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How to Create a Revolut Account Without a Phone Number?



how to create a revolut account without phone number

Would you like to sign up for Revolut but don’t want to share your personal information, or are you looking for a way to avoid the Revolut verification process?

You can use virtual phone numbers as an alternative for OTP verification if you’re still wondering how to create a Revolut account without a phone number. 

We’ll show you how to sign up for Revolut without using your private phone number in this article! 

Let’s start right away!

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a financial technology company that offers multi-currency accounts, currency exchange services, budgeting tools, and more. Travelers, especially those who travel often, found the app useful because it allowed them to get and use prepaid bank cards and operate different currencies without additional fees. However, the company has expanded its range of products and services over time.

revolut one app all things money

According to the company’s founders, digital services for young customers, who prefer to manage all transactions via mobile phones, have been slow to be implemented by banks. Their target audience has been identified.    

Why Create a Revolut Account Without a Phone Number? 

Here are some reasons to create a Revolut account without a phone number.

  • Privacy concerns: Online privacy is a concern for many people. Third parties are misusing their personal information and receiving unwanted calls and messages.
  • Limited access to mobile phone numbers: Revolut is available only in some countries. This limitation prevents people from using Revolut who don’t have access to suitable mobile phone numbers.
  • Legal or regulatory constraints (country restrictions):  In some countries, the collection and use of personal information is restricted. Due to legal restrictions, residents of these regions may be hesitant to open a Revolut account. Also, Revolut is available in limited countries.  
  • Verification Challenges from Overseas: SMS verification may be challenging for those traveling abroad or living abroad. Messages can be problematic when being sent across borders because of roaming fees.
  • SMS delivery issues: Due to poor network connection, some users may face SMS delivery issues, which affects their ability to complete the registration process for the Revolut account.

Get a Virtual Phone Number for Revolut Verification Online.

Verify your Revolut account from anywhere with virtual number and keep your details private

Select numbers :

How do I use virtual numbers to sign up & receive OTP codes for a Revolut Account?

With KrispCall, getting a virtual phone number for Revolut is easy. KrispCall provides international phone numbers with advanced security to sign up for Revolut.

Getting a Revolut virtual number is as simple as this:

  1. Get a reputable number provider, like KrispCall, for Revolut.
  2. Sign up with a new account and log in to the Dashboard.
  3. Select the preferred city and country as your location.
  4. Choose an international number for Revolut verification 
  5. Complete the payments and submit the necessary documents.

After buying the number, here are the steps to sign up and verify your new Revolut account. 

  1. Download the Revolut app from the Play Store / App Store
  2. Tap Sign up and enter your virtual number 
  3. Enter the 6-digit code 
  4. Agree with the terms and conditions
  5. Enter your First and last Name, Date of Birth, address, and email. 
  6. Provide documents for verification, and you’re good to go. 

3 Alternative ways to register Revolut without phone numbers

Apart from using a virtual or private number, other options are available to you. Revolut does not require your personal mobile number to register.

If you don’t have a phone number, here are some alternatives.

some alternatives ways to signin without phone number

1. Use a temporary number to sign up for Revolut

A temporary phone number is among the best options if you want to use something other than your own personal number or VoIP number for Revolut phone verification. You can generate temporary numbers and receive verification codes through different websites.

Temporary phone numbers are provided by many services for quick verification. A variety of phone numbers are available from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada through these services.

To verify your Revolut account using temporary numbers, follow these steps:

  1. Find a reliable website for generating temporary numbers
  2. Generate the number
  3. Enter the generated number in your Revolut account.
  4. The generator website will receive a verification code.
  5. Once you’ve entered the code, you’re done.
  6. Use friends or family’s phone numbers

2. Use friend’s or family’s phone number

If you don’t want to use your private number, you can use your friends or family’s numbers. To keep your information private, you can ask your friends and family for their numbers for phone verification.

Despite this, your information will remain private and secure, but their privacy and security may be compromised. When using their numbers, you should keep their privacy and personal information in mind.

3. Use email

You can use your email account to verify your identity as an alternative to signing up for a Revolut account. The verification code will be sent to your email address once you register or create an account. 

You can follow the steps to create a Revolut account with an email address. 

  1. Download Revolts and Sign up
  2. Enter your name, age, and email address 
  3. Your activation code will be sent to your email address.
  4. Enter the code and verify your account. 

A link or code is then sent to the email address provided by the user. Enter the activation code or click the activation link to confirm their email address. Users can fully use Revolut after successful verification. 


Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion about signing up for Revolut without a phone number. Using a temporary/virtual number or a family/friend’s number is an option if you don’t want to use your private number.

You can protect sensitive information and maintain your privacy by using these alternative methods. 

We recommend KrispCall’s virtual phone numbers with high encryption tech and security for maximum security with Revolut. With KrispCall’s presence in over 100 countries, you can select a number from any country for Revolut. 


Why use a VPN when registering a Revolut account without a phone number? 

With the VPN extension, you are able to change your IP address and bypass many restrictions imposed by websites, and you are also able to obtain verification codes more quickly. 

How do I open a Revolut account for personal use without a phone number?

You can open a Revolut account for personal use without a phone number using virtual phone numbers, temporary phone numbers, friends, family phone numbers, and email. 

Am I eligible to create a Revolut Account?

You can be eligible to create a Revolut account if you meet the following requirements:

  • You should be from the countries the United Kingdom, the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, and the United States. 
  • You must be 18 years or older; if not, your parents/guardian can open an account on your behalf. 
  • If you are a non-US citizen in the US, you may need to provide a government-issued ID and a valid US visa.

What are the risks of creating a Revolut account without a phone number?

Some of the risks of creating a Revolut account without a phone number are:

  • To protect accounts from data breaches and hacks, Revolut requires phone verification during registration
  • Revolut users can be scammed by posing as customer service agents
  • Revolut is not available in many countries if you use a cell phone to register.

KrispCall has a solution to this problem as it has wide availability in over 100 countries. KrispCall provides safe and secure virtual phone numbers that can be used to verify Revolut accounts without using a personal phone number.

What do I need to create a Revolut account?

Here are the requirements to create a Revolut account:

  • Email, Phone number,or virtual phone number
  • Age and country eligibility 

What should I do if I don’t receive the verification code?

If you don’t receive the verification code when creating a Revolut account, here are some steps you can take:

  • Restart your device and try again.
  • Check your spam folder in case the code was filtered there.
  • Add Revolut’s domain [email protected] to your ‘safe senders list
  • Ensure your network signal is strong enough
  • Check if there are any SMS filtering settings or applications on your phone that may be blocking the code
  • Contact your communications provider to ensure there are no issues with your phone number
  • If none of the above steps work, you can try using a virtual phone number service like KrispCall to receive the verification code
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