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What is 01290 Area Code Location?

01290 area code is located in the southwest of Scotland. It is serving the ceremonial county of East-Ayrshire. It is serving Cumnock which has a population of over 10,000 as well as other villages in the surrounding area with a population of less than 5,000 including Mauchline, Muirkirk, New Cumnock, Ochiltree and other rural areas. It has been serving these locations since April 1995.

On the right is the tabular illustration of the top locations served or covered by area code 01290 in the United Kingdom.

City/Town Country TimeZone
Cumnock Ayrshire GMT
Dalleagles Ayrshire GMT
Mauchline Ayrshire GMT
Muirkirk Ayrshire GMT
New Cumnock Ayrshire GMT
Ochiltree Ayrshire GMT

How to buy a 01290 area code phone number?

To buy a 01290 area code number sign up with KrispCall, Go to Settings > My Number > Add New Number > Select UK from the County list > Advanced Filter > Enter 01290 and match to the first part of the number. Then choose your 01290 number, make payment & start making & receiving calls, texts after the number activation.

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01290 Area Code History – Where Does an Area Code 01290 Originate?

01290 area code is one of the 12 numbering plans in the UK which was created in April 1995 during the phONeday event. The event was held to accommodate the shrinking supply of phone and landline numbers in Cumnock, Ayrshire county. It was created by replacing the previous area code 0290. It is used by people and businesses in and outside of Cumnock as personal and business phone numbers. As of now 01290 area code is mostly used in landlines.

Why Choose 01290 Area Code Number for Business?

From establishing a local presence in southwest Scotland in Cumnock to unleashing the power of cutting-edge communication features – get everything with 01290 area code numbers for your business. Capitalize on the local markets while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Establish a local presence in Cumnock region
Establish your business as a local brand with 01290 local numbers in Ayrshire county regardless of the base of your business operation. Show them that you are a part of their community working to serve them better than your competitors.
Elevate your acceptance rate and boost your sales.
Improve your call acceptance rate in the local market using 01290 area code local and custom vanity numbers. Boost your employees productivity and performance rates, and more importantly, deliver outstanding customer experience to boost your sales.
No Extra Equipment is Required
01290 area code phone numbers do not require additional devices to get started. You can effectively utilize what you have at the moment, like smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc., and go on with your business communication. Downloading the KrispCall app is all it takes.
Powerful standard PBX features
Take advantage of every PBX feature with 01290 telephone numbers from the KrispCall mobile app. Get hold of enhanced calling features, like Number Sharing, Call Blocking, Call Monitoring, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, and Phone Trees (IVR) and many more for efficient business call management.
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Access Powerful VoIP Features with your 01290 Area Code Business Phone Number

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