Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Learn about the security and compliance measures we follow at KrispCall to ensure your data is in safe hands.

Last updated on Feb 21, 2022


Security and Compliance are our top priorities; therefore, we constantly improve our security every single day. Your data and VoIP services are safe with us in our modern data centers with 24/7 monitoring. To protect your data and communication, we have designed our product according to the highest security standards, capable of monitoring security threats and identifying relevant security patches.

We are committed to never disclose your confidential information to third parties under any circumstances. You can always rest assured that your data are always safe with us.

Security measures adopted by KrispCall

Voice Security:

You need to specify the list of countries from which you and your agents can sign up and call. We recommend you to specify only those countries that you actually need so that we can increase the security of your business.


Assign specific roles to each of your agents so that they are required to use their own accounts to access the services of KrispCall.

Data Encryption:

KripsCall takes reasonable and appropriate measures to protect your personal data, which includes encrypted data transfer (HTTPS). The protocol encrypts all the data sent via the websites. Phone calls made through KrispCall are also encrypted during the transfer from agents to KrispCall.


Backups are required to be performed and stored in a secure location. Besides, data acquired by KrispCalll are spread across several available zones so that Krispcall will continue to work if any of them fails.