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How to Call Mexico from Canada in an Easy & Simple Way?



how to call mexico from canada

According to Wikipedia, in 2020 there are about 12,439 Canadian residents living in Mexico. And the number is still counting on. 

However, it is common that someone will be trying to interact with his friends and family in Mexico on a regular basis, both personally and professionally.

If you’re wondering how to call Mexico from Canada or looking for easy and cheap methods to call for business and personal reasons then you have landed on the right page.

In this post, you’ll also get all the 

  • Mexico dialling formats
  • Mexico area codes
  • Mexico country codes 
  • How to buy a Mexico virtual number
  • Best time to call Mexico from Canada
  • Tips on calling Mexico from different mediums while you’re in Canada.
  • And many more…

International Call to Mexico: What is it & Why does it matter?

“The act of making a voice or audio call from another nation to Mexico” is known as an International call to Mexico.

While making international calls, one should be aware that we need to start by dialling the country’s special international calling code.

For instance, someone from Canada dials Mexico to reach family members.

Canada and Mexico flags

Furthermore, it is a matter that should be taken into account. Many Canadians reside in countries throughout the world, including Mexico, and expect to keep in touch with their friends and family daily.

Meanwhile, an international call to Mexico could be business-related, because many nations have dealings with Mexico for a variety of chocolate trades, ancient sculpture, and trade expansions.

What are the Different Types of Phone Numbers in Mexico?

When calling Mexico from Canada or any other country, there are a variety of different kinds of phone numbers available, and you should learn about them before heading there.

The types of phone numbers in Mexico are as follows:

  1. Mexico Mobile Phone Number: Example, +52- (01)342 – 756 9017
  2. Mexico Landline Phone Number: Example, +52 – (01)342 – 765 7090
  3. Mexico Toll-Free Number Number: Example, +52 – (01)342 – 8888 8888
  4. Mexico Emergency Number: 066 for Police.

Mexico Telephone Codes

To make calls from Canada to Mexico at different locations, you need to understand Mexico’s telephone codes, Mexican area codes, and Mexico Country Codes before dialing Mexican numbers.

They are as follows:

However, before you call, you should find out the country’s exit code. Let’s suppose you are dialing from Canada to Mexico then 

Canada Exit Code

To call internationally from Canada, you will need the Canada exit code. The exit code of Canada is 011.

Canada Exit Code011

Mexico Country Code

To call Mexico from abroad, you will need the Mexico country code. The country code or International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) code of Mexico is 52.

Mexico Country Code52

Mexico Area Code

To make a call to Mexican different cities, you might need the area code where you want to make a call from the different locations in Mexico. 

The area codes of the different locations in Mexico are

S.No.Area NameArea Code
#2.Caqada De Negros(01)476
#3.Praderas Del Potrero(01)591
#4. Atlacomulco De Fabela(01)712
#5.Emiliano Zapata (Colonia Emiliano Zapata)(01)719
#6. Apango(01)754
#7. Alcozauca De Guerrero(01)757
#8. Campestre Flamboyanes(01)969
#9.Cabeza De Toro(01)994

Mexico Emergency Phone Number 

Sometimes you need to contact the Mexican emergency numbers for quick help. Mexican Emergency phone numbers are: 


How to Call Mexico from Canada: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

To call Mexico from Canada, Dial: 

  • 011 – 52- Area Code – Landline / Local Number (For Mexico’s Landline Phone Numbers)
  • 011 – 52- 9XX – Mobile Number (For Mexico’s Mobile phone Numbers)
  • 011 -52 – Area Code – XXXX XXXX (For Mexico’s Toll-free phone Numbers)

Depending on the type of number, the dialling process varies accordingly. We have broken down into the following headings.

How to Call Mexico Landline Number from Canada?

To call the Mexico landline number from Canada, Dial: 011 – 52- Area Code – Landline / Local Number


  1. 011 (Canada Exit Code): This is an exit code of Canada that you need to dial first while making a call to Mexico.
  2. 52 (Mexico Country Code): This is a country code or ISD code of Mexico that you need to dial to make a call to Mexico from Canada.
  3. (01)342 (Mexico area code): This is the area code of Mexico, Mexico, as an example. Like that, you can dial different area codes for a different location.
  4. 756 9017 (Landline / Local Number): This is one example of a landline number usually 7 digits long. But it could be 5-9 digits long.

Example: 011- 52- (01)342 – 756 9017

How to Call Mexico Mobile Number from Canada?

To call the Mexico mobile number from Canada, Dial: 011 – 52- 9XX – Mobile Number


  1. 011 (Canada Exit Code): This is an exit code of Canada that you need to dial first while making a call to Mexico.
  2. 52 (Mexico Country Code): This is a country code or ISD code of Mexico that you need to dial to make a call to Mexico from Canada.
  3. 999 (Mobile Code): This is an example of a mobile code. You need to dial this 3 digits mobile code starting with 9 to call mobile phones in Mexico from Canada.
  4. 765 7090 (Mobile Number): This is an example of a mobile number in Mexico. Mobile numbers in Mexico are 7 digits long.

Example: Dial 011 – 52 – 999 – 765 7090

How to Call the Mexico Toll-free Number from Canada?

To call the Mexico toll-free number, Dial: 011 -52 – Area Code – XXXX XXXX


  • 011 (Canada Exit Code): This is an exit code of Canada that you need to dial first while making a call to Mexico.
  • 52 (Mexico Country Code): This is a country code or ISD code of Mexico that you need to dial to make a call to Mexico from Canada.
  • (01)342 (Mexico Area Code): This code specifies which areas to dial to reach someone who lives in a certain part of Mexico.
  • 8888 8888 (Toll-Free Number): This is an example of a toll-free number in Mexico. It could be 8-10 digits long.

Example: Dial 011 -52 – (01) 342- 8888 8888

What is the Right Time to Call Mexico Number from Canada?

You should be aware of the time difference between making calls to Mexico from Canada so that you can ignore the missing rings.

So, there is a 1-hour difference between Mexico and Canada, and Canada’s time is an hour ahead of Mexico’s time.

So, you can make a call from Canada between 9 A.M  at the local time, and it will be 10 A.M in Mexico.

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Challenges while calling Mexico from Canada

While dialing Mexico from Canada, you might face certain issues & challenges. They are as follows:

  • High calling rates
  • Poor Call Quality
  • Missing Calls
  • Loss of Privacy

You may revise these calling challenges by using cloud telephony solutions like KrispCall.

KrispCall has inexpensive prices, excellent call quality, and stand to never misses a receivable call to sophisticated call features like customisable voicemail greetings, rapid notification, and more…

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Mexico: Dos and Don’ts

When you make a business call to Mexico, you should observe a few guidelines. These include:

  • Remember to smile when conversing with people. It’s fun to interact with happy folks.
  • When making phone calls, plan ahead of time. Make no opportunistic phone calls.
  • Be mindful of the time variations between Mexico and the country from which you are calling to prevent missing calls.
  • After the salutations, introduce yourself with your full name (first name and last name).
  • If the individual you’re phoning is running late for the meeting, don’t become annoyed.
  • Speak confidently and politely.
  • In small chats, maintain a professional tone. Do not bring up personal matters or inquire about the personal lives of others with whom you are chatting.
  • Do not address someone by their first name unless they directly desire it. The pronouns “Mr” and “Mrs” are appropriate.
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Conclusion: The best way for Calling Mexico from Canada is…

To call Mexico from Canada using traditional techniques is usually more expensive and complex than using alternative ones.

Moreover, the traditional approach to communicating with Mexico from Canada may have drawbacks such as high rates, poor call quality, and so on.

Meanwhile, in terms of affordability and performance, a non-traditional approach like cloud telephony is always a better option than traditional options.

You’ve probably figured out that a non-traditional approach is the best way to make calls.

But among them!

KrispCall can be your safe and trustworthy choice for relying on VoIP and cloud telephony services to call Mexico from Canada.


💰 Are phone calls from Canada to Mexico expensive?

Yes, they are. But the rates depend upon the providers you are using and the phone number you are calling (landline or mobile phone) or get the cloud-telephony service providers like Krispcall for your unlimited talk and advanced features.

📱 How to call Mexico for Free?

You can call Mexico for free if you use certain free VoIP applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

📶 Which is the best Mexico virtual phone number provider?

KrispCall is the best Mexico virtual phone number provider right now.

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