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6 Costly mistakes business owners make while choosing cloud telephony system



costly mistakes while choosing cloud telephony system

So, you are a business owner and considering upgrading your business’s phone system to the cloud. You may want to switch to VoIP because you want to streamline communications in your business structure. Or perhaps you’re looking for phones that you can use for your startup. No matter what, transition is inevitable.

But it’s not always easy to choose exemplary services for your business. After all, buying a cloud telephony system is a significant investment, and you can end up making a costly mistake if you choose one without having the correct information.

Costly mistakes while choosing cloud telephony system

In order to help you make the best decision possible and alleviate your stress, we’ve compiled a list of some catastrophic mistakes business owners make when purchasing cloud telephone systems.

1. Not comparing what each provider has to offer.

Once you decide to give the cloud telephony system a go, the next step is to find a provider. There are many options for cloud telephony systems, and choosing the right one for your business is always tricky. Business owners often make mistakes by not comparing what each cloud telephony system has to offer in terms of functionality and technological requirements.

Business owners who are starting completely fresh or considering switching systems often fail to identify the difference between multitudes of options while accessing an unfamiliar market. Yes, you can easily pick the first option that appears in your google search but selecting some provider without doing some research or clearing your queries will hinder the growth of your business as well as your team.

So, you need to contact the provider to get your answer, study reviews and testimonials, and see what they have to offer. If you are specific about your business’s requirements, a good vendor can also create a custom system for you.

2. Mischoice of pricing model

Price tariffs are directly related to the volume of calls made. The tariff systems offered by most cloud telephony service providers are complex and difficult to understand, which further will become a challenge for you when predicting call volumes in advance.

Consequently, many businesses will be hit with unexpected overage charges over a period of time. In some cases, businesses may be forced to scale down temporarily to maintain long-term continuity. So, choosing the wrong monthly usage volume could result in paying too much for services you may not use anyway. So do your homework, decide the monthly usage volume, and subscribe to a plan that fits your business need.

3. Not considering the proper use cases

Never settling for anything less than what your business needs is the key to success. It would be best to consider this fact too when choosing the right service provider for your business. Before you commit to a provider, figure out why your business needs a cloud telephony system.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of service providers in the market with a wide range of features offered by each of them. The question is, do they possess the exact feature you need for your business?

For instance, you need a cloud telephony system with an intelligent call routing feature to avoid call handling processes. Or, let’s say you need a cloud phone solution that keeps track of your customer interactions. You can only make a good decision if you analyze your use cases properly. Make a list of your business and user requirements and check if potential VoIP providers can fulfill those requirements.

4. Overlooking compliance regulations

Another costly mistake business owners make is not ensuring if the cloud telephony service they choose adheres to applicable regulations. The issue of security has become one of the foremost concerns for businesses; hence it’s crucial to make sure you’re following all applicable laws.

Many businesses have to go through penalties and costly fines due to improper management and the use of data on the phone system they choose. This often happens due to the lack of your concern regarding compliance regulation of the cloud telephony system.

To avoid this, the business owner must raise questions to the provider about security compliance. Don’t hesitate to ask how the data will be stored and how they will be kept safe from a potential attack.

5. Not considering the customer’s experience.

Cloud phone system is the best way to increase your accessibility to clients, quickly connect with them and automate communications for multitasking. While most of the cloud phone systems claim to offer the service as mentioned above, only a few of them can live up to their promise.

The best way to escape such a façade is by prioritizing your customer. So before you subscribe to your new cloud telephony system, think through the entire customer experience and ask yourself how you can make the first time your customers call your company more pleasant.

6. Settling for the cheapest service

A wide range of factors influences customers’ purchasing decisions, and product pricing is among the most considered decisions. You explore a product, see their pricing, and tempt to go with the cheapest provider without doing some research. That’s where your decision falls short.

While the cheap price may be the best option for your business in some situations, they might end up costing you more in the long run. If you opt for a cloud telephony system that lacks the features you need but has a low cost, it will do more harm than good.

For instance, you got a service provider at a cheap price, but they do not have any facility to get the phone system back up as soon as possible if something goes wrong. You might cost a lot of money if your service provider can’t deal with such situations.

Does the system you are going to choose to provide intelligent call management features? Does the phone system have Interactive Voice Response? What about the uptime and downtime? If you find the solutions to all your problems in the cloud telephone system, go for it. Or else you need to look for other alternatives.

We can help!

The several costly mistakes to avoid when choosing a phone system are now in the past. Now is the time to select the best cloud telephony system that best suits your business. KrispCall is the best cloud phone system that offers several advantages, including super affordable costs, expanded teams, and improved customer service.

In addition, KripsCall offers seamless integration with CRM and business communication tools to help your team stay connected and efficiently run your business operations. Schedule a free demo to learn more about KrispCall and how it can help to uplift your business communications.  

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