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Best VoIP Providers with Zendesk Integrations



Best VoIP providers with zendesk integrations

Are you having trouble managing calls and maintaining customer details, records, and other hefty tasks all at once? 🤔

Then, you might need a Zendesk integration with your phone system. 

However, there are several VoIP providers with Zendesk integration claiming themselves as the best in the market. So, finding the right Zendesk integration, even when you know it’s essential, can still be an uphill battle.

But don’t worry; to remove your burden, we have taken a dive into tons of Zendesk phone integrations, read all the user rants and raves, and compiled an ultimate list of the best VoIP providers with Zendesk Integrations. 

Plus, we’ve broken down the features and capabilities so you can choose like a pro✨. 


  • The implementation of Zendesk into a phone system makes it an even more powerful business tool. 
  • Zendesk VoIP integration lets businesses manage customer phone calls right within the Zendesk interface, making communication and support processes more efficient.
  • Analyze your business needs, budgets, providers pricing plan, offered features, and integration user-friendliness to choose the best Zendesk Integration.

So, let’s start the article. 👊

What is Zendesk Phone Integration?

Zendesk Phone Integration is connecting your phone system with Zendesk, a popular customer service and support platform. This integration lets businesses manage customer phone calls right within the Zendesk interface, making communication and support processes more efficient.

what is zendesk phone integration

With Zendesk Phone Integration, customer support agents can make and receive calls using the Zendesk platform, view caller information, log call details, and create or update support tickets, all within a unified interface. This enhances efficiency and ensures a more organized and centralized approach to customer interactions.

If a customer starts a conversation via chat or email and then decides to escalate to a phone call, Zendesk Phone Integration keeps track of the entire interaction. This means the customer doesn’t have to repeat information, and the support agent has all the context they need to provide effective assistance.

What are the benefits of integrating Zendesk and VoIP phone systems? 

Benefits of integrating Zendesk and VoIP phone systems
  • Increased Productivity: The integration of Zendesk and VoIP phone systems streamlines communication channels, reducing manual effort and boosting overall workflow efficiency.
  • Improved Collaboration: Zendesk integrates and facilitates seamless information sharing, fostering better teamwork and collaboration among team members within the Zendesk environment.
  • Prompt Response: Integration enables real-time communication in a unified channel, making it easier for your team to give timely responses to customer queries and issues. 
  • Enhanced Analytics: With the integration of Zendesk and VoIP, organizations utilize powerful analytics such as customer engagements and monitor KPI metrics. This helps to make data-driven strategies and calculated risk to enhance their overall service quality. 

How does Zendesk VoIP integration work?

How does Zendesk VoIP integration work

The overall working mechanism of Zendesk VoIP integration can be summarized in these 3 steps. 

  1. Event trigger: An event is triggered either on Zendesk or the VoIP phone system. This could be anything: clicking buttons, creating tickets, viewing records.
  1. Exchange of Data: The event triggers communication between the systems (Zendesk and the VoIP system) through APIs or other mechanisms. In this process, data is exchanged on the defined integration rules developed by the backend engineers. 
  1. Action: The receiving system, either Zendesk or the VoIP system, takes action based on the received data. This could be creating a new record, updating existing data, or triggering workflows. 

10 Best Zendesk VoIP Integrations in 2024

If you hop into the market, you will find several Zendesk VoIP integrations claiming to be the number one. Therefore, it is quite difficult for you to pick the 10 best fish out of the ocean. However, we have made this list by analyzing and considering several factors, such as:

  • Pricing and Affordability 
  • Compatibility with devices
  • Customer”s reviews and feedback
  • Essential and unique features
  • User-friendliness 
  • Testimonials and recommendations 

Here is what we found in the Best VoIP Integrations for Zendesk overview.

IntegrationPricingFeaturesBest For
Dialpad + Zendesk Starts at $25/user/month Access Zendesk profile settings through Dialpad,
Extract Zendesk Customer records
Small to large sized Business
Aircall + Zendesk From $30/user/month (minimum 3 users required)View customer history,
Assign a call to an agent,
Setup automatic call routing
Small to large sized Business
Ringcentral +  Zendesk $34.99/user/monthCall filtering,
Ticket logs for multiple calls,
Direct Bulk messages using Zendesk
Small to large sized Business
GoToConnect + Zendesk$29/user/monthCreate call notes,
Client ticket management within the phone system,
Pop Call notifications for incoming calls 
Small to large sized Business
Nextiva + Zendesk $22.95/user/monthAI-powered task manager,
Popup for customer history,
Bring call record to Zendesk
Small to large sized Business
Twilio + Zendesk$1/active user hourVoice recordings for incoming calls,
Screen popups for tickets and user records
Small to large sized Business
OnSIP + Zendesk $18.95 /month/user
Receive alerts for incoming calls through pop-ups,
Tickets are generated automatically for new incoming calls,
Obtain the incident number promptly.
Small to large sized Business
8×8 + Zendesk $9/agent/month
Record calls when required,
Screen sharing,
Accessible call directory
Small to large sized Business
Vonage + Zendesk 29.99/user/monthCall information logging (auto), Realtime call analytics,
Call popup notifications
Small to large sized Business
JustCall + Zendesk $19 per user/monthSingle click for placing calls from Zendesk,
Call backlinks for missed calls from your contact,
Easy contact syncing
Small to large sized Business

1. Dialpad Zendesk integration

Dialpad Zendesk integration

Dialpad is a pretty large name in the VOIP arena with 11 offices and over 30 thousand customers worldwide. It has been working on many and currently provides various AI-based solutions for your communication system.

Dialpad offers seamless Zendesk Integration within its platform with the ability to sync and update data automatically on all devices. Zendesk support tickets can also be bought directly from Dialpad’s platform, along with many other features.

Dialpad + Zendesk features

  • Extract Zendesk customer records
  • Use Dialpad calls and messages from Zendesk
  • Access Zendesk profile settings through Dialpad

How does it work?

You can connect your Zendesk from the contact sidebar of the Dialpad platform. Then, connect Dialpad within the Zendesk app after buying the marketplace.

Dialpad’s Pricing

  • Dialpad’s pro plan- $25/user/month ( if billed annually, $35 monthly)
  • Enterprise solution (pricing available on request).

Dialpad also integrates with

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Hubspot

2. Aircall Zendesk integration

In VOIP business since 2014, Aircall records more than $100 million in revenue each year and has 700+ employees in 6 offices all over the globe. It provides a comprehensive platform to meet your business communication needs, offering integrations with many CRMs.

Aircall Zendesk integration

Zendesk integration is also one of them. Along with managing inbound and outbound calls with, you can utilize the Aircall phone system to fetch call information into Zendesk in real-time and make actionable reports.

Aircall + Zendesk features

  • View customer history
  • Assign a call to an agent
  • Setup automatic call routing

How does it work?

Aircall CTI can be downloaded from the Zendesk Marketplace or you can integrate the Zendesk front of the Aircall dashboard.

Aircall’s Pricing

  • From $30/user/month (minimum 3 users required)

Aircall also integrates with

  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Intercom
  • Salesforce

3. RingCentral Zendesk integration

RingCentral is an efficient cloud communication service powering more than 400,000 businesses all around the world. It provides support for 46 countries and offers 300+ API integrations within its unified app.

Ringcentral Zendesk integration

The RingCentral Zendesk integration can provide a unified experience, offering simple click-to-call solutions and innovative information pop-ups. You can also create new Zendesk cases from the RingCentral app to help users to follow personalized responses.

Ringcentral + Zendesk features

  • Matching records of calls
  • Call filtering
  • Ticket logs for multiple calls
  • Direct Bulk messages using Zendesk

How does it work?

You can directly use your Zendesk account by connecting it to the RingCentral unified app. It also offers its own message hub to integrate with the Zendesk app, making it easy to manage text messages, faxes, and voicemails.

RingCentral’s Pricing

  • Premium plan– $34.99/user/month
  • Ultimate plan– $49.99/user/month

RingCentral also integrates with

  • Salesforce
  • HappyFox
  • PCRecruiter
  • Microsoft Dynamic 365

4. GoToConnect Zendesk integration

GoToConnect is one of the world’s biggest software service companies that provides business communication solutions as well as many other industry-specific management systems. It has customers ranging in the tens of millions and boasts annual revenue of well over $1.3 billion.

GoToConnect Zendesk integration

The integration of Zendesk and GoTo Connect enables businesses to customize customer service and boost the capabilities of their sales team. While managing calls, Zendesk agents can easily access customer records and create or assign tickets.

GoToConnect + Zendesk features

  • Create call notes
  • Advanced Search Features
  • Client ticket management within the phone system 
  • Pop Call notifications for incoming calls 

How does it work?

The GoToConnect’s dialer/phone system can be installed from the Zendesk Marketplace and integrated into the Zendesk app.

GoToConnect’s Pricing

  • Standard Plan– $29/user/month
  • Professional Plan– $49/user/month

*both billed annually

GoToConnect also integrates with

  • Logitech
  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Teams

5. Nextiva Zendesk integration

Nextiva is a VOIP service provider that offers integration of various CRM and sales tools to make it easier for business communication management. With various awards and hundreds of thousands of satisfied businesses, it powers over 2 billion calls per year within its network.

Nextiva Zendesk integration

Zendesk integration on Nextiva will allow you to manage your workflow conveniently and share required information on both platforms.

Nextiva + Zendesk features

  • AI-powered task manager
  • Unified interface for making new accounts, contacts, and tickets
  • Popup for customer history
  • Bring call record to Zendesk

How does it work?

You can either install a dedicated desktop app for the integration or use the Zendesk app to download Nextiva integration from its marketplace. Nextiva even provides a browser extension for Zendesk’s instance.

Nextiva’s Pricing

  • Profession plan– $22.95/user/month
  • Enterprise plan– $32.95/user/month

*when billed annually

Nextiva also integrates with

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Zoho
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Microsoft Outlook

6. Twilio Zendesk integration

Twilio, which was established in 2008, has expanded its workforce to include 2000 employees. By offering communication services and CPaaS solutions to developers and hundreds of thousands of businesses across 180 countries, the company generates billions of dollars in revenue.

Twilio Zendesk integration

With Twilio + Zendesk, businesses can enjoy streamlined processes and workflows. The integration offers improved cross-platform communication and collaboration among the team members, enhanced visibility of data and increased efficiency through the automation of tasks.

Twilio + Zendesk features

  • Voice recordings for incoming calls
  • Screen popups for tickets and user records

How does it work?

Zendesk’s Flex CTI can be configured using various documented parameters provided by the Twilio team. Once done, you can enable the integration plugin and then install and use the Twilio Flex app from your Zendesk browser instance.

Twilio’s Pricing

  • Free for first 5000 active hours
  • Then, $1/active user hour
  • $150/named-user/month (unlimited hours)

Twilio also integrates with

  • Zapier
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce

7. OnSIP Zendesk integration

OnSIP is a cloud-based phone system that has served businesses for nearly 20 years. With over 100,000 businesses as their clients on its portfolio and excellent reviews on sites like Trustpilot, OnSIP is a trusted and reliable VoIP and SIP provider. 

Onsip Zendesk integraion

With Zendesk integration on OnSIP, you can automate the ticket generation process, time-stamp the call, and add identifying information to the ticket. Groups can be set up so that any user from a particular group is able to answer incoming calls. This feature streamlines communications by allowing users to answer incoming calls and queries from any user within a team.

OnSIP + Zendesk features

  • Receive alerts for incoming calls through pop-ups.
  • Tickets are generated automatically for new incoming calls.
  • Obtain the incident number promptly.

How does it work?

Make your account on OnSIP and then go to the “integrations” settings. You can enable Zendesk there through your Zendesk account. Upon doing this, all your Zendesk data will be synced with OnSIP.

OnSIP’s Pricing

  • Unlimited: $18.95 /month/user
  • Basic: $49.95 /month/user + Additional charges

OnSIP also integrates with

  • HubSpot
  • Slack

8. 8×8 Zendesk integration

8×8 is a leading cloud communication service provider with over 2 million businesses connected to its global network. It specializes in offering high-quality and secure services at affordable prices.

8x8 Zendesk integration

Zendesk’s integration with 8×8 eliminates the hassle of toggling through various applications to handle your business communication channel. It provides an efficient solution by making the process of handling calls/agents, sharing data, etc, easier.

8×8 + Zendesk features

  • Record calls when required
  • Screen sharing
  • Accessible call directory
  • Virtual meetings

How does it work?

The 8×8 integration plugin can be installed from the marketplace and connected using your credentials.

8×8’s Pricing

  • Starting from $9/agent/month

8×8 also integrates with

  • Aura
  • Vtiger
  • SugarCRM
  • Freshdesk

9. Vonage Zendesk integration

Vonage is a large cloud communication service provider that serves both end users and developers. It has a large library of application integration and offers a connection to a wide range of telecommunication networks, i.e., over 1600.

Vonage Zendesk integration

The integration of Zendesk with Vonage provides you with the flexibility to share information conveniently over both apps. It promises increased productivity with real-time statistics and efficiency with click-to-dial setups.

Vonage + Zendesk features

  • Call information logging (auto)
  • Realtime call analytics
  • Call popup notifications

How does it work?

The VBC platform uses Vonage Integration Suite to integrate services like Zendesk within it. Then, by installing Zendesk and configuring the account, you can enjoy the integration. Similarly, Vonage also provides its integration plugin, which can be downloaded from the Zendesk marketplace.

Vonage’s Pricing

  • Starting from $29.99/user/month

Vonage also integrates with

  • Unytalk
  • Surfly
  • Google Workspace
  • Salesforce

10. JustCall Zendesk integration

JustCall is an AI-powered, cloud-based VoIP communication platform trusted by over 6,000 business partners around the world. It is an all-in-one customer-centric system that allows you to automate several tasks and connect with the clients instantly, along with several telephony features such as inbound and outbound calling, multi-level IVR, call forwarding, and rerouting. 

Justcall Zendesk integration

Zendesk integrates seamlessly with JustCall. You can place calls and texts with one click. JustCall and Zendesk are a good combination if you want a customer-centric and automated sales or marketing team. Additionally, you can track missed calls, listen to voicemails, and send and receive text messages, all from your Zendesk dashboard. 

JustCall + Zendesk features

  • Single click for placing calls from Zendesk
  • Call backlinks for missed calls from your contact
  • Listen to call recordings and voicemails on Zendesk
  • Easy contact syncing

How does it work?

You can follow this step to integrate Zendesk with JustCall. 

  1. Login to your JustCall account 
  1. Access your Zendesk account and navigate to the Zendesk Marketplace.
  1. Use the search bar to find the JustCall application.
  1. Select the Install button for JustCall and choose the specific Zendesk portal where you intend to set up this dialer.
  1. Upon installation, the JustCall app will appear in the top bar of your Zendesk portal, enabling you to initiate calls directly from the portal.

JustCall’s Pricing

  • Essential: $19 per user/month (billed annually)
  • Team: $29 per user/ month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $49 per user/ month (billed annually)
  • Business: Custom (billed annually)

JustCall also integrates with

  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive
  • Freshdesk
  • HubSpot

How to Choose the Best Zendesk Integration?  

To choose the best Zendesk Integration for your business, you have to consider a few key factors:

  • Your budget and the provider’s pricing
  • Your needs and the features offered by the provider
  • Your technical skills and the user-friendliness of the integration.

Here are some additional tips to avoid common mistakes while choosing the suitable VoIP provider with Zendesk integrations. 

  • Analyze your business needs, wants, and why you need a VoIP + Zendesk integration. 
  • Spend time researching thoroughly and making a list of top providers, considering the above-mentioned factors. 
  • Make a checklist of the offers made by the provider that check out your business goals, needs, and wants
  • Read user’s reviews and ask for recommendations so that you can picture what kind of services are provided by them. 
  • Contact the Sales Team for confusion like hidden charges and policies to eliminate future misunderstandings. 


The implementation of Zendesk into a phone system makes it an even more powerful tool for business officials. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a powerful tool to manage customer relationships.

With a Zendesk phone integration, you can enjoy all the features of Zendesk within a phone system, which will improve your business communications.

Based on overall functionality, quality of service, and customer reviews, you can choose the best Zendesk phone integration available on the market.


Does Zendesk use VoIP?

Yes, Zendesk does offer VoIP functionality through its Zendesk Talk product. Along with it, Zendesk provides API integrations, which several other VoIP providers like KrispCall and Nextiva use to integrate Zendesk within them. 

How much does it cost to integrate Zendesk Integrations with VoIP? 

The average cost to integrate Zendesk integrations with VoIP might range from $15-$50. However, it also depends on the providers and features. 

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