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Best Phone Call Recording Apps for Preserving Crucial Conversations



Best call recording apps for Android (free and paid)

In today’s fast-paced world, capturing and preserving phone conversations is more important than ever.

Whether you’re a business professional documenting crucial client interactions, a student recording valuable lectures, or an individual safeguarding personal conversations, having a reliable call-recording app is essential.

This blog post unveils the top-tier 20 phone call recording apps available for Android devices [ free and paid] so that you can effortlessly capture and manage your phone conversations with exceptional clarity and seamless integration.

Comparison of Best Call Recording Apps for Android

App NameStarting PriceFeaturesRating
KrispCall$15Cloud BackupWide CoverageAvailability of integrations4.0 ⭐
Call Recorder by Lucky Mobile Apps$5.99Automatic and manual recording options Rigid security protocolsMultiple languages4.6 ⭐
Cube Call Recorder ACRFreeCloud backupGeotaggingSmart clean3.6 ⭐
RMC Android Call Recorder$6.99Auto Call RecordingCloud SynchronizationCall blocking3.4 ⭐
Call Recorder- CallBoxFreeCall TranscriptionCloud SynchronizationAuto Call Recording3.9⭐
Call Recorder-Talker ACRFreeMultilingual call recordingAutomatic and on-demand recording Secure cloud storage4.0 ⭐
HD Auto Call Recorder 2022FreeBackground noise removalCloud storageHigh-quality audio capture3.6 ⭐
CallMaster: Blocker & Callerid$4.29Recording calls for US numbersPassword protectionCloud storage4.0 ⭐
Automatic Call Recorder Pro$5.49Several audio formatsSocial sharingUser-friendly interface3.8 ⭐

What are the Benefits of Call Recording Apps?

Businesses of all sizes and natures can significantly benefit from the Call recording apps. So, let us discuss why your business should use a call recording app. 

Benefits of call recording apps

Better Customer Service

Companies have the option to utilize call recording applications in order to gather insights and data regarding customer interactions. This information can then be used to gain an understanding of customers and enhance quality assurance practices. 

Moreover, having a record of customer conversations enables businesses to address concerns with precision and efficiency, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Documentation of Verbal Agreements

Businesses encounter transactions and contracts on a daily basis. When these transactions and contracts are documented in written form, it provides a reliable means of record keeping. However, when deals are made verbally, there can be complications down the line.

To address this issue, businesses can employ call recording applications to capture and document agreements and deals. By recording these conversations, businesses establish a record of commitments, which ultimately minimizes the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes arising in the future.

Monitoring and Accountability

Recording phone calls can be highly beneficial within an organization in the call center division. By capturing and preserving these conversations, it promotes a sense of responsibility among employees. Additionally, this valuable tool allows for monitoring employee performance and implementing measures to enhance the effectiveness of each team member.

Legal Protection

Lastly, it’s important to mention that a call recording application has an impact on ensuring protection. Call recordings play a role in safeguarding businesses during disputes, miscommunications, and other legal proceedings. The documentation of conversations in circumstances can be critical for resolving conflicts or investigations.

10 Best Free Call Recording Apps for Android in 2024

First, let us cover the 10 best free call-recording apps for Android. These apps are perfect for those users who want to improve their communication but also want to be cost-effective.

Note: all the free apps mentioned below also have a paid version with better features. 


  1. Cube ACR: Best for versatile call recording with a range of features.
  2. RMC Android Call Recorder: Best for reliable automatic call recording, call blocking, and cloud storage.
  3. Call Recorder- CallBox: Best for comprehensive call recording with essential and advanced features.
  4. Call Recorder-Talker ACR: Best for multilingual call recording for international communication and business interactions.
  5. HD Auto Call Recorder 2022: Best for high-quality audio recordings for important conversations or business purposes.
  6. CallMaster: Best for recording calls from US numbers specifically.
  7. Call Recorder Lovekara: Best for secure and private call recording with password protection and cloud storage.
  8. Call Recorder – ACR Phone + APH: Best for a well-rounded call recording solution with a balance of essential features.
  9. Smart Voice Recorder: Best for flexible recording options with multiple recording formats, call transcription, and additional cloud storage upgrades.
  10. Call Recorder by Skyroam: Best for easy-to-use call recording with sharing capabilities for quick access and sharing.

1. Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder ACR, developed by Cube Apps Ltd, stands out as the top-notch call recording application for Android due to its features and user-friendly interface. With this app, Android users can effortlessly record their phone conversations. Easily share them across social media platforms using the Call Cube ACR app. 

Cube ACR call recorder

Moreover, this application comes equipped with storage tools and automation capabilities catering to the needs of all types of users. Additionally, it boasts a user rating of 3.6. The best part is that this tool is absolutely free to use. However, for those seeking features such as storage capacity, there is an option to upgrade to the premium version at a reasonable price.


  • Social Media Integration
  • Automatic Call Recording option
  • High-Quality Call Recording

Paid Version: Available

2. RMC Android Call Recorder

Moving on to the item, we come across RMC Android Call Recorder. This regarded call recording application claims the second position due to its functionalities, such as cloud sync and call blocking. RMC Android Call Recorder has gained a reputation for its call-recording abilities. 

RMC Android call recorder

With its call recording feature, you can actively participate in your conversations without worrying about missing any details. Moreover, RMC Android Call Recorder efficiently blocks calls, ensuring a peaceful and productive calling experience. But wait, there is more. This app also offers cloud storage and backup, which can be accessed through any device. 

To top it off, it has a user rating of 3.4. 


  • Auto Call Recording system
  • Cloud Synchronization for backup and storage 
  • Call blocking feature

Paid Version: Available

3. Call Recorder- CallsBox

Third on the list, we have Call Recorder- CallsBox is one of the best free call recorder apps for Android. CallsBox Call Recorder is a solution, for recording calls offering a blend of advanced features. It effortlessly records incoming and outgoing calls, guaranteeing that no crucial conversation goes unnoticed. 

CallsBox call recorder

With the added feature of cloud storage, you can safely store your recordings, while the call transcription feature conveniently converts your files into text for effortless reference and searching purposes. It has a user rating of 3.9. 


  • Call Transcription option
  • Cloud Synchronization for backup and storage
  • Auto Call Recording system

Paid Version: Available

4. Call Recorder-Talker ACR

Fourth on the list, we have Call Recorder-Talker ACR. Call Recorder-Talker ACR is considered one of the best free call recorder apps for Android because it has tried to cater to a larger audience base by offering multilingual call recording. 

Talker ACR call recorder

Moreover, it offers secure cloud storage for convenient access and cross-device compatibility. In addition, this application offers both on-demand and automatic call-recording system options. This makes the app ideal for any use case. 

Key Features

  • Multilingual call recording option
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Cross-device compatibility

Paid Version: Available

5. HD Auto Call Recorder 2022

The HD Auto Call Recorder 2022 has secured a spot among the five Android call recorders that are available for free. This app prioritizes delivering quality audio recordings, making it an excellent choice for capturing conversations and professional exchanges.

HD Auto Call Recorder 2022

With its recording technology, you can expect crystal recordings without any unwanted background noise or interruptions. It’s truly unique as it can detect and eliminate any disturbances. Moreover, this app offers cloud storage to ensure your recordings are safely stored.


  • Detects and removes background noise
  • Cloud storage option
  • High-quality audio capture

Paid Version: Available

6. CallMaster: Blocker & Callerid

Coming in at number six among Android free call recorder apps, we have CallMaster, Blocker & Callerid. If you’re looking to record calls from US phone numbers and don’t want to spend a dime, then CallMaster is the choice for you. This app is designed specifically for recording phone conversations with US numbers.

CallMaster blocker and callerid

What sets CallMaster apart is its cloud storage feature, which ensures that your recordings are securely stored in a designated location. To further protect your privacy, the app also offers password protection, safeguarding your conversations and keeping them confidential.


  • Best for recording calls for US phone numbers
  • Password protection 
  • Cloud storage

Paid Version: Available

7. Call Recorder Lovekara

Call Recorder Lovekara primarily focuses on security and privacy, making it one of the most reliable and best free Android call recorders. Password security guarantees that user recordings are encrypted and safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Call Recorder Lovekara

Moreover, Cloud storage offers a place for storing your recordings while call blocking prevents disturbances and interruptions. It has a user rating of 4.0 for its user interface.  


