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Why Yodel Alternative?

KrispCall offers the best alternative to Yodel in the VoIP market. Get a more specialized VoIP solution with better team management features by switching to KrispCall. Pick your VoIP solution with our detailed analysis of Yodel and KrispCall.

Discover the benefits of choosing KrispCall over Yodel:

About Yodel

Yodel is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider. Yodel provides business phone solutions for companies. Companies can access call features such as intelligent call management, CRM integrations, and call analytics from Yodel. Yodel’s VoIP solutions are catered to all types of companies and businesses.

The perks of premium calling feature at a lower price than Yodel makes KrispCall an ideal alternative. So install KrispCall today to gain the maximum returns on your investment.

About CallPage

KrispCall: An Ideal Alternative to Yodel

KrispCall is the latest offering in the market with feature-rich business communication solutions. Installing KrispCall gives you access to a range of solutions for driving customer engagement. KrispCall has a wide range of solutions with the best pricing to suit each business type.

Install KrispCall today to access a range of custom business solutions at a better price than Yodel.

KrispCall prices & plans

KrispCall pricing plans are the lowest in the market. Our annual pricing plans start as low as $15/user/month. KrispCall’s Essential, Standard, and Enterprise Plans include a more extensive set of features than Yodel. Explore our pricing options and contact us to know more.

KripsCall prices & plans
Yodel to KrispCall ideal Alternