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VoIP Level 3 Number: Why Businesses are Switching to them?



Why are business switching to VoIP level 3 number

Are you looking for ways to enhance your call center efficiency while reducing your telephony cost? Then, you need the VoIP level 3 number.

In this digitalized world, VoIP technology is the modern solution for modern business problems associated with telephone costs. It has been proved that after switching to VoIP from traditional phone systems, businesses were able to save 50 to 75 percent on average.

VoIP level 3 number is the latest trend in VoIP technology. It allows customers to reach businesses via phone calls for free. But that’s not all. It also offers several advantages to businesses, from cost-saving to international calling capability. If you want to know more about the benefits of level 3 VoIP numbers, how to set it up, and how to get it, then this blog is for you.

What is VoIP Level 3 Number?

A VoIP Level 3 number is a type of virtual phone number that uses Voice over IP to route calls instead of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  Its primary use­rs are call centers, conference providers, and voice portals. This phone number was created to assist call centers in managing loads of toll-free calls while keeping operating costs low.

What is VoIP Level 3 Number

It helps businesses to cut down on their telecommunications expenses and offers several advantages over traditional phone lines, like lower rates on calls, more features, round-the-clock availability, enhanced se­curity, flexibility, reliability, and so on.

Similarly, talking about who provides these level 3 numbers, it’s VoIP service providers. They provide these virtual numbers at different plans and prices. To get a VoIP level 3 number, you need to get in touch with a VoIP service provide­r and choose a plan that suits you.

How Does VoIP Level 3 Number Work?

A Leve­l 3 VoIP number operates differently from traditional phone service. It uses the internet to route calls instead of traditional phone lines. Here’s how it works:

  1. You first purchase a Level 3 VoIP numbe­r.
  2. A client calls the Le­vel 3 VoIP number.
  3. Softswitch technology converts free voice calls from traditional telephone networks to IP traffic.
  4. IP traffic is routed through Level 3’s Multiprotocol Label Switched (MPLS) IP network.
  5. The call reache­s the recipient’s phone­.

What are the Benefits of a Level 3 VoIP number?

What are the Benefits of a Level 3 VoIP number

When you use Level 3 VoIP numbers, you get several benefits. It boosts your business brand image, makes customers happy, and helps your team work better. Other than this, there are­ several bene­fits to using Level 3 VoIP numbers like­:

1. Cost saving

Compared to traditional landline services, VoIP Level 3 numbers can save you a lot of money. They use voice over IP (VoIP) technology to route calls through the internet; hence, there’s no need for traditional phone lines like wires and cables, which cuts down on the cost associated with it. The cost-saving factor doesn’t stop there; they also have lower monthly fees, and making international calls is significantly cheaper too. 

2. Advanced Features

By using level 3 VoIP numbers, businesses can access features and functionalities that aren’t available with traditional phone lines. Some of these features include voicemail, call forwarding, auto-attendants, video conferencing, call monitoring, conference calling, and so on. All these features help improve customer service and productivity.

3. Highly Scalable

Level 3 business VoIP numbers are very scalable. It lets you add more or remove some lines easily without needing expensive hardware or a dedicated line. This scalability makes it perfect for businesses that are growing fast or changing frequently.

4. Reliable

VoIP level 3 numbers are more reliable than regular traditional phone numbers. They use various advanced technologies to ensure that every phone call is clear and consistent. They are also less prone to shutdowns compared to traditional phone lines. Thus, if they are set up correctly and backed by a trusted service provider, such as KrispCall, level 3 VoIP services can be highly reliable. 

5. International Calling

Another benefit of level 3 communication VoIP number is a cheaper international calling rate. Individuals and businesses can use these numbers to make international calls at significantly lower costs with no long-distance roaming charges than traditional phone services.

Who can Benefit from using the Voip Level 3 Number?

Anyone can get benefits from using level 3 VoIP numbers. Following is the list of who can get benefits from cloud-based level 3 business phone numbers:

1. Businesses

Businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to large-scale organizations, can benefit greatly from having a level 3 VoIP number.  Firstly, businesses can save money on telephony costs and long-distance calls and access several advanced VoIP features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call monitoring, auto attendants, call recording, group conference calls, etc. Moreover, VoIP numbers help create a professional image for a business. 

Likewise, a level 3 VoIP number is the best choice for a business having remote teams. It’s because it allows remote teams to access the same phone system from anywhere in the world via laptops, computers, or mobiles with good internet connectivity.

2. Individuals

VoIP Leve­l 3 numbers also benefit individuals. Individuals can use VoIP numbers to cut phone costs and get advanced features in various scenarios. For example, let’s say you travel fre­quently – with a VoIP Level 3 numbe­r, you can call to or from anywhere globally without stressing over roaming charges. Likewise, students can use this VoIP Leve­l 3 number for cheaper long-distance­ calls when connecting with family and friends from any part of the world.

What are the security concerns associated with Level 3 VoIP communication?

Like any other form of communication, level 3 VoIP communication is not without security concerns. Here are some of the security concerns associated with Level 3 VoIP communication:

1. Eavesdropping

Eavesdropping occurs when an unauthorized person intercepts and listens to your conversations without your consent.  Since Level 3 VoIP travels through the internet, if not properly encrypted, someone can listen in on your calls easily. 

Likewise, eavesdroppers use several techniques to eavesdrop on calls, compromising sensitive information. To protect your conversations from eavesdropping and keep your conversation secure, you can adopt encryption protocols, like Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP). 

2. Packet Sniffing

Packet sniffing is a type of security concern criminals use to detect and assess data packets sent over a network.  Attackers use this method to spy and steal confidential information like passwords, credit card info, etc. To protect yourself from packet sniffing, you can follow proper network security and encryption measures.

3. Denial of Service attacks

DoS attacks are attempts to make a computer or network unavailable for its intended users. This is usually done by flooding the network with too much traffic, causing the service to get overwhelmed and break. DoS attacks also mess up the VoIP service, leading to drop calls or service not being available temporarily.

4. Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is another security concern associated with Level 3 VoIP communication. When attackers want someone else’s caller ID to show up on the recipient’s phone, they use caller ID spoofing. Attackers use this method to appear as someone that the victim will trust. Think of it as putting on a disguise. It is used to do malicious activities such as pre­tending to be someone­ else or doing scam activities.

5. Toll Fraud

Toll fraud refers to an activity wherein unauthorized individuals gain access to a company’s VoIP system and make long-distance or international calls, leading to substantial financial losses for the company. Toll fraud can occur through hacking into VoIP accounts or utilizing stolen VoIP credentials. To safeguard against toll fraud, it is crucial to implement authentication measures, access controls, and proper monitoring practices.

To address the security concerns associated with Level 3 VoIP communication or any VoIP service, it is crucial to follow the best and cautious practices out there. 

Here are a few examples of such security practices;

  • Use strong passwords that are unique to each VoIP account or device.
  • Regularly update your software and hardware to fix any vulnerabilities.
  • Encrypt your voice and data traffic so that it remains protected.
  • Analyze network traffic for any suspicious activities.
  • Work with reliable VoIP providers such as Krispcall that put security above everything else.

How to get a Level 3 VoIP Number?

You can get a level 3 VoIP number from KrispCall.  KrispCall offers secure, reliable, and high-quality VoIP communication services at affordable prices.  To buy a level 3 VoIP number from KrispCall, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account and log in with the correct credentials.
  2. Select the country and level 3 VoIP number from the list.
  3. Choose a subscription package and make payment.
  4. If required, submit the necessary verification documents.

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How to set up a Level 3 VoIP number?

First, you must choose a reliable level 3 VoIP number provider and buy a VoIP level 3 number from them to set up a level 3 VoIP number. Once you have your phone number, you can set up your VoIP service as per your needs.

During the setup process, you’ll configure user extensions, set up voicemail, and customize call routing and forwarding rules. You will also need to install software on the devices in which you intend to use your VoIP service. 


To conclude, if you still wonder, “ Is it time to switch to Level 3 VoIP?” you should definitely go for VoIP level 3 numbers without giving it a second thought. It helps businesses to save telephony costs while also giving their prospects a way to contact them for free. Apart from cost savings, level 3 virtual phone numbers offer several advanced VoIP features like call blocking, call filtering, IVR, call recording, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), etc. These features assist businesses to improve their customer service and employee productivity.

If you want a cloud-based level 3 phone number, get it from KrispCall.  KrispCall is a leading VoIP number provider. It provides virtual numbers from 100+ countries. Also, it’s easy to get VoIP numbers from KrispCall, and the setup process takes no more than three minutes. You also get access to several features like a unified call box, call analytics, call monitoring, integration capability, and many more.


1. How much does a Level 3 VoIP number cost?

The price of a Level 3 VoIP number varies based on the VoIP provider and the features you select. Usually, the monthly cost for a Level 3 VoIP number falls within the range of $5 to $20.

2. How do I get started with Level 3 VoIP communication?

To get started with level 3 VoIP communication, you need to:

  1. Choose a reliable and trustworthy level 3 VoIP service provider.
  2. Sign up for an account and choose a level 3 VoIP number.
  3. Define call routing rules, set up voicemail, and configure user extension.
  4. Test your VoIP phone system upon the completion of the setup process.
  5. Start making and receiving calls.

3. What are the minimum requirements for using Level 3 VoIP communication?

Leve­l 3 VoIP communication has specific needs that busine­sses must fulfill. Here’s a pe­ek at some of the minimum requirements for using Leve­l 3 VoIP communication:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A level 3 VoIP number.
  • VoIP-enables devices.
  • VoIP software.
  • Availability of proper firewall and security measures.

4. What are some of the challenges of using a Level 3 VoIP number?

Some challenges of using a level 3 VoIP number include:

  • It is vulnerable to security threats like caller ID spoofing, DoS attacks, eavesdropping, packet sniffing, etc.
  • It depends on a reliable and high-speed internet connection.
  • It is necessary to buy a level 3 VoIP number from a trustworthy VoIP service provider. 

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