Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines

Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines

In case of concerns related to Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines, contact us anytime via email to [email protected].

Last updated on December 22, 2023

Submission Point

Kindly forward your official request to the KrispCall Legal Team at [email protected]

Requirements of Requests

At KrispCall, we diligently verify the authenticity of all requests received from Law Enforcement Authorities or Government Agencies (“Authorities”). We exclusively entertain requests that are precisely issued in our company’s name by duly authorized Authorities without any validity issues.

A valid request must encompass the following essential details (Validity Characteristics):

  • Precise identification, including the name and physical address (excluding P.O. boxes) of the Authority.
  • Comprehensive contact information of the designated Authority’s representative, comprising their full name, phone number (inclusive of extension), and an official government-issued email address.
  • Clear identification through the badge or identification number of the Authority’s representative.
  • If applicable, the inclusion of a reference or case number.
  • A transparent specification of the categories of records or information being sought.
  • A well-defined timeframe for which the information is requested.
  • Explicit identification of the phone number linked to the KrispCall account subject to the request.
  • The legal basis or grounds for submitting the request.
  • A date and a valid signature from the Authority’s representative.
  • A clear stipulation of the desired response date.

Requests are expected to be in PDF format, with exceptions made for emergency situations, and should originate from the official email domain of the Authority. KrispCall retains the right to request supplementary information for verification or effective handling of the request.

The specific information required by the Authority may vary, depending on a reasonable interpretation of the request by the KrispCall Compliance Team. Therefore, it is imperative for the Authority to provide precise and accurate details when formulating their request.

Response Time

KrispCall endeavors to provide responses to valid requests within a 1 week time frame. Nevertheless, in instances where requests are intricate, expansive, or necessitate additional verification, the response time may be extended. Please be aware that requests submitted to KrispCall via postal mail may have significantly longer response times.

Should you require an expedited response, kindly specify the relevant deadline explicitly in your request.

Urgent (Emergency) Requests

In circumstances where there is an imminent threat, such as the risk of death or severe physical injury to an individual, KrispCall may prioritize the provision of information to prevent or mitigate such danger. Urgent (emergency) requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable laws.

In addition to the standard Validity Characteristics, urgent (emergency) requests should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be grounded in a genuine belief of an imminent threat, such as the risk of death or severe physical injury to a person.
  • Include a detailed description of the emergency’s nature and a rationale for the perceived immediacy of the threat.
  • Articulate how the requested information will aid in averting the threat and explain why the standard disclosure process would be insufficient.

These requests must be in written form (submitted via email) and originate from the official email domain of the requesting Authority.

For urgent (emergency) requests, please direct them to the designated EMAIL address, ensuring the subject line includes ‘EMERGENCY’ or ‘URGENT’.

Notification to Customers

KrispCall reserves the right to inform customers of valid requests received, enabling them to respond directly unless applicable laws, regulations, court orders, or other legal instruments prohibit KrispCall from doing so.