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7 Important Customer Service Skills in an AI Contact Center



Important Customer Service Skills in an AI Contact Center

AI contact centers are transforming the way how businesses approach customer service. While 🤖 AI automates tasks, manages data, and offers self-service options – it can’t replace the human touch. 

Even though AI has advanced these days, it can’t replicate human skills such as empathy, complex problem-solving, and building genuine connections. AI’s capabilities become even more powerful when paired with human emotional intelligence.

For this, human agents 👨‍⚖️ need to be equipped with a specific set of customer service skills to harness the features of AI contact centers. 

💡 In this blog, we have suggested 5 important customer service skills you need in an AI contact center and discuss AI’s role in customer support and its popular features.


  • Multitasking, empathy, excellent communication, and resilience are some of the essential skills you need in an AI contact center.
  • Multitasking means handling multiple tasks, such as looking up information in real-time or handling interactions across multiple channels.
  • An AI contact center is a technology that enhances customer service, reduces costs, and empowers agents.
  • IVR and real-time call transcription are among the popular features mostly used in AI Contact Center.
  • Empathy refers to viewing the customer’s concerns from their point of view. 

What is an AI Contact Center?

What is AI Contact Center

An AI Contact Center is a customer service system that uses artificial intelligence to help you manage every customer interaction. Unlike traditional services, which depend on human agents to answer all the client’s issues, the AI Contact Center dramatically relies on various AI tools such as natural language processing, machine learning, chatbots, and virtual assistants to help address any client’s concerns.

These include frequently asked questions, information about goods or services offered, troubleshooting help, and order processing, among others. Hence, they ensure that consumers get quick, planned, and successful responses consistently 24/7. AI Contact Centers use these tools instead of people to enhance communication and customer experience.

Role of AI in Customer Support

Customer support agents receive several inquiries via emails, calls, chats, and social media messages. It would be difficult to respond to every query manually. Artificial intelligence analyzes which imaginative responses and knowledge articles have been used in similar cases and provides smart suggestions for your agent. You only have to select a suitable suggestion while replying to a customer message.

Agents also need to carry out a series of actions to resolve cases, like figuring out the context of the text or detecting important customer details within a case. Artificial intelligence helps automate such actions; it analyzes customer messages and learns from agents’ actions and choices to understand which case belongs to which category. It auto-classifies all new cases to the correct categories. 

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7 Essential Customer Service Skills for AI Contact Center Agents

Customer service agents need several skills to leverage the features of AI contact centers. Here are seven essential skills that agents must possess:

1. The ability to perform multitasking

The ability to perform multitasking

Agents need to manage many tasks simultaneously. They need to handle multiple customers, gather information, and interact through different channels, making multitasking a critical skill for modern contact center agents.  

For example, an agent might need to handle technical issues with customers and those who want genuine information about the product or service. They should give their best to all customers and not to neglect the others. An AI-powered system can automate typical operations such as delivering product details or processing payments, allowing agents to focus on more complicated customer concerns and increase customer satisfaction.

2. Empathy

Empathy is one of the central skills in an AI contact center for multiple reasons. Although artificial intelligence is proficient in executing routine procedures, it is notable that it lacks the emotional quotient present in humans.

Empathy enables agents to understand the feelings associated with customers and forge genuine connections with clients. Even though customers may be frustrated or confused, agents can politely respond to their queries. Empathy builds a genuine connection, which boosts client satisfaction and retention. 

3. Excellent communication

Communication plays a crucial role in resolving customer complaints effectively. This involves actively listening to customer queries and providing appropriate responses.

For instance, a customer who faces challenges while creating an account on your website. Then, agents must explain the process thoroughly in simple language. If your agents can not provide details of the process, customers are more likely to hang up the phone. In this situation, AI tools can provide agents with real-time suggestions. 

4. Problem-solving ability

Problem solving ability

This is one of the most essential skills for customer service agents. Customers usually contact call agents to solve their problems regarding your product or service. Agents must identify the issues, generate possible solutions, decide on, and implement them. 

5. Resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt to stress and maintain psychological well-being successfully. Customer service is stressful as agents handle many users and their problems. Agents might have to handle angry customers, who sometimes even scold them. Agents must stay calm and polite and resolve the customer’s issue in a gentle and responsive way. 

6. Be Adaptable

Customers can contact customer service agents regarding their issues at any time. Therefore, agents must get ready to handle multiple issues, such as customer objections and technical issues. In addition, customer interaction may vary from one another. So, agents must be ready to go with the flow and be adaptable. It’s become essential that agents are adaptable to changing situations.

7. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a foundational skill in AI contact centers, as it increases accuracy, ensures customer satisfaction, and provides quality assurance in AI-powered interactions. As an agent, you need to be a good listener. Listening to customer inquiries can help agents resolve issues accurately.

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What are the popular AI contact center features?

AI contact centers offer various features to improve customer service. These are some of the popular features:

  • Interactive voice response: IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is an automated phone system that allows incoming callers to access pre-recorded messages via a voice response system. With IVR, customers can get essential information without speaking to an agent. In addition, callers can decide the action of IVR, such as routing calls to specific departments and more. 
  • Automatic call insights with predictive analysis: CRM software is usually used on contact center platforms. It stores customer data, including product purchases, precious encounters with agents, and other customer-related data. It then provides additional context and suggestions to the human agents or chatbots.
  • Real-time call transcription: This feature allows agents to transcribe spoken words into written text during live calls. This automatic call summary highlights key points, saves agents time, and ensures crucial information isn’t missed. 


AI contact centers and emotional intelligence human agents can be a potent duo to enhance customer service. However, agents need a specific set of skills to acquire all the benefits that an AI contact center platform has to offer. These skills include the ability to multi-task, empathy, excellent communication, and more.

In addition, AI offers a wide range of features, such as IVR, real-time call transcription, and automation. This helps agents save valuable time, which can be used in more value-adding tasks. With the help of AI tools and software, agents don’t have to do manual tasks, enhancing their work efficiency and productivity.


How can AI help in customer experience?

AI helps to increase customer experience by responding to inquiries with personalized recommendations and providing efficient problem-solving solutions through its automated systems.

Why is AI the future of Customer services? 

AI is the future of customer service because of its wide features and its ability to provide real data insights to help agents focus on providing a better customer experience. 

Do AI tools help agents to stay informed about product changes?

Yes, AI tools can be helpful for agents. They can monitor various company data sources, including social media and industry reports, to quickly identify any updates or modifications related to the products they support. 

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