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Get a Memorable vanity phone number for business

Get a memorable vanity phone number for the business and leave a lasting impression. Stand out, be memorable, and make it easy for customers to reach your businesses.

Wide coverage in over 100 countries
Affordable pricing plans and cheap tariffs
Unified callbox for streamlined business communications
Get a vanity phone number for business

Search Vanity Phone Numbers For Your Business

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How to Get a Vanity Phone Number?

To buy a vanity phone number, sign up with KrispCall, and Go to settings > My Number > Add New Number. Select a country and city as your location. Next, select your desired phone number type. Then choose input keywords to include in your number in the advanced search option, select the number, make payment, and complete the purchase.

  1. Create a KrispCall Account
  2. Choose Your Country
  3. Select Your Desired Number Type
  4. Input keywords to include in your number in the Advanced Search option
  5. Select the number and Make payment
  6. Submit documents (if necessary) and complete the Purchase

Buy Vanity Phone Numbers Online for over 100+ Countries

Expand the business horizons and enhance your business advertisement and customer trust with KrispCall’s convenient vanity phone number. Choose a catchy and notable phone number Discover a vast selection of customizable vanity phone numbers available in over 100 countries.

Need a Vanity Phone Number

Why Do You Need Vanity Phone Number?

1. Increase Brand Awareness: Using a vanity phone number, brand identification can be increased with each call by including the company name or a memorable word in the digits.

2. Increase Calls Volume: Customers are likely to make more phone when the number is memorable. It eventually increases leads and conversions.

3.Improve Customer Trust: It demonstrates a business’s commitment to offering a dependable channel of contact, which inspires confidence in prospective clients and increases their faith in the brand.

4. Enhance Advertising Effectiveness: Including a vanity number in your ads increases response rates, generate more leads, and improves the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

5. Competitive Advantage: It gives your business a competitive advantage by setting you apart from your rivals and forges a distinctive character that clients can connect with.

Access Advanced Powerful Features in Your Vanity Phone Number

Krispcall is one of the few VoIP service providers offering several features at an affordable price. Unlock awesome features in your custom local phone number to upgrade your business communication.

10 Best Vanity Phone Number Providers in 2024

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the most noteworthy choices for virtual phone number service for businesses and individuals. What makes it even more notable is that KrispCall offers customizable vanity phone numbers across 100 countries. It also provides other phone numbers at a competitive price, including local virtual, international, and toll-free numbers. 

What’s good about Krispcall is that this VoIP service provider offers a Phone Number Availability Checker, which lets you check if the landline, toll-free, or mobile number you are looking for is currently available on KrispCall.


Moreover, this VoIP service provider offers many call management tools and integration with various popular platforms. For instance, it has advanced features like Unified Callbox, IVR, VoIP Calling, Call forwarding, Call tracking, Call Analytics, Call Monitoring, and Call Transferring.

Krispcall has established a separate identity in the VoIP industry, providing service for over 2000 companies and numerous individuals worldwide.

Vanity numbers
Call Forwarding & Call Transfer
Call Recording
Live Call Monitoring
Call Analytics
SMS Texting
Unified Callbox
Intelligent Voice Response (IVR)
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
Wide coverage in 100+ countries
Unified callbox to streamline communications
24/7 dedicated human support
Affordable pricing plans
Call barging feature still in progress.
Only web app & mobile app currently available

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the best VoIP providers, offering a great vanity phone number service. RingCentral provides a comprehensive feature set that turns BYOD (bring your device) into corporate business phones, enhancing communications. It manages the complete business phone system from the user’s computer or mobile device.


RingCentral is a platform made to address the needs of all businesses searching for an easy-to-use phone system. It also includes cloud phones and team communications features. These programs support capabilities for online meetings and