KrispCall’s Subprocessors

KrispCall’s Subprocessors

In case of concerns related to data protection or sharing, contact us anytime via an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

Last updated on Dec 12, 2023

KrispCall is all about efficiency and precision. To make things run smoothly, we team up with various platforms and tools. These partners are all certified as safe and secure when it comes to handling user data.

Who are KrispCall’s Subprocessors?

KrispCall works with carefully selected third parties called sub processors to help provide our services.

Sub Processors are entities that:

  • May access personal data KrispCall processes for customers
  • Provide necessary services for KrispCall’s offerings
  • Have been authorized by KrispCall customers through our data processing agreement

Subprocessors can include third party vendors as well as other KrispCall group entities engaged in processing customer data.

We use sub processors to assist in delivering a high quality service per our agreements with customers. We ensure sub processors protect customer data appropriately.

How are the third party services selected?

KrispCall follows a strict process to carefully choose proposed subprocessors, including:

  • Detailed review of security and privacy practices before and during engagement
  • Requiring sub processors maintain protections matching KrispCall’s commitments
  • Ongoing monitoring of subprocessors

This strict selection and oversight ensures sub processors handle customer data responsibly.

Subprocessor Contractual Commitments

KrispCall’s contracts with sub processors require them to handle data according to the same standards as KrispCall under our data processing agreement (DPA). This includes complying with the DPA and privacy laws.

This contractual approach ensures sub processors protect personal data to the same high standards as KrispCall’s own commitments to customers.

Authorizing Subprocessors

By agreeing to our DPA, customers authorize KrispCall to engage new sub processors or change subprocessor assignments as needed (unless otherwise agreed with a specific customer).

This flexibility helps us utilize subprocessor expertise to deliver quality service while maintaining data protections. We notify customers of subprocessor changes as described in our DPA.

Notifying Customers of Subprocessor Changes

KrispCall reserves the right to engage new sub processors or change subprocessor assignments without directly notifying customers in all cases. We are not obligated to provide notice under the terms of our data processing agreement.

If we do elect to provide notification, customers have 15 days after receiving it to reasonably object to a subprocessor change, as permitted in our DPA. If no objection is received, the change is deemed accepted.

If a customer does object, we will discuss to find a mutually agreeable solution. Our aim is resolving any concerns in a way that satisfies all parties involved.

By agreeing to our DPA and using our services, customers authorize KrispCall to make subprocessor changes without obligation of notice, but we endeavor to provide courtesy notifications when feasible. Our goal is being transparent while retaining flexibility to utilize subprocessor expertise for delivering quality service.

List of Third Party Subprocessors


Service Name Legal Name Contact Website
Digital Ocean DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. [email protected]
Twilio Twilio, Inc. [email protected]
Google Workspace GOOGLE, LLC. [email protected]


Service Name Legal Name Contact Website
Datadog DATADOG, INC. [email protected]

Data Tools

Service Name Legal Name Contact Website
Mixpanel MIXPANEL, INC. [email protected]
Make CELONIS, INC. [email protected]

Customer Support

Service Name Legal Name Contact Website
Crisp Chat CRISP IM [email protected]


Crisp Contact
Zendesk ZENDESK, INC. [email protected]


[email protected]
SendGrid SENDGRID, INC. [email protected]


Service Name Legal Name Contact Website
Chargebee CHARGEBEE, INC [email protected]
Stripe STRIPE, INC. [email protected]
Paypal PayPal Holdings, Inc. [email protected]
Paypal Contact