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Top 7 NaaS Providers in 2024 for Better Network Infrastructure



NaaS Providers for Better Network Infrastructure

Selecting the best NaaS (Network as a Service) provider is very challenging. You have to consider many things before choosing the best NaaS providers for a business strong network infrastructure.

In this blog post we selected the top 7 Network as a service providers available in the market which can help you to build your own network infrastructure for your business.

We listed the best NaaS providers in 2024 on the basis of the following features:

Define the service that is required in detail: There are a great many varieties of NaaS. To avoid getting sidetracked during product selection, IT is advised to closely define requirements and to zero in only on those vendors that fit the bill.

Compatibility: Compatibility includes more than just confirming that new software or services work in your present system. Consider aspects like API availability, internet standards like MPLS and IP, and other related standards when considering networking compatibility.

Observance of the software-defined networking standard (SDN): The virtualization of networking is mostly accomplished using SDN. As a result, look for solutions that comply with SDN standards.

What is NaaS (Network As a Service)?

The selling of network services from 3rd parties to clients who do not aim to establish their own network systems is known as networking-as-a-service (NaaS).

It is a cloud architecture that allows customers to effortlessly operate a network and get the results they want without needing to own, develop, or manage their own infrastructure.

WAN solutions, transports, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, Personal Network Interconnection, and Internet Transfers all benefit from NaaS’s Software Defined Networking (SDN), programmable networking, and API-based operation.

NaaS is a service that bundles networking resources, functions, and apps as a product that can be bought for a group of users for a fixed duration of time.

What is NaaS in cloud computing?

Network-as-a-service (NaaS) is a cloud service architecture wherein clients purchase networking services from a cloud provider rather than building their own network system.

NaaS Vendors, like other cloud services, use software to perform networking tasks, basically letting organizations set up their own networks without any hardware. What they require is access to the Internet.

What are the benefits of implementing NaaS?

Some benefits of implementing NaaS are:

Cost Saving

Many IT expenses are reduced using NaaS, including infrastructure, operations, software, hardware, and maintenance. The savings come not just from outsourcing, but also from the skills and knowledge that NaaS providers will supply.

Improved Service Quality

NaaS offers a variety of advantages, including higher sound quality, more effective call routing, and better network administration. The perfect NaaS provider will assist you in optimizing your network connections and assuring that your data reaches the cloud in a timely manner.

Increased Productivity and Improved Performance

IT professionals (and other staff) can accomplish their everyday jobs more efficiently and effectively when your network is working at its best, with minimal problems and downtime. This increases overall productivity. The appropriate NaaS provider can offer you periodic reports in advance, allowing you to spot problems and crucial trends.

Proactive Maintenance

When responding to the network demands of modern enterprises, reactive maintenance isn’t enough because it can result in unwanted disruption. By implementing proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance, NaaS clients can identify and even forecast network issues early.

Increased Security

Information security is an important issue for all businesses and industries since news of disastrous data leakage is continually in the headlines. NaaS providers must collaborate with you to utilize IT security standards, as well as suggest hardware and software solutions that are specific to your needs.

There are many benefits to implementing NaaS nowadays. That’s why we selected the best NaaS provider in 2024.

Top 7 Network as a Service (NaaS) Providers in 2024

KrispCall went through a number of NaaS services to compile a list of the best. This list is composed of the best network as service vendors who have a proven reputation in the market.

1. Perimeter 81

The Network as a Solution (NaaS) service from Perimeter 81 incorporates network administration and security with local and cloud-based services including Azure, Salesforce, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Permimeter 81

Authentication, zero trust, Wi-Fi safety, DNS filtering, and breach protection are all included in this cloud-native NaaS. It reduces network delay by bringing network resources closer to where they are needed.

Perimeter 81 delivers cybersecurity that is simpler, better, and more flexible to meet today’s expectations as well as future development.


To make it easier for today’s mobile workforce to gain secure network, cloud, and application access. To achieve so, it used a single Zero Trust Network as a Service to replace traditional network security solutions.

Perimeter 81 aims to enable a single Zero Trust Network as a Service to replace traditional network security technology. Perimeter 81 also helps to reduce network delay

Key Features

  • Split Tunnel: IT professionals have the option of tunneling all or specific subnets of their network traffic from client apps to the network-as-a-service.
  • Multi-location Support: Dedicated gateways can be distributed to various areas to make sure the system can deliver the finest service with the least amount of lag and at the quickest pace possible.
  • Design user, group, and group profiles:
  • To separate network access, team members can be added and groups can be created.
  • All content and traffic sent over the network are encrypted.
  • Allows for zero-trust access policies based on user role, device, and location qualifiers.
  • Create precise access controls and make sure that security mechanisms like single sign-on integration and two-factor authentication are in place.
  • Use a connector or an IPsec site-to-site tunnel to connect their Cloud and on-premises systems.
  • Responsibilities, devices, regions, and operating systems can all be configured by administrators.


Essential Premium Premium Plus Enterprise
$8  per user/month

+40$/mo per gateway

$12 per user/month

+40$/mo per gateway

$16 per user/month

+40$/mo per gateway

Contact Perimeter 81


2. Aryaka SmartServices

Aryaka SmartService provides customized security and network solutions for global and local deployments relying upon SD-WAN & SASE architectures. The SD-WAN product from Aryaka assists businesses to access network functions via their cloud-first network architecture.

akaya smart services

This service is built on a scalable OpEx-based network consumption paradigm. It has a short training time.


Its customer-centricity and desire to go above and beyond fuel is Aryaka’s mission and principles. Aryaka SmartConnect, Aryaka Managed SD-WAN, and Aryaka Managed WAN Services are some of the other names for Aryaka SmartServices.

Key Features

  • Within 48 hours, SD-WAN services can be delivered anywhere in the globe.
  • A worldwide point of presence (PoP) footprint for services.
  • Assurances of performance for applications all across the world.
  • Offers a number of cloud edge services.
  • Enhances application performance by integrating regional multi-cloud connections.
  • Aryaka’s worldwide NOCs operate 24 hours a day to ensure enterprise network uptime.
  • Works at a corporate headquarters, a branch office, or a remote location.
  • Specialized L2 connection, as well as a controlled networking and security solution depending upon the SD-WAN and SASE designs.
  • Aryaka Network Management Center (ANMC) automates and orchestrates thousands of sites in a scalable, multi-tenant environment.
  • Aryaka EagleEye’s power of monitoring involves predictive analytics & machine learning.

3. Cisco Plus NaaS

Cisco is committed to being the leader in managed NaaS solutions, as is to be expected since, for decades, the industry has ruled on-premise networking. Cisco Plus is a trademark that incorporates a wide range of cross-architecture options that are offered as-a-service.

 cisco plus

It employs AI-driven analytics and automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud provides a consumption pattern for data centers network, computing, and storage systems.

These are now a collection of technologies with uniform subscriptions, but this is rapidly changing. A unified suite will be available in the near future. Cisco recently launched this platform, which is currently in its early stages, but the competitors will be watching.


To assist its customers in improving their IT processes and freeing up resources to engage in key business innovation. Cisco Plus will offer as-a-service options for its compute, networking, and storage gear, according to Cisco.

Key Features

In the cloud, Cisco’s SASE technology combines networking and security.

As demands change, you can scale up or down.

More NaaS variants in data center networking include bare metal computing, edge, VDI, and virtualization.

Evaluation from the user to the application, across any cloud and network.

4. Cloudflare Magic WAN

With Cloudflare Magic WAN, traditional WAN designs may be replaced with Cloudflare’s network, which provides global connection, cloud-based safety, efficiency, and monitoring through a single interface.

It safely links each traffic source to Cloudflare’s system, including data centers, offices, devices, and cloud services. To get traffic where it needs to go, users can set up personal and corporate routing protocols.

cloudflare magic wan


Growing cloud usage, combined with a general change to remote employees, has resulted in a growth in Internet, SaaS, and IaaS traffic, putting older network designs like MPLS under pressure. Magic WAN helps Cloudflare’s network replace old WAN designs. Cloudflare has developed a worldwide network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform.

Key Features

  • More than 200 cities throughout the world have access to this service.
  • At Cloudflare’s edge, the Magic WAN setting is stored on every server in every data center.
  • Collaborations with network on-ramp providers like VMware and Aruba, as well as data center providers like Digital Realty, CoreSite, and EdgeConneX, to assist enterprises to migrate their networks to the cloud using existing equipment.
  • Connect to Cloudflare with any hardware that is available.
  • Edge sites are distributed across the broad geographical area, providing durability & performance which is not provided by other NaaS providers.

5. Megaport MCR

Megaport MCR is a digital routing platform that enables on-demand personal connectivity at Layer 3. It is installed in data centers worldwide in major routing sectors, which ensures data transmission.

Megaport MCR

Cloud-to-cloud connectivity, or private peering between cloud providers, can be used without the requirement for physical infrastructure. Data centers in major global routing areas have MCR instances preconfigured.


Its objective is to improve getting linked in a cloud-enabled world. The MCR solutions enable a variety of use cases, including hybrid cloud, which allows customers to link a private IT infrastructure to a public cloud environment utilizing an MCR and a Megaport connection.

Key Features

  • Providers of network services
  • Providers of cloud services
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • There is no requirement to own or manage equipment, and there is no requirement to obtain an IP address or an autonomous system number.
  • On the Megaport Software Defined Network, you can connect directly to any provider.
  • There are speed levels ranging from 1 to 10 Gbps.
  • By allowing direct connections between cloud providers, delays are minimized.
  • Monitor and localize traffic via inter-region or inter-cloud connectivity

6. Akamai Aura Managed CDN

Akamai is a company that specializes in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), which are frequently utilized to enhance internet traffic delivery across the world. Akamai provides a widely distributed architecture of servers that automatically answers web content requests from end-users.

It serves as a link between a resource server and the end-users or customers. The Akamai Aura Managed CDN is a SaaS version of the company’s flagship CDN product. Users can utilize these managed CDN services to enable video streaming services and optimize their network for data distribution while saving time and money on setup.


To enable video streaming solutions and improve their network for data distribution while minimizing installation time and cost Akamai has Customized CDN capacity for streaming video and data applications or third-party CDN services for network providers.

Key Features

  • Minimize difficulty with a turnkey CDN service from Akamai, which is managed and controlled 24 hours a day.
  • By maintaining a single CDN architecture, dumping and monitoring OTT traffic, and removing hardware, you can save money.
  • Increase online video libraries while also speeding up web content and allowing for streaming to every device.
  • Offers premium subscription content to many devices with multi-format HTTP video delivery via the operator network to any connected network.
  • Aura Operator Interface is an analytics and reporting portal for network operators to monitor performance and activity.
  • Operators can additionally connect the Aura Managed CDN to the worldwide Akamai Intelligent Platform, or federate it, to extend CDN reach beyond their local network territory.

7. Amdocs NaaS

The programmable NaaS from Amdocs streamlines and automates network solution architecture, ordering, and maintenance. MSPs can supply customized SD-WAN solutions, and also Virtual Network Function (VNF) service chaining and other network services, using its Network Function Virtualization (NFV) SD-WAN package.


The NFV operator uses the plugin protocols to interact with the SD-WAN function building blocks, and a service order decomposition function decomposes orders into service items. The company concentrates on offering SD-WAN services to MSPs rather than directly to businesses.


To better serve their end customers, customers will be able to configure, customize, and monitor these services autonomously. The NaaS service from Amdocs is developed to help operators implement new enterprise services quickly.

Key Features

  • Vendor agnostic
  • Availability of carrier-grade
  • Pre-integrated orchestration that is ready-to-deploy, multi-vendor, and multi-domain.
  • SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Definitions technical specifications are linked with the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum).
  • Each microservice is a self-contained functionality and DevOps technique that allows services to be provided in short cycles.


Network-as-a-service (NaaS) is a cloud service architecture in which clients hire networking functions from the cloud provider rather than building their own network infrastructure or aims to serve the end customer by selling them network infrastructure.

Among the top 7 NaaS providers we mentioned above, all of them are equally good enough to serve their clients. But we assumed Perimeter 81 is the best of among the best.

Perimeter 81 proposes to replace traditional network security solutions with a single Zero Trust Network as a Service. Perimeter 81 also aids in the reduction of network latency. It provides splits tunneling & multi-location supports. Encryption is used by Perimeter 81 for all content and traffic sent across the network. It uses a connector or an IPsec site-to-site tunnel to connect their Cloud and on-premises systems.

Perimeter 81 makes sure that security mechanisms like single sign-on integration and two-factor authentication are in place and that exact access controls are in place. Team members can be recruited and groups can be created to separate network access.

Perimeter 81 offers different plans according to requirements. You need to pay to access those plans. The price of the plans depends on the features that its provided. It offers 4 plans: Essential, Premium, Premium Plus & Enterprise.


How NaaS is delivered?

To utilize the NaaS architecture, the user must first log in to the web interface, from which he can obtain an online API. The user can modify the route here. As a result, the user is responsible for paying for the volume consumed. You can also deactivate the capacity at any period.

How does NaaS relate to SASE?

Secure access service edge (SASE) is a technology that integrates software-defined networking with network security capabilities, all provided by a single vendor. SASE, like NaaS, hosts networking services on the cloud while also combining security features.

Which are the Best Network as a Service Company?

The best Network as a service company available in the market are Cisco, Perimeter 81, Aryaka, Cloudflare

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