What is an Enterprise Phone System & Why do you need it for your business?

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There have been many positive outcomes of the digital age, far beyond technological development. It redefined enterprise processes, employees’ connections to one another, and how enterprises interact with their customers.

Communication is not only preferred but also essential to successful business plans and operations, whether at a distance or on mobile devices. Although omnichannel contact is made possible by new technology, the majority of people still opt to use their mobiles first. Due to this, phone calls remain a top communication channel between co-workers and employees or consumers and businesses.

More and more companies are moving to remote working, which means a reliable communication system is a necessary tool. Communication is arguably the most important tool in today’s digital business environment. Companies with digital divisions often have teams scattered around the world, and they need a secure way to communicate, whether they are working on projects, troubleshooting issues, or giving each other updates.

At first, the decision to switch to VoIP for your business phone system can seem daunting. Business owners, directors, finance managers, and IT managers may find it a bit of a hassle while making the switch.

Shopping around to compare offers and see how well it match your business phone needs can seem expensive for setup and installation. Upon evaluating and establishing your business’s communication needs, you will find that different VoIP providers will offer unique competitive pricing.

Business VoIP Phone Systems, including VoIP for small businesses and enterprise VoIP phone systems, come with different features and prices. But shopping around for the best deal will be key to maximizing your investment. When compared to traditional phone systems, you should account for the system features required by your organization, as well as the amount of unexpected usage.

What is an Enterprise Phone System?

Enterprise-level telephone systems are a modern-day business communication solution that can handle inbound, outbound, and internal communications in any enterprise – without installing any equipment on-premises. Furthermore, the enterprise gets access to advanced communication features such as automatic recording of calls, detailed analytics, live call transfer, automatic calling, call queues, smart call forwarding, etc.

As a way to ensure encryption of confidential VoIP communications, enterprise VoIP products may also offer additional levels of security such as IPSec encryption, Voice over Secure IP (VoSIP), Secure Voice over IP (SVoIP), and Secure Voice over Secure IP (SVoSIP).

All VoIP solutions or Internet telephony make use of packet-switched telephony to connect people over the Internet as opposed to circuit-switched telephony, which is the technology used by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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Benefits of Enterprise Phone System

1. Scaling at your pace

A VoIP phone system works with your company’s growth. VoIP Phone Systems can expand or contract with just a click of a button or a phone call to your VoIP provider. With this feature, you can easily add or remove users during slow business times or times when business is busy.

2. Manage the workforce remotely

Whether you are outside the office, working from home, on vacation, meeting customers, or attending special events, mobile apps, and IP phones connect to enterprise phone systems, and you can still make and receive calls as though you were seated at your desk. Whatever device you are using or wherever you are, you are never out of touch, and your caller ID remains the same.

3. Have control with Advanced Call Routing

Enterprise VoIP offers multiple features that enable you to focus on what you’re doing without being interrupted or interrupted in case you weren’t in the position or didn’t want to be contacted. With the Do Not Disturb mode, you can set a schedule as to when you are available and when you are unavailable within certain hours, and you can decide whether or not the call should be forwarded to someone else or to voicemail.

4. Integration with CRMs and more

You can set up or integrate Enterprise VoIP because you are already connected to the Internet, with CRMs or many other cloud-based solutions, including collaboration apps, recruitment, accounting, and email.

Why do you need an Enterprise Phone System for your business?

1. It delivers great customer service

Business phone systems are used widely by companies of any size since they are capable of enhancing the service they provide to their consumers. This trend implies that businesses can gain a competitive advantage by using consumer-centered strategies on platforms like these. You can make and receive phone calls wherever you are using a telephone system. This is beneficial to small businesses, which often have to travel to make connections with sponsors and investors.

2. It grows with your customers

Your company will grow as a result of customer service, coupled with a sound business strategy and other factors. It will be easier to get calls, inquiries, and messages. Using a scalable enterprise solution would be a better option than dedicating an entire department to these tasks. By offering the ability to expand in accordance with business needs, a cloud phone system, for instance, can benefit businesses.

3. It decreases pressure on you and your employees

By managing call routing and providing the flexibility to answer calls at any time, business phone systems reduce the pressure on you and your employees. It is also important to note other business aspects.

It is important to note that a business phone system is supported by its vendor, irrespective of whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. Therefore, you and your employees will not have to worry about finding a qualified IT technician or training your people beyond basic troubleshooting responsibilities.

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4. It streamlines workflow

It helps streamline adding new contacts, users, and branches for collaboration, which are the other three reasons you need a business phone system. By automating your changes, you are removing the difficulties of implementing changes, which could have a negative impact on you and your employees.

A business’ success is adversely affected by these effects. Business telephone systems allow you to streamline work processes and simplify communications to focus on more strategies that will help grow your business.

5. It reduces costs

Last but not least, a business phone system will reduce costs in several business aspects. It is not necessary to have your own server to handle the data you enter for VoIP business phone systems unless you choose to do so. Additionally, business phone systems reduce the need for installing new hardware for every new employee, especially since they eliminate the need to purchase the hardware individually.

Enterprise Phone System Features in Krispcall

1. Cloud-first architecture

Several enterprise phone systems have been around for years, some for decades. The technology behind their phones tends to be traditional on-premises phone systems that are difficult and expensive to administer.

A telephony-first approach guides KrispCall’s proprietary split cloud architecture. A platform like this is a powerful and truly modern business communication platform, thanks to its power of reliability, exceptional call quality, and the strength of dedicated hardware for better connectivity and reliability.

2. IVR / auto-attendant or virtual receptionists

Integrated voice response systems (IVR) serve two important functions for global enterprises. It reduces the time that callers spend waiting by directing them to the right place. Second, it provides solutions to callers and customers when your agents aren’t available. Automated queueing is often achieved by combining an IVR system with an auto attendant. It drastically reduces hold times and queues.

auto attendant phone tree

The purpose of IVRs is pretty much the same: to route inbound calls according to your own preferences. This is also known as a virtual receptionist. It allows you to automate call transfers and reduce your call queues since it ensures that all incoming calls are routed to the correct person with minimal intervention from a human.

If your organization gets many calls, a virtual receptionist is especially useful since it regulates the flow of incoming calls so you can handle them more efficiently and so callers can be directed to the appropriate agent.

3. Wide Range of Call Features

Call forwarding, caller identification, and call waiting are some of the features included in the Enterprise Phone System that allow you to manage your team’s calls. Now you will never have to worry about missing another crucial client call or answering an unknown number. A comprehensive call routing option, including time-based and skill-based routing, will be offered.

4. CRM Integration

If you decide to upgrade to our regular Enterprise Plan, our VoIP will integrate with Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and PipeDrive, as well as other teams’ existing CRM systems. With CRM software integration, you can boost your team’s productivity. It also helps to generate more output by providing automation platforms designed to enhance customer interaction.


Putting it all together, an Enterprise Phone System is a fundamental tool for modern businesses looking to thrive in a competitive market. Any organization seeking growth can benefit from its innovative features, benefits, and efficiency, and investing in the right one can help your business reach new heights.

In that regard, switching to a cloud-based phone system from KrispCall may be the key to changing your business’ growth trajectory.

With KrsipCall, you get an affordable enterprise cloud-based phone system, top-of-the-line features, 24/7 unlimited dedicated support, and, lastly, unique benefits that can make your business operations easier and simpler.

Bivek Khatiwada

Bivek Khatiwada is a Senior Analyst at KrispCall with a wealth of knowledge in VoIP, virtual phone systems, and cloud call centers. His expertise allows him to elucidate the benefits and advancements of modern communication technologies.

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