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What is 327 Area Code Location?

The 327 area code location will lie in the northern, southern, and eastern parts of Arkansas, US, serving major cities like El Dorado, Monticello, Pine Bluff, Mountain Home, Batesville, Magnolia, and Blytheville, among other smaller towns and communities in their suburbs.

It will encapsulate 50 counties: Craighead, Jefferson, Crittenden, Mississippi, and Miller, among 45 others. A new 327 area code will be added in the Arkansas state serving the same geographical as of 870 area code.

The table on the side illustrates the top locations (cities and communities) served by Area Code 327 in the US state of Arkansas.

City/Town County TimeZone
Harrison, AR Boone Central
Oil Trough, AR Independence Central
Lake City, AR Craighead Central
Black Rock, AR Lawrence Central
Mount Judea, AR Newton Central
Cave City, AR Independence Central
Alpine, AR Clark Central
Mount Pleasant, AR Izard Central
Mc Crory, AR Woodruff Central
Horseshoe Bend, AR Izard Central
Mount Holly, AR Union Central
Nashville, AR Howard Central
Lead Hill, AR Boone Central
Gosnell, AR Mississippi Central
Glenwood, AR Pike Central
Dumas, AR Desha Central
West Memphis, AR Crittenden Central
Forrest City, AR Saint Francis Central
Garland City, AR Miller Central
Cherry Valley, AR Cross Central
De Queen, AR Sevier Central
De Witt, AR Arkansas Central
Mount Ida, AR Montgomery Central
Saint Charles, AR Arkansas Central
Oak Grove, AR Carroll Central
De Valls Bluff, AR Prairie Central
Western Grove, AR Newton Central
Witts Springs, AR Searcy Central
Hamburg, AR Ashley Central
Green Forest, AR Carroll Central
Manila, AR Mississippi Central
Prescott, AR Nevada Central
Stuttgart, AR Arkansas Central
Berryville, AR Carroll Central
Bassett, AR Mississippi Central
Warren, AR Bradley Central
Cherokee Village, AR Sharp Central
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How to buy a 327 area code phone number?

To buy a 327 area code phone number, sign up with KrispCall; go to settings > My Number > Add New Number > Select USA > Advanced Filter > Enter 327 and match to the first part of the number > Click Search. Then choose your 327 number, make payment & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

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327 Area Code History – Where is the 327 Area Code Coming From?

The 327 Area Code will be coming from the southern, eastern, and northern parts of Arkansas state in the US. The 821 Area Code is a new telephone area code that will serve as an overlay on the 870 area code. Area code 870 is expected to exhaust its phone numbers in the coming year and the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) announced a brand-new 327 area code to be implemented on February 20, 2024.

The latest 327 area code will operate in the same geographical territory as area code 870. A 10-digit dialing pattern has been made mandatory for calling across Arkansas State. 327 and 870 area code numbers can call without changing their phone number. It will be an additional code for the 870 area code.

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