Fixed Vs Non-fixed VoIP Numbers: Everything Business Owners Need to Know

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fixed vs non fixed voip

Many current businesses have abandoned outdated landlines and PBX systems to do business. Instead, they’ve integrated phone services that make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a technology that enables anyone to make phone calls via the Internet.

If you’ve decided to use a VoIP system, you’ll need to make another decision. Do you want VoIP numbers that are fixed or non-fixed? Each VOIP has its benefits and drawbacks, and your company’s needs will determine the one you select.

To choose which is best for your company, you’ll need to know the key differences between fixed Vs non-fixed VoIP phone numbers, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each. 

In this article, we’ll assist you in looking through everything so you can decide which one to choose.

Let’s start with the concept of VoIP.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol. It enables voice calls through the Internet rather than through a traditional phone line. 

Users can handle voice phone calls using VoIP through their computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Also particular VoIP phones, and browsers that support WebRTC, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

VoIP Phone Numbers

VoIP is beneficial to individuals and companies since it often contains additional capabilities not seen on traditional phone systems. VoIP services include call recording, custom caller I.D., and voicemail to email.

Businesses also get a massive benefit from it since it simplifies communications.

Here are some significant benefits of using VoIP over the traditional phone line.

  • Less expensive.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Remote-ready.
  • Call anyone in the world.

How Does VOIP Work? 

VoIP operates by routing phone calls via the Internet. VoIP calls are converted into data packets before being transmitted over an I.P. network; there is no need for a physical phone line, and you only need an internet connection.

The person you’re calling will see your VoIP number if you do this. This is due to CNAM (Caller Name Delivery), a component of caller I.D. Caller ID sends your information to the phone service provider associated with your dialed number.

And since your VoIP phone number is hosted in the cloud, the information displayed in your caller I.D. varies. As a result, it’s critical to understand the differences between fixed and non-fixed VoIP phone numbers; they both impact how your calls are received.

What is a Fixed VoIP Phone Number?

A fixed VoIP phone number is connected to a real-world physical location over the Internet.

Fixed VoIP numbers are popular for corporate use since they are linked and traceable to a real-world physical location, adding an extra layer of trust.

Because the numbers are easy to trace, they’re less likely to be utilized by annoying spammers or for fraud cases. This is most likely the most significant advantage of fixed VoIP numbers.

Pros of Fixed VoIP Phone Numbers

Here are some pros of fixed VoIP phone numbers and why you should consider using them. 

  • Spammers and scammers are unlikely to use this service since it requires users to provide their physical addresses. So it is more secure.
  • Your address can be routed to the nearest emergency service center using a fixed VoIP Number. 
  • With a fixed VoIP number, it’s much easier to establish a local presence, which is especially useful for small businesses.

Cons of Fixed VoIP Phone Numbers

Here are some of the cons of fixed VoIP numbers and why you should avoid them.

  • Fixed VoIP systems are more expensive to set up and take longer to complete.
  • Since the VoIP number is linked to a real-world physical address, we can only use it while we are in a specific location. 
  • In a fixed VoIP phone system, international calls are costly.

What is a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number?

A non-fixed VoIP number is similar to a standard VoIP phone number, except it is not linked to a real-world physical address and instead assigned to an individual user.

A non-fixed VoIP number does not require you to provide a physical address, as a fixed VoIP number does. It is typically allocated to mobile devices such as cell phones, VoIP phones, tablets, and P.C.s.

UK virtual phone number

Non-fixed VoIP allows your whole company to operate from anywhere they choose if your crew works remotely. Additionally, by employing it, you can have phone numbers for business purposes outside of your local area code.

Even though non-fixed VoIP numbers are frequently used for fraud, methods to prevent them are improving all the time. This enhances the image of non-fixed VoIP and improves its reputation with companies.

Pros of Non-Fixed VoIP Phone numbers

Here are some pros of Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers and why you should consider using them. 

