make a call from the US to Taiwan.

Follow the steps to make A call from USA to Taiwan:

  1. At first dial the United States exit code 011 indicating you’re directing a call outside the country.
  1. And then the country 886 code for Taiwan. This means your call starts at 011-886.

For example, the area code for Daxi, Taiwan is 3. If you’re calling a landline in Daxi, dial 011-886-3 to begin your call.

  1. Dial “9” for the mobile phone before entering the phone number. For instance, if you’re calling a cell phone in Daxi, dial 011-886-3-9.
  1. Enter the 8 to 9-digit phone number. Your complete call looks like this: 011-886-3-9-12345678.
  1. Make Your Call: Press the button on your phone to make the call. If everything is entered correctly, your call should connect to Taiwan.
Note:  Mobile numbers usually don’t require an area code. Look up the area code for the specific location in Taiwan as each city has an area code for landline phones. 

What are the things to consider before calling Taiwan from the US?

To ensure your call is worthwhile and reaches the right person. You should consider a few things before making a call to Taiwan or any location of America.

  • Differences in Time Zone: Check the time difference between Taiwan and the US and make sure you are calling at the right time so the receiver can answer.  
  • Dialing Code for International Calls: The code “011” should be known when placing international calls from the United States.
  • Taiwan Country Code:  +886 is the country code for Taiwan. To connect your call to Taiwan, you must do this.
  • Confirm area code: Know the area code for Taiwan destination calling locations. Make sure you are attempting to contact the city/location with the right area codes.
Chunan (Tchou-Nan)36
Tung-Sha Island827
  • Ensure correct mobile code: Calling a mobile number in Taiwan requires you to first enter the mobile code “9” before contacting the number.
  • Remove Zero: Remember to remove any leading zeros from phone numbers while making international calls. For example, Taiwan’s area code “02” becomes just “2” when the leading zero is removed.
  • Types of Taiwan phone numbers: First make sure which types of phone number you are dailing like local numbers and toll-free numbers, Emergency numbers, and many more

How much does it cost to call Taiwan from the US?

on average, international calls to Taiwan from the US can range from $0.05 to $0.30 per minute for landline or mobile calls. 

You should contact your phone service provider directly or visit their website to find out the exact cost of international calling to Taiwan from the US. In addition, you can also check out into other choices that can provide cheaper calling rates to Taiwan, like VoIP services or international calling cards.

Acquire a Taiwan phone number to Make International Calls from USA to Taiwan

Calling Taiwan from the United States can be very expensive when utilizing landlines or phone carriers. If you’re looking to call Taiwan from the USA without relying on landlines or phone providers then a virtual number can be a game changer for you.

The best way to avoid paying costly international calling fees is to enroll in a VoIP phone system to make calls to Taiwan from the US.VoIP is a particularly cost-effective way to make calls in Taiwan as it operates via the Internet.

what is taiwan virtual phone number

In Taiwan, KrispCall provides virtual phone numbers, so you won’t have to pay international calling fees for each call.

Choosing a cost-effective VoIP provider like KrispCall enables you to purchase a VoIP business phone system in place of a landline, set up a contact center, and connect to any nation with ease.

If you want to develop your business in Taiwan, getting a local Taiwan number is a smart way to avoid paying extra for calls. Get a Taiwan number from a reputable VoIP service like KrispCall to simply interact with Taiwan at no extra cost.

Final Word 

Knowing about the types of phone numbers and calling patterns to Taiwan from the US makes it easier to reach out to Taiwan. Also, you can consider a few things to make your calls worthwhile by knowing the time zone differences and more things as mentioned above

You may simply call Taiwan from the US using KrispCall cloud telephony without paying expensive international calling fees. KrispCall uses the potentiality of the internet to provide affordable international calling in addition to competitive prices, flexible plans, and other features that enhance the call experience.

With Krispcall, you may begin making international calls from the US at a reasonable cost and with an intuitive user interface. If you’re making international calls from the US to Taiwan, KrispCall might be the best option for you.


What is an International Call to Taiwan? 

Any phone call you make from another nation to a Taiwanese phone number is considered an international call to Taiwan. First, you must dial the international call routing code, then enter the area code for the Taiwan phone number you intend to reach.

How many digits is a Taiwan phone number?

Taiwan phone numbers can have different lengths based on the dialing method whether the number is a landline or mobile. 

Can I make free calls to Taiwan from the USA?

No, you cannot make a free call from the USA to Taiwan. But with VoIP service providers like KrispCall, you can make a call at lower costs from Taiwan to the USA.

What is the best time to call Taiwan from the USA?

The best time to call Taiwan for business purposes ranges from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM TST. Avoid lunch breaks (12:00 PM – 1:30 PM TST).

The best time to call for personal purposes depends upon the recipient’s availability and lifestyle. Weekends and evenings might be better for casual conversations

How can I make the cheapest call to Taiwan from the USA?

To make a call from the US to Taiwan using VOIP services like Skype or KrispCall an international calling account for lower prices. Before calling, To figure out about the costs linked to long-distance calls, see your phone plan. Reduce the call to prevent yourself from paying excessive costs. 

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