Microsoft Teams Integrations

The ultimate hub for teamwork

Gain more flexibility and high-quality support for your business communications by integrating Microsoft Teams with KrispCall.

Microsoft Teams Phone System Integration

Make Calls from Microsoft Teams

Make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams from your KrispCall number with the in-app calling feature.

Automated Call Handling

Automate call handling and processing with Microsoft Teams auto-attendant service to redirect customers to the right person instantly.

Track Your Call Activities

Access all your call activities in Microsoft Teams with contact synchronizations and automated call logging.

Microsoft Teams Features

Deploy KrispCall in Microsoft Teams to enhance team communication and increase customer engagement with a better CRM experience.

  1. Workspace Customization

    Customize your Microsoft Team workspace by structuring and managing content, adding tabs to organize call data, call recordings, and customer information.

  2. Simplify Communication

    Simplify team and client interactions in Microsoft Teams with one-click solutions. Instantly make calls, share files and tasks, and create group or private chats from KrispCall number in Microsoft Teams.

  3. Employee Engagement

    Enhance your employee engagement with Microsoft Teams’ all-in-one collaboration solution. Increase team interaction with options for voice calls, conference calls, and chat discussions.

  4. Team Productivity

    Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft teams brings essential business tools into a single interface. Store data in one place, readily make and receive calls, and prevent data leaks with file sharing and syncs to improve team performance.

  5. Customer Collaboration

    Collaborate with your customers in Microsoft Teams for higher flexibility in business communications. Use KrispCall number in Microsoft Teams for voice calls, video calls, and chat features to interact with your clients.