  • Non-fixed VoIP numbers allow us to connect with people worldwide quickly and cheaply.
  • Non-fixed VoIP service pricing plans are built to adapt to the needs of small businesses. 
  • It’s quick and straightforward to set up a non-fixed VoIP phone number.

Cons of Non-Fixed VoIP Phone numbers

Here are some of the cons of Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers and why you should consider avoiding them.

  • Fraudsters use it more often, making it less authentic and risky.
  • Emergency services cannot be used because there is no physical location to trace.
  • A less professional look, particularly for the main business line.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)Services

Business Phone Service

This is a complete solution that provides you with high-quality phone calls at a lower cost. It is entirely portable and scalable, and it supports international calling. It manages all of your communications, including audio and video calls, live chat, and even a CRM.

Call center software

Running a call center software in the cloud allows you to increase productivity and handle higher call volumes, automate proper multichannel customer support, and provide self-service options. 

The best part is that SaaS solutions are entirely hosted in the cloud, requiring no complicated setup. You don’t even need desk phones because you can make calls using a VoIP app from your computer.

SIP Trunking

You can migrate your PBX equipment straight to the cloud without purchasing new equipment or experiencing service disruptions. 

Your calls are no longer routed through traditional phone lines but your internet connection. SIP trunking provides advanced multi-line phone system features and consolidates your voice and data into a single location.

Difference: Fixed Vs Non Fixed VOIP Phone Numbers

Here are some of the significant differences between Fixed and Not-Fixed VoIP phone numbers:

S.N Fixed VoIP Number Non-Fixed VoIP Number
01.  It is linked to a physical location. It is not linked to any physical location. 
02.  More appropriate for a stable business. More suited to a growing company.
03.  Fixed VOIP numbers can be traced. It is difficult to trace non-fixed VOIP numbers.
04.  Emergency services are easily accessible. Emergency services are not accessible.

KrispCall: The Non-Fixed VOIP Phone Number

Numerous VoIP service providers will provide you with a virtual phone number.

However, not all of these systems offer the features, functionality, and support required by growing, modern businesses.

The non-fixed VoIP phone system from KrispCall can help you establish credibility no matter where you do business. Furthermore, it will make internal and external communication within your company a delight.

krispcall phone

KrispCall is a simple non-fixed VoIP phone system with several business-specific features.

Here are just a few examples:

Local number support: Establish a local presence that your customers will recognize and trust your company.

International calls: Your customers are dispersed, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to service them.

Shared virtual phone numbers: Flexible workforces must be able to collaborate.

Call recording: It’s sometimes easier to record a call than to take notes.

Snippets and auto-replies: They increase productivity and ensure consistent text messaging across the team.

Auto-attendant: When a live human being cannot answer every call, a friendly virtual assistant who handles call routing 24×7 is the next best thing.

Business hours: If you don’t set boundaries, you’ll be answering calls to your business phone number when you’re trying to take a rest after a long day.


Even though both fixed and non-fixed VoIP have advantages and disadvantages, non-fixed VoIP is likely the best option if your company needs greater flexibility. 

For established local businesses, a fixed VoIP service is usually better. If your company operates from a single location with no remote workers or travelers, a fixed VoIP number is the way to go, but non-fixed VoIP is a better option for many others.

Modern businesses, which usually have multiple locations, employ flexible or remote staff and service consumers outside of their local area. Non-fixed VoIP solutions are a better option for them.

Many VoIP service providers will set you up with a virtual phone number with no problem. But, not all of these providers give the features, functionality, and support that expanding and contemporary organizations want, like KrispCall Cloud Telephony.

KrispCall is a simple-to-use, cloud phone system with many business-focused functionalities. No matter where you do business, KrispCall cloud Telephony will help you build trust. It will also make business communication a wonderful experience.

Here are some benefits of using KrispCall Cloud Telephony

  1. Quick and easy implementation
  2. Affordable pricing plans.
  3. Robust and powerful calling features
  4. Mobility and scalability.



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