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How to call Malaysia from Indonesia Using Different Methods?



how to call Malaysia from Indonesia

We miss everything that binds us to our home, city, or country when we are away from it.

And unwittingly, missing something or someone makes us sensitive, and maintaining a regular touch with your personnel is critical to relieving this lost feeling.

Calling Malaysia from Indonesia not only bridges communication gaps but also gives you and them the belief that you are present at all times and in all situations.

Although Malaysia and Indonesia share a close relationship, it has a significant effect on Indonesian people to live n Malaysia.

According to statistics, “ About an estimated 2,500,000 (2014) people live in Malaysia from Indonesia.” 

So, whether you’re an Indonesian resident in Malaysia trying to call a loved one or make a business call, you need to understand some elements such as calling, dialing code, area code, and so on.

This article will show you how to call Malaysia from Indonesia using traditional methods, dialing formats, and other options.

We can also assist you in getting a Malaysia virtual phone number in seconds.

Stay tuned until the conclusion and FAQ!

International Call to Malaysia: What is it & Why does it matter?

When you make an audio, video, or voice call to Malaysia from any country, the procedure is known as Malaysia’s international call.

And there are things to know about many critical elements before making international calls, such as the calling code, area code, and many others—for example, a person calling Malaysia from Indonesia to contact friends and relatives.

International calling to Malaysia is a significant issue because people in various nations, like Indonesia, need to contact family and friends daily.

Conversely, International calling can also be used for a business call to Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most developed countries globally, with cutting-edge technology in every field.

Types of Phone Numbers in Malaysia

There are a few different kinds of phone numbers in any country, and even in Malaysia:

  • Landline Number: For example, +60 – 23 – 45– 67– 89
  • Mobile Number: For example, +60–23 – 45– 67– 89–67
  • Toll-Free Number: For example, +60 — 1300 – 123– 456
  • Emergency Number: For example, 999 for Police

Different MalaysiaTelephone Codes

You need to know the Malaysian telephone codes before international calling Malaysia.

Indonesia Exit Code

The exit code of Indonesia is 001/008, which is required for making an international call. 

Indonesia Exit Code001/008

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Malaysia country Code

Malaysia’s country or ISD code is 60, the necessary component needed for international calls. 

Malaysia ISD Code or Country Code60

Malaysia Area Code

Every country has its area codes. Likewise, Malaysia’s many areas have their own. Different regions of Malaysia have the following area codes:

City/Region Area Code

Malaysia Emergency Phone Number

A few Malaysia emergency phone numbers can assist you in getting government assistance.

Emergency FieldEmergency Number
Police assistance & Ambulance999
Civil Defense991

How to Call Malaysia from Indonesia: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

You can use any technique to call Malaysia from Indonesia. You should be aware of VoIP service providers or cloud telephony leaders in the VoIP business, such as KrispCall, which provides superior call quality, security, and affordability through simple, low-cost methods.

And understand why KrispCall is one of the most well-known international calling or VoIP service providers?

A. Using Traditional Way

Today, using traditional methods is costly and problematic compared to cloud telephony & VoIP methods. 

However, the traditional method connects people directly when dialing the number from Indonesia to Malaysia. 

Here are some traditional ways with essential details that you can use to call Malaysia from Indonesia. 

1. Dial the Malaysia Landline Number from Indonesia

There is a dialing format for making an international call from Indonesia landline number to Malaysia, and that is

Dial: 001- 65 – Area code – Landline Number

For instance: Dial 011 – 60 – 6- 234 – 96857


001 (Indonesia Exit Code): For making an international call from Indonesia, we need Indonesia Exit Code and connect to the Malaysia communication server to reach out to that person. 

60 (Malaysia Country Code): Malaysia country code (60) must make an international call for international roaming. 

6 (Malaysia Area Code):  6 is the area code of Johor of Malaysia. Similarly, you can add area codes of different that you want to call of a specific area.

234 – 96857 (Landline or Local Number): This is an example of a local number in Malaysia. It could be eight or ten digits long.

2. Dial the Malaysia Mobile Number from Indonesia

The dialing format of dialing international from Indonesia mobile number to Malaysia is

Dial: 001 – 60 -8XXX – XXXX

For example: 001 – 60 – 785 – 2735


785 – 2735 is an example of a Malaysian Mobile number that must be eight or ten digits long.

3. Dial the Malaysia Toll-Free Number from Indonesia

The toll-free number of Malaysia starts with 1300 or 1800 and first adds the prefix “ 60” before dialing.  

So, the format to dial the Malaysia toll-free number is 

Dial: +60– 1300 – XXXX – XXXX – XXX

For instance: +60 – 1300 – 5566 – 7788


5566 – 7788 is an example of a toll-free number or business telephone number, and it can be 8 to 11 digits long. 

2. Alternative Methods to call Malaysia from Indonesia

You don’t need a physical phone (landline or mobile) to call from Indonesia to Malaysia; instead, you can use virtual cloud phone technology to make international calls quickly and easily.

It enhances the calling experience by making it simpler to obtain a virtual phone number from a service provider in less than a minute and begin making calls right away.

Although there are many virtual phone number providers, KrispCall is building a name in the international calling business.

1. Cloud Telephony

KrispCall is a cloud telephony service that provides a virtual phone number in over 100 countries and is jam-packed with helpful features.

It provides a single platform with virtual phone number providers to meet the needs of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, commercial firms, and businesses in terms of phone service.

Features of KrispCall

Some of KrispCall’s features are as follows:

  • Quick International Calling

KrispCall’s international calling services will allow you to make quick international calls and extend your consumer base abroad.

