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Call, Sell, Repeat? How to Break the Familiar Sales Feeling



Call, Sell, Repeat? How to Break the Familiar Sales Feeling

We have seen people working in the sales department, and what is always common in them is frustrated gestures after completing the set targets or selling goals. 

Why does it happen?

In selling, they just call 📞, sell, and repeat the process 🔁, which becomes hectic and gives the same familiar feeling of sale they got while selling before. 

But what exactly is familiar sales feeling and how to break the familiar sales feeling? 

In this blog, You will explore familiar sales feelings and how to overcome them using the best practices for a proactive sales team.  

Here we go🏃


  • Familiar sales feelings are typical feelings where sales team members sense the repetition in routines and approaches leading to the same outcomes.
  • Less excitement, reduced personal connections, and employees leaving are possible harms caused by the feeling of familiar sales.
  • Reviewing customer and team members’ feedback can help identify familiar sales feelings.
  • To break familiar sales feelings, the team should encourage new innovation, provide learning training, and set goals, making sales more adventurous and creative.
  • Starting with open-ended questions and a sense of adding value for customers can help make the sales team more proactive.

Understanding the Familiar Sales Feeling

A familiar sales feeling is a sense of repetition within a sales team. This feeling often results from repetitive approaches that lead to the same outcomes. With this type of sales feeling, the company runs without improving sales. These feelings can reduce creativity and innovation in sales, impacting overall performance. 

What is Familiar Sales Feeling

Relying on old strategies and not being creative negatively affects the sales team’s motivation and adaptability. This makes it less responsive to new market trends and customer needs.

Cause of Familiar Sales feeling

Sticking with the same sales strategies, routines, and approaches can cause a familiar sales feeling. A lack of incorporation of new ideas and innovations can also be a major cause of this feeling. 

Risks that might occur from familiar sales feelings are:

  • Less excitement
  • Reduction in personal connections
  • Employees leaving
  • Not enough team engagement

How Can You Identify if Your Team is Experiencing Feelings of Familiarity With Sales?

Early identification of whether the team is facing the problem of feeling familiar with sales can be essential to solving it as soon as possible and contribute to more productivity in sales. 

Below, we have listed the ways to identify familiar feelings with sales: 

  • Performance reviews: Companies need to review individual or team performance regularly and observe whether sales patterns remain the same. If the team has been using the same sales tactics for so long, it could be a sign that the team is experiencing a feeling of familiarity.
  • Customer interactions: You need to focus on customer feedback closely. Suppose the customer mentions that the sales have been predictable or lacking some kind of innovation. In that case, you should know that the team is experiencing something familiar and act on changing and creating new strategies.
  • Feedback: Companies should create a feedback-friendly environment in the team where every member can freely share their experience with the sales process. A lack of enthusiasm for work could be a probable sign that a team member feels stuck or lacks enthusiasm.
  • Monitoring market: To identify if your team is facing familiar sales feelings, you need to observe competitors’ and other industry trends and strategies and update yourself. After that, you must check whether the methods are outdated or the team lacks pacing. If it is, this could be a sign of working differently with a new approach.
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What are the Ways to Break the Familiar Sales Feeling?

The familiar sales feeling reduces productivity and increases the agent’s frustration, which decreases the team’s overall performance.

To break the familiar sales feeling, you can follow these steps: 

  • Encourage innovation: A good start to breaking the familiar sales feeling is to encourage the teams to develop new ideas and experiment. Your team can also work on new ideas or technologies to improve the sales process. These types of innovations can be helpful in creating a new environment for the sales team.
  • Continuous learning: Companies should start investing in sales team training and skill development. If the team works with new technologies and skills, it makes them innovative. Additionally, the knowledge from the training helps them create new insight into business work and break the familiar sales feeling. 
  • Setting challenging and creative goals: Setting challenging and creative goals is a must not only for breaking familiar feelings but also for achieving high growth. The goals should be difficult and achievable with determination. This will motivate the team to complete the goal and think creatively. This will step out of their comfort zone and lead to better growth. 
  • Feedback culture: Agents should feel comfortable in the workspace. If the agents are comfortable, they feel energetic with the same kind of energy in the team. If agents feel free to share ideas and feedback, they start feeling valued, which adds motivation to them. Also, by observing the feedback of customers agents can understand customer needs and work on them. This creates a joyful environment for the team.
  • Collaboration:  An outstanding way to break the familiar feeling is to collaborate with sales, marketing, and product teams. With a collaborative discussion, team members can share their ideas on areas of improvement and find solutions for new sales strategies. This will break the same old process and help innovate new ideas. 
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Best Practices for Sales Teams To Be Proactive

The sales team needs to manage and engage with customers for better retention rates proactively. 

Some of the best practices for sales teams to make it proactive are: 

  • Asking open-ended questions: You need to start with open-ended questions. This encourages prospects to share more information about themselves and their requirements. You can also start with questions like, “ What do you know about our brand?” and ask how the customer felt about our product or service. This way, we can engage customers and increase the chance of sales. 
  • Providing value to customers: To start communicating with a prospect, agents must prepare by reading scripts or getting enough knowledge about a product or service. While communicating with customers, you should give customers a feeling of value and appreciation. Understanding problems from the customer’s point of view plays an important role here.
  • Stepping Ahead of Market Trends: To be more proactive in the sales field, companies should analyze market trends and the new technologies that are evolving in the market. Observing these trends helps the sales team work on them and innovate new selling strategies. Staying updated with the market not only helps your sales be proactive but also provides overall growth for the company.
  •  Innovation and Creativity: In the sales team, the work team should be a place where everyone values and appreciates each other ideas and creativity. With this, your sales team can improve the innovative journey. New innovative and creative ideas enhance the overall sales team to be more proactive and efficient while selling services or products.
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It’s common for sales team members to feel like they’re stuck in a routine, doing the same old things and getting the same old results. This feeling often stems from a lack of excitement among team members, reliance on outdated strategies, and a dearth of innovation.

These feelings harm team members by reducing their excitement and personal connections, sometimes leading to employees’ leaving. 

To identify these problems, companies should analyze the performance of customer interactions and monitor the market. Starting with open-ended questions to prospects and communicating to add value to customers can be tips for breaking familiar sales feelings. Creating ideas and looking towards the market can also overcome familiar sales feelings. 

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