  • Automatic call recording 
  • Password protection and Encryption options are available 
  • Cloud storage

Paid Version: Available

8. ACR Phone

Call Recorder ACR Phone + APHs is a solution that focuses on recording calls while offering a number of call management features like call blocking. The cloud storage feature allows users to store the recordings with enhanced security measures and password protection.

ACR Phone

ACR Phone Dialer can also replace your default dialer. This app has set a positive image with its customers and has accumulated a 4.3 user rating. 


  • Option to set as the default dialer
  • Call blocking option
  • Cloud Storage

Paid Version: Available

9. Smart Voice Recorder

Next on the list, we have Smart Voice Recorder. It has an astonishing rating of 4.6; however, it sits later in our list because most of its advanced features are available in the paid version only. 

Smart Voice Recorder

It provides a wide range of recording formats, giving you the flexibility to select the suitable one according to your requirements. The call transcription feature transforms your recordings into text, making it more convenient to reference and organize them. 

Key Features 

  • Various recording formats
  • Call transcription options
  • Cloud synchronization 

Paid Version: Available

10. Call Recorder – SKVALEX

Last but not least, we have a Call Recorder- SKVALEX. This app has been included in the top ten free call-recording apps for Android. It has received a user rating of 3.2.

SKVALEX call recorder

With this app, you can conveniently record both outgoing calls, giving you the choice to record all your conversations. Moreover, this application provides features to help you manage your recordings, including cloud storage options, format conversion capabilities, and automatic deletion of recordings.


  • Different Recording format options
  • Automatic deletion of old recordings
  • Cloud backup.
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10 Best Call Recording Apps for Android [Subscription-Based]

Now, let’s move on to the 10 best subscription-based call recording apps for Android. These apps are ideal for users who want to enjoy extended features and app capabilities. 


  1. KrispCall– Best for business call recording
  2. Call Recorder– Best for third-party callers
  3. Automatic Call Recorder– Best for cloud synchronization
  4. CallMaster: Blocker and Recorder– Best for recording US numbers
  5. Automatic Call Recorder Pro– Best for recording in several audio formats
  6. TapeACall– Best for tiered call transcription
  7. Call Recorder ACR– Best for WiFi integration
  8. All Call Recorder– Best for basic Android call recording
  9. Google Voice – The best call recorder app for Google Workspace users
  10. Ooma– Best for recording video and audio calls

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a unified callbox VoIP service provider with a call recording feature. With a rating of 4.0 and trusted by over 4500 clients all over the world, it’s not a wonder to see this app at the top of our list. Moreover, its call recording feature is one of its most popular features, and it’s easy to see why.


With KrispCall, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls with just a single tap. You can also choose to record calls automatically, so you never miss a conversation. It only gets better from here. KrispCall’s call recordings are stored in the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere. Likewise, it also acts as a backup for your important data. 

And you will get this all in just $15 a month. But that’s not all, you will get a number of other call features in the app. 


  • Cloud-based storage and backup
  • Records incoming and outgoing calls with just a single tap
  • User-friendly interface design
  • High-quality sound

Starting at $15 per month. 

2. Call Recorder

Next on the list, we have Call Recorder by Lucky Mobile Apps. This app is second on our list for two main reasons: user-friendly interface and data safety. Firstly, you can record high-quality audio from phone calls and play them back on multiple platforms. This makes the app very flexible. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.6, which just shows how much this app is liked in the market.

call recorder

Moreover, it offers a number of security features, such as pin code protection. What’s even better? Multilingual support makes it accessible to a larger audience. 


  • Availability of both automatic and manual recording options
  • Rigid security protocols
  • Available in multiple languages

Starting at $5.99/month.

3. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato claims the number three spot on our list. If your current call recording app is having quality issues in call recordings, it’s a good idea to switch to this application.

Automatic Call Recorder

First, the high-quality recording makes it one of the best call-recording apps. In addition, it offers features like Cloud synchronization. This app is available at an affordable price of $6.99. 


