Zoho CRM Integrations

For excellent client relationship management

Benefit from a versatile and customized workflow by integrating KrispCall with Zoho CRM. Boost your team productivity and enhance customer experience with CRM integrations.

Zoho Phone System Integration

Direct Calls from Zoho

Integrate Zoho with KrispCall cloud telephony to make calls directly from Zoho workspace without switching windows.

Automatic Call Logging

All your KrispCall call activities are automatically logged into your Zoho workspace for better tracking and call analytics.

Automated Post-Call Actions

You can automatically sync call information into Zoho CRM with KrispCall’s integration.

Zoho CRM Features

KrispCall’s integration with Zoho CRM offers you instant and long-term benefits. Streamline your business processes with our Zoho integration.

  1. Workflow Integration

    Maximize your workflow with Zoho CRM. Automatically log calls and sync client information from KrispCall to Zoho workspace to avoid losing potential leads.

  2. Advanced Analytics

    Access all your call metrics straight from your Zoho account. Integrate your call metrics with client information to gain a better understanding of your customer needs.

  3. Advanced Automation

    Automate your workflow with Zoho’s features for automated call logging and automated information sync. Save the time of your team and improve employee productivity

  4. Team collaboration

    Let your team know what’s happening in your Zoho. Share important records from Zoho to your team members in KrispCall and get instant team updates from KrispCall to your Zoho calendar.

  5. Improved Customer Service

    Automatically sync important client information between KrispCall and Zoho CRM. Map customer requests and consults for more personalized follow-ups and context-based offerings.