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How to Get the Same Phone Number for Two People?




Are you looking for the same number for two people?

Sometimes you and your spouse will need to share one business line, or you will need to give your employees one phone number to reach you. Whatever the reason, getting the same phone number for two people can be a challenge.

The traditional way to get the same phone number for two people is to get a second SIM card and put it in a second phone. This can be expensive and inconvenient, especially if you need to carry around two phones all the time. Plus, it can be confusing for your contacts to know which phone number to call you on.

There is a better way to get the same phone number for two people. So if you need to have the same phone number for two people, don’t settle for the traditional way. 

In this blog, you’ll learn different methods to get the same phone number for more than two people.

Can Two People Have The Same Phone Number?

In general, it is not possible for two people to have the same phone number. The reason for this is that each phone number is a unique identifier, and it is used to route calls and text messages to the correct phone. Cell phone carriers have systems in place to prevent this from happening for security and privacy reasons. If two phones have the same number, the carrier’s system would not know which phone to route the calls and text messages to.

In spite of this hard fast rule, there are some third-party services that act as workarounds and allow you to have two phones with the same number using the virtual number shared phone number feature.

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What Happens if two phones have the same phone number?

If two phones have the same phone number then there is a high chance incoming phone calls to that number will ring, and text messages(SMS, MMS) will be received on both devices simultaneously. This can confuse and make determining which device should answer the call or reply to the message first. It may result in missed calls or the inability to reach the intended recipient.

Similarly, this can lead to confusion and privacy concerns, as both individuals will have access to each other’s messages & call details.

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How to Get the Same Phone Number for Two People?

It may seem like an impossible task to obtain a single phone number that multiple people can use. Using the methods discussed below, you can obtain the same phone number that can be used by two people. It must be noted that some of these may not work in your region.

Method 1: Get the Shared Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone is a phone number that works through cloud-based technology. A virtual number can easily be shared with co-workers, friends, or family. Due to its flexibility and versatility, a single virtual phone number can be used by multiple people from different devices and locations without interference.

With a virtual number, you can have one phone number that rings on multiple devices, including your phone, computer, and tablet. This means you can always be reachable, even if you don’t have your phone with you. Plus, it’s much cheaper than getting a second SIM card.

To get a shared virtual phone number, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a virtual phone number service like KrispCall.
  2. Sign up for the service and select a phone number.
  3. Add the second user to the account and assign them a unique login and password.
  4. Configure the service to route calls and messages to each user’s device or location.
  5. Start using the shared phone number for communication purposes.

Note: Depending on features and services, shared virtual phone numbers may require extra costs. You must choose a reputable and reliable provider with good customer support and security.

Method 2: Request Provider’s Services

Some providers like T-Mobile offer services like Multidevice or DualSIM in certain regions. All you need is a smartphone and get in touch with your provider to easily access that service, set up your configuration on multiple devices, and make phone calls.

How to Use One Number in Two Phones?

There are some ways to use one phone number on two phones. Here are some methods:

Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is an all-around choice that sits right at the top. Once you get a virtual number, you can invite others to use the number. When a virtual phone number is shared, all of its users can access it from different devices from any location as long as they have an Internet connection.

DualSIM or Secondary SIM service

In certain regions, some mobile network providers offer an option to have a secondary SIM, also known as a DualSIM service. It is basically a cloning method that lets you send and receive calls or messages on two different phones.

Provider’s Multi-Device Service

Some phone number providers have come up with specific solutions that can be used to access a single phone number across multiple devices. For Instance, T-MOBILE DIGITS is an application that is designed for this specific purpose.

Call Forwarding

You can forward calls from one phone to another. Once you have forwarded a number, all calls made to that number will be automatically redirected to the other phone.


It is somehow possible for two people to have the same phone number. However, this is rare and requires some special routes and methods. With services like virtual phone numbers, multi-device support, and call forwarding, two people can have services of the same phone number.

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Can I register my SIM card twice?

No, you cannot register the SIM card twice. A SIM card can only be registered once with a cell phone carrier. Once registered, a SIM card is associated with a phone number and account to prevent fraud and security breaches.

How can someone have the same number as me?

It is highly unlikely for someone else to have the same phone number as you. However, there are situations like accidental phone number porting or the provider accidentally giving your phone number to another person. A shared number or a virtual number can also serve as a reason.

Can two cell phones receive the same incoming call?

If you are using a VoIP service, it is possible for two cell phones to receive the same incoming call. Simultaneous ringing is a feature provided by many VoIP services and other features like call forwarding and call routing.

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