Pipedrive Integrations

To get the best visibility into your team

Streamline your workflow through auto-logging of calls, pipeline management, and contact syncing with Piperdrive CRM integration.

Pipedrive Phone System Integration

In-app Calling

Place incoming and outgoing calls directly from Pipedrive by integrating with KrispCall.

Automatic Call Logging

Automatically log calls of relevant contacts in Pipedrive for efficient recording, tracking, and analysis of calls.

Active Call Control

Gain complete control of your calls in Pipedrive with in-app calling, contact syncs, and access to contact activities from within the CRM.

Pipedrive Features

Enable KrispCall’s communication capabilities in Pipedrive for a superior CRM experience and efficient workflow.

  1. Workflow Management

    Simplify your workflow with Pipedrive + KrispCall integration. Export call details to Pipedrive, sync deals and contacts, and synchronize calling activities in real-time.

  2. Automated Call Handling

    Save time on manual updates by integrating KrispCall to Pipedrive CRM. Automate call handling processes using automatic call logging, automatic SMS follow-ups, and call transcription.

  3. Team Productivity

    Improve team performance with in-app calling and automation. Use power dialer and click-to-call options within Pipedrive for efficient business communications.

  4. Collaborative Workspace

    Collaborate with your team by sharing your call center activity, and details of customer calls directly in Pipedrive.

  5. Customer Experience

    Personalize conversations with clients to elevate the customer experience. Deliver customer-specific offerings by accessing relevant information from Pipedrive during live calls.