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What is Current 01278 Area Code Location?

The current 01278 area code location is Bridgewater, Somerset, UK. It serves across Somerset County, which includes some major towns like North Petherton, Puriton, and Weston Zoyland and other towns and villages like Burnham-on-Sea, Highbridge, and Nether Stowey.

On the right, we have a tabular illustration of the top locations covered and served by area code 01278 phone number in Bridgewater.

City/Town County TimeZone
Brean Town Somerset GMT
Brent Knoll Somerset GMT
Bridgewater Somerset GMT
Burnham-on-Sea Somerset GMT
Chilton Polden Somerset GMT
Combwich Somerset GMT
Highbridge Somerset GMT
Holford Somerset GMT
Mark Moor Somerset GMT
Nether Stowey Somerset GMT
North Petherton Somerset GMT
Puriton Somerset GMT
Spaxton Somerset GMT
Weston Zoyland Somerset GMT
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How to buy a 01278 area code phone number?

To buy a 01278 area code number, sign up with KrispCall, Go to Settings> My Number > Add New Number > Select UK from the County list > Advanced Filter > Enter 01278 and match to the first part of the number or you can choose the phone numbers city wise. Then choose your 01278 number, make payment, submit necessary documents, & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

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01278 Area Code History – Where Does an Area Code 01278 Originate?

The area code 01278 originated on 16th April 1995 and replaced the old area code 0278 of Bridgewater, UK. This was done by adding the number “1” after the initial zero of the old 0278 area code. This was done to fulfill the increasing demand of the ever-growing local population and supplement the limited supply of old phone numbers.

The process of migration from the old area code to the new one took several months to complete, and phone numbers of both area codes were available for usage. And ever since its implementation, the 01278 area code phone number has been serving the locals of Bridgewater to date.

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