  • Cloud synchronization for backup and storage
  • Storing recording tracks in the app
  • High-quality recording results in incoming and outgoing calls

Starting at $6.99

4. CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder

CallMaster: Blocker and Recorder by Glad Apps Technology has an amazing rating of 4.0. The user rating speaks for itself which represents the user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate setting. 

callmaster blocker and recorder

However, what really makes this app unique are its unique features. In the first place, as suggested by the name, you can block and record calls with it. Additionally, it offers some of the most advanced contact management features available. Additionally, it offers some of the most advanced contact management features available in the market. 


  • Call Blocking option
  • Contact Management options
  • Easy to Navigate

Starting at $4.29/month

5. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro by SMSROBOT LTD makes it in the top five list of best call recording apps for Android. It has all the features that are required in an ideal call-recording application, but the thing that separates it from others is the fact that you can share your call recording on social networks directly through this platform. 

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Do you know what’s better? This app is fully automatic once you configure the settings. It has a 3.8 rating. Finally, another great feature of this app is that you can save the recording in a number of different formats. 


  • Availability of several audio formats 
  • Social sharing option
  • User-friendly interface

Starting at $5.49/ month

6. TapeACall

TapeAcall by Teltech System Inc. is sixth on our list as Andriod’s best-paid call recording app. Despite having a low rating of just 3.7, we have listed this app high on the list because of its immense utility. First and foremost, it has an inbuilt audio transcription tool, which can be very beneficial to understand any recording. 


Likewise, TapeAcall offers an unlimited call recording option. To top it all, it has very sophisticated transfer and storage options. 


  • An audio transcription option is built in the app
  • Option for unlimited call recording 
  • Sophisticated recording storage and transfer options

Starting at $4.79/month

7. Call Recorder – ACR

At number seven, we have Call Recorder – ACR by NLL. With the Call Recorder – ACR software, users may effortlessly record phone calls in multiple audio formats. The application is designed with great capabilities for searching and storing recordings, and it integrates WiFi to assist data security and backup. 

call recorder ACR

In addition, Call Recorder – ACR has a password protection feature that protects your call recording and sensitive information from being breached. 


  • Password protection
  • WiFi integrations
  • Availability of various audio formats

Starting at $5.99/month

8. All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder by Andriod Labs takes the number eight spot on our list. First and foremost, it offers an extensive number of features at an affordable price of $2.89/month. It has a 3.8 rating. Users can easily record both incoming and outgoing calls with the All Call Recorder.

all call recorder

The software has a wide variety of recording features and sharing options, and its user-friendly design encourages easy navigation. 


  • Support Auto recording of both incoming and outgoing calls
  • User-friendly features and interface

Starting at $2.89/month

9. Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the most popular VoIP service providers, which also offers a call recording feature. However, it can end up costing more than you think to record these unlimited voice calls.

Google Voice’s Standard plan ($20 per user per month) offers on-demand call recording, while the Premier plan ($30 per user per month) offers automatic call recording. The basic package does not allow call recording.

Google Voice

This being said, Google Voice can be ideal for your business if you need more call features rather than just being limited to call recording. 


  • On-demand and Automatic recording (Google Workspace only)
  • Call recording playback and sharing
  • Cloud Storage

Starting at $20 per month

10. Ooma

Lastly, Ooma is on our list of the top ten paid call-recording apps for Andriod. It is also one of the most powerful VoIP service providers, which offers Call recording services. It has decent coverage and offers a number of call management features.


Ooma has a 4.0 rating; however, a lot of these features are restricted by several paywalls.  Remember that even if you upgrade to the most costly plan with Ooma, your call records only last for ninety days.


  • Cloud Storage
  • Other call management features
  • Call recording notifications
  • Call recording playback and sharing

Starting at $19.95 per user per month

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Tips for Choosing the Best Phone Call Recording Apps for Android

There are hundreds of phone call recording apps for Android with different features and pricing. As a result, it can be difficult to select a specific app that meets your needs.

But dont worry; we have accumulated some tips for choosing the best phone call-recording apps for Andriod. 

1. Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

While looking for a call-recording app, you should first focus on data security, privacy, and legal compliance. So, start off by confirming that your app complies with data protection compliance in your jurisdiction, as the rules are different in different states and countries. 

Most of the app records the call with the consent of all parties or sends a notification before stating the call recording. Furthermore, ensure how that data is used by the application to avoid any legal issues in the future. 

2. Storage and Backup

Another important feature when looking for a call-recording app is storage and backup. What is the use of a call recording app if it does not store the data for a certain time? Assess the application’s storage management capabilities, like how it organizes and categorizes the data. 

Similarly, choose the recording application that keeps a backup of the data, which protects the important information from being lost. This can either be done with external storage or cloud storage.

3. Compatibility

Next on the list, we have compatibility. If your application complies with the legal requirements and offers both storage and backup, but it is not compatible with your Android device, it is completely useless for you. So, ensure that your app is compatible with your operating system. Compatibility ensures smooth operation and a user-friendly interface. 

4. Pricing

Last but not least, consider the pricing of the app that you are planning to use. First, remember that a lower price does not always mean it is better than others. So, while considering the price, look out for the features that it is offering. Compare if another application is offering the same service at a lower price. 

Why Choose KrispCall as a Call Recording App for Android?

KrispCall is a market leader in terms of VoIP and cloud-based phone services. Moreover, KrispCall focuses on offering all kinds of call management features and integrations, including a Call Recording app.

Why Choose KrispCall as a Call Recording App for Android?

There are a number of call recording apps for Andriod in the market; however, choosing KrispCall might be the best option, and here is why: 

  • Cost Efficiency: KrispCall offers its extensive service at an affordable price. This cloud-based phone system service provider has a starting price of just $15. Moreover, what’s better is that there are no hidden fees and additional costs. 
  • Wide range of features: KrispCall offers a wide range of advanced VoIP features and integration options.  Some of the features like Unified Callbox, Call Forwarding, Monitoring, International Calling, Call Recording, Routing, Conference Calling, and Messaging make it an ideal alternative for both personal and business use.
  • Wide coverage: KrispCall is available in over 100 countries. Moreover, KrispCall has a huge number of customer base around the globe. To be more precise, it is used and trusted by over 4500 customers around the world. So, whether you are operating a business in an international market or want to communicate with someone personally in another country, KrispCall might be your best choice.  
  • User-friendly interface: KrispCall prioritizes its customers first. KrispCall has a dedicated team just for the customer, offering 24/7 service. If you have any technical difficulty or confusion while setting up the phone, configuring the settings, using features and integration, or even the basic functions of the cloud-based phone system, the team will assist you at the earliest time possible. 
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Are Call Recording Apps Legal? What Laws Need to Know?

There are a number of legal considerations that you should remember before implementing a call recording system in your business communication and using a call recording app.

Call Recording Laws

These legal considerations are very important to protect your business from any legal and compliance-related issues in the future. 

So, let’s discuss some of the most important considerations to remember when using call recording apps. 

  • National Call Recording Considerations: Call recording and handling needs compliance with many federal laws and regulations. So, ensure that your business communication and call recording align with the national federal law. Moreover, different states might have different regulations and requirements. So, ensure that you adhere to all the requirements, 
  • International Call Recording Considerations: If you are recording calls that involve individuals in locations, it is essential to adhere to the requirements of each relevant jurisdiction. 
  • Industry-Specific Call Recording: There are various industry-specific regulations that govern how phone conversations should be documented in sectors like finance and healthcare. For instance, HIPPA deals with the data and information of health patients. So, it’s important to adhere to these industry requirements to maintain compliance and operational sustainability.
  • Business Recording: Companies must comply with regulations regarding employee telephone records in a business setting. Yes, recording employee communication in any workspace with their knowledge and consent is against the law. Hence, employers must be aware of the laws related to privacy in the workplace.
  • Storage and Access: There are a number of rules and regulations which is concerned with the storage, access, and use of call recordings. In addition, there might be different guidelines for the storage and authorization of call recording in different geographical places. Hence, ensure the data storage regulations before implementing them in your communication system. 


To sum up, effective communication is crucial in today’s world, and call recording apps for Android offer a solution to ensure important details are never missed. Businesses and individuals can leverage these apps for better customer service, documenting verbal agreements, monitoring, and legal protection. 

Our experts have assessed most of the call-monitoring apps available in the market and prepared a list that includes top choices for both free and subscription-based apps. 

KrispCall is the best call recording app and is highlighted as a leading choice, offering cost efficiency, a wide range of features, global coverage, and user-friendly design. So, if you are looking for a call recording app with a number of other call management features, KrispCall might be the best choice for you.

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