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Obtain Ottawa 613 Area Code Phone Number To Serve Across Ottawa City Better

Buy multiple personal & business Ottawa local, toll-free, vanity phone numbers from anywhere. Customize your cell phone number with the 613 Ottawa area codes to connect local nearby cities.

Establish a local presence across Ottawa customers.
Quick Setup - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime.
Get 24/7 access to support team.
Make and receive calls & texts from anywhere on multiple devices over an internet connection.
Enjoy advanced features like Advanced IVR, Custom Greeting, Call Transfer, and Call Forwarding.

How to Get an Ottawa Phone Number?

Getting a Ottawa phone number is easy and straightforward with KrispCall. Sign Up to KrispCall and select Canada Country and Ottawa location while purchasing a number. After selecting the number, make your payment and submit all the necessary documents if required and then you’ll be good to go.


Establish a Local Presence Across in Ottawa, Canada

Use Ottawa local phone numbers to interact virtually with the local market and local Canadian customers. Build a sense of familiarity and trust with the locals and establish a strong foundation for making your brand sustainable and long-lasting.
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Connect With Ottawa Customers at no additional cost

Reach out to your Ottawa customers for a low cost. KrispCall’s affordable subscription and installation will allow you to get Ottawa virtual numbers without extra cost. Spend less on communication and save more on long-term costs.
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Boost Marketing Campaigns

Utilize Ottawa phone numbers to track your marketing campaign's progress. No limit to how many Ottawa numbers you can register and revoke at any time. Analyze your statistics to filter out non-performing numbers and terminate them from your account.
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Advanced Calling & Text Features

Take full advantage of Ottawa Phone Numbers' cutting-edge cloud communication features. Get real-time call routing, recording, analytics, custom greetings, and unified call boxes for your business communications.

Benefits of Ottawa Virtual Phone Number For Business

You can globalize your brand with KrispCall’s Ottawa virtual phone numbers while staying local in Ottawa. Project a more professional image and impact more local customers.

Find Ottawa Phone Numbers that suit your needs

Access Powerful VoIP Features with your 613 Area Code Business Phone Number

No matter how large or small your business is, KrispCall provides comprehensive virtual phone services with plentiful features. Upgrade your team communication with a Ottawa business phone numbers.

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How to buy Ottawa Phone Numbers online?

Purchasing Ottawa Virtual Phone Numbers Online takes only a few minutes with KrispCall. You can follow the steps to obtain a Ottawa phone number in minutes. All you need is a valid payment detail.

Select Canada from the given country list.
Choose Ottawa as your location.
Select the type of phone number you need.
Make payment and submit required docs then get your preferred number.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Ottawa Phone number is a series of numbers assigned to a subscriber in Ottawa. It enables both calling and messaging services across Ottawa. The mobile and local phone numbers in Ottawa, Canada, have different formats.

Ottawa Landline Number Format: +1 – Ottawa Area code(613) – 7 Digit Number

Ottawa Mobile Number Format: +1 – Mobile indicator(289) – 7 Digit Number

E.g., +1 613-798-5555 is the Ottawa landline number of the Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus, where +1 is the Canada country code, 613 is the Ottawa Area Code, and the rest is the 8-digit phone number.

To buy a Ottawa virtual phone number Sign up to KrispCall > Pick a Ottawa phone number > Submit valid documents > Make the payment & confirm your purchase.

  1. Create a KrispCall account.
  2. Choose Canada from the country list and Ottawa as your location.
  3. Choose the number type (mobile, local, toll-free).
  4. Confirm your purchase.
  5. Submit your valid documents.
  6. After activation, start making and receiving calls & texts.

Once you’ve created an account with KrispCall, you can get a Ottawa virtual phone number within a few minutes. The payment and verification processes will take a few minutes to complete, after which you can use your Ottawa phone number.

Anyone is eligible to get a Ottawa phone number from virtual phone number providers. No, you do not need to provide special documentation to get a Ottawa business phone number.

The cost of a Ottawa phone number depends upon the carrier provider and number type. With KrispCall, you can get a virtual phone number in Ottawa for not more than $2 for a local phone number and $4 for a toll-free number.

To buy an Ottawa virtual phone number for SMS & OTP verification Sign up to KrispCall > Pick a Ottawa phone number > Use this number to verify accounts through SMS & OTPs. You’ll receive an OTP in this number while creating accounts that can be used for verification.

  1. Create a KrispCall account.
  2. Choose Canada from the country list and Ottawa as your location.
  3. Submit valid documents to activate the number.
  4. Use this number while creating accounts.
  5. Enter the SMS or OTP code received to verify your account.

You can effortlessly set up a Ottawa Virtual Phone Number with KrispCall within a few minutes. Reach out to our sales team, who will help you out with everything you need to set up a virtual phone number. 

Yes, you can get different types of Ottawa telephone numbers from outside of Ottawa, Canada, with KrispCall by providing documents for verification.