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What is Current 01258 Area Code Location?

The current 01258 area code location is the Blandford Forum and serves its neighboring large cities including Milton Abbas, Sturminster Marshall, Sturminster Newton, Tarrant Hinton, and Witchampton. The 01258 area code is used for landlines and mobile phones.

On the right, we see the tabular illustration of locations covered by area code 01258 in Blandford Forum, United Kingdom.

City/Town County TimeZone
Blandford Forum Dorset GMT
Child Okeford Dorset GMT
Hazelbury Bryan Dorset GMT
Milborne St Andrew Dorset GMT
Milton Abbas Dorset GMT
Sturminster Marshall Dorset GMT
Sturminster Newton Dorset GMT
Tarrant Hinton Dorset GMT
Witchampton Dorset GMT
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How to buy a 01258 area code phone number?

To buy a 01258 area code number, sign up with KrispCall, Go to Settings> My Number > Add New Number > Select UK from the County list > Advanced Filter > Enter 01258 and match to the first part of the number or you can choose the phone numbers city wise. Then choose your 01258 number, make payment, submit necessary documents, & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

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01258 Area Code History – Where Does an Area Code 01258 Originate?

The 01258 area code is designed for Blandford Forum and the surrounding areas in Dorset, England, United Kingdom. It replaced the previous area code of 0258, with the addition of the digit “1” in front. The area code 01258 was introduced during the PhONEday event on April 16, 1995, to accommodate the growing population.

Since the introduction of the 01258 area code, it has effectively served Blandford Forum and its neighboring cities by providing telephone numbers for residents, businesses, and other governmental organizations.

Why Choose 01258 Area Code Number for Business?

Unleash the power of efficient business communication with the 01258 area code number and build your brand presence in the regional market of the Blandford Forum. Strengthen the  connections with residents using the area code phone number and become an integral part of the community.

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Use the 01258 area code phone number in Blandford Forum, United Kingdom, for private and professional purposes. Take advantage of area code 01258 phone numbers regardless of the size of your business. Here we look at the areas of application why using area code 01258 in the UK is suggested.