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Area Code 636 Location: Where is 636 Area Code Coming From?

636 area code is a telephone code located in the east-central region of Missouri, primarily including the western suburbs of St. Louis. It encompasses parts of St. Louis County such as Chesterfield and Fenton and all regions of Troy, St. O’Fallon is its main city with 93,644 population.

The table on the side illustrates the top locations (cities and communities) served by Area Code 636 in Missouri.

City/Town Country TimeZone
O'Fallon, MO St. Charles Central
St. Charles, MO St. Charles Central
St. Peters, MO St. Charles Central
Chesterfield, MO St. Louis Central
Wildwood, MO St. Louis Central
Ballwin, MO St. Louis Central
Wentzville, MO St. Charles Central
Arnold, MO Jefferson Central>
Manchester, MO St. Louis Central
Lake St. Louis, MO St. Charles Central
Washington, MO Franklin Central
Festus, MO Jefferson Central
Dardenne Prairie, MO St. Charles Central
Troy, MO Lincoln Eastern
Union, MO Franklin Central
Eureka, MO St. Louis Central
Ellisville, MO St. Louis Central
Murphy, MO Jefferson Central
Warrenton, MO Warren Central
Pacific, MO Franklin, St. Louis Central
Valley Park, MO St. Louis Central
De Soto, MO Jefferson Central
Barnhart, MO Jefferson Central
Weldon Spring, MO St. Charles Central
Pevely, MO Jefferson Central
Crystal City, MO Jefferson Central
St. Clair, MO Franklin Central
Imperial, MO Jefferson Central
High Ridge, MO Jefferson Central
Fenton, MO St. Louis Central
Herculaneum, MO Jefferson Central
Wright City, MO Warren Central
Cottleville, MO St. Charles Central
Hillsboro, MO Jefferson Central
Byrnes Mill, MO Jefferson Central
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