  • Affordability

KrispCall provides low-cost virtual phone numbers. KrispCall, on the other hand, has a very fair calling rate, and KrispCall satisfies all of your different gear setup needs in general.

  • User-friendly

KrispCall is more user-friendly and uses a straightforward approach to setting. You may use it and put it into practice in your organization as well. KrispCall’s design, on the other hand, communicates both acceptance and information.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

One of the most acceptable methods to interact is to be available for your clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and KrispCall ensures that you are covered for online support at all times. You can contact KrispCall at any time and without hesitation if you have a problem with any service or anything.

  • Numbers Porting

KrispCall may also help you change your existing phone number to a cloud telephony or virtual phone number. That means you won’t have to undergo any complicated procedures to get a new phone number.

What type of Malaysian Numbers do you get from KrispCall? 

There are various types of Malaysian numbers that you can get from KrispCall. They are as follows:

  • Toll-Free Number
  • Local Number
  • Easy Number Porting 
  • Bring your Number
  • Vanity Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • And, many more

2. WhatsApp

With the tagline “free always,” WhatsApp is the most well-known VoIP service provider. You may make and receive calls over the internet in only a few minutes.

WhatsApp is currently available to individuals worldwide, and over a billion people trust it. You must sign up with your phone number to create a WhatsApp account with an internet connection.


After that, you can make international phone calls to other WhatsApp users.

You may already know that WhatsApp allows you to call Malaysia for free from Indonesia. It’s one of the most popular personal calls, but not for business calls or talks.

It includes audio and video calls, voicemails, file sharing, etc. However, it falls short of the best for business calls, necessitating the inclusion of features like call monitoring, calls transferring, calls recording, and call management, among others.

WhatsApp is an excellent personal messaging app. However, it is a little costly.

3. IMO

IMO is a unified platform for instant messaging, video calling, and voice calling that offers some exciting features such as high-quality video calls worldwide.


It allows IMO users to make free video, text, and voice calls, as well as file sharing, with no doubt about the client’s privacy breaches, and all calls and chats are encrypted.

4. Skype

Skype is a popular internet phone service that allows users to make free international calls to other Skype users.


Skype allows you to make international phone calls from both a landline and a mobile device. It includes a variety of monthly subscriptions or pay-as-you-go credit options, depending on your needs.

You can immediately contact other Skype users in Malaysia from Indonesia using a landline or a mobile number with a plan.

How to get the Malaysia phone number Instantly? Step-by-step- Guide

There are a few stages to getting an instant Malaysia virtual phone number, which is as follows:

Step 1: Find a cloud-based telephony service provider that meets all of your needs, such as KrispCall.

Step 2: Choose a phone number from the phone numbers section or page.

Step 3: Select Malaysia from the drop-down menu and a location or area inside Malaysia.

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, choose a phone number.

Step 5: Learn more about the subscription options and packages that are right for you.

Step 6: Obtain a Malaysia phone number as soon as possible.

KrispCall will provide you with a virtual phone number for Malaysia through those procedures step by step in just a few minutes.

What is the Right Time to Call the Malaysia Number from Indonesia?

There are no time differences between Singapore and Malaysia. You can call within your time from Indonesia or make a schedule to avoid missing calls.  

Challenges while calling from Indonesia to Malaysia 

You may have the following challenges when calling Malaysia from Indonesia:

  • Poor call quality.
  • Expensive call 
  • Unanswered phone calls
  • Privacy concerns 
  • There are fewer features.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Malaysia: Dos and Don’ts

When making business calls to Malaysia, there are a few etiquette considerations to consider. The specifics are as follows:

  • When speaking with the person, speak with a smile on your face.
  • There are no time differences between Malaysia and Indonesia, but also missed calls provoke an unwelcome presence during their hectic schedule, significantly damaging your business.
  • Learn their schedule to avoid missing calls.
  • Make a lasting first impression with memorable greetings.
  • As an introduction, state your full name (First name and family name).
  • Do not lose your cool because the meeting has been rescheduled.
  • Communicate smoothly and openly.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor. Don’t bring up personal difficulties or ask personal questions during the small talk.
  • To address someone, use the pronouns “Mr,” “Miss,” and “Mrs.”

Conclusion: And, the best way to Call Malaysia from Indonesia

Traditional methods are pretty expensive compared to other alternatives when it comes to talking to your loved ones regularly via a call to Malaysia from Indonesia.

While calling Malaysia from Indonesia, poor call quality, privacy, and other challenges may arise.

As a result, using an alternative method such as cloud telephone is a better choice than traditional methods in price, performance, and efficiency.

You can’t rely on the unknown when considering other alternatives (VoIP service & cloud telephony).

As an outcome, KrispCall is one of the best service providers you can rely on for a wide range of services at a reasonable price. It’s the best cloud telephony solution for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and corporations looking for trustworthy performance.

While improving your business, KrispCall alters uncomfortable phone calls into more accessible possibilities, and it also provides you a leg up on your competition.

Get a free product demo of KrispCall’s performance. It would help if you took advantage of Schedule Free KrispCall demo now. 

Are phone calls from Indonesia to Malaysia expensive?

Yes, it can be. Yet, the calling cost counts on the carrier and the phone number you’re trying to reach out to (landline or mobile phone).

How to call Malaysia for Free?

Yes, you can call Malaysia from any country for free through VoIP applications such as Whatsapp, IMO, and enforcing VoIP service providers such as KrispCall.

What is the Area Code of Ipoh?

The area code of Ipoh is 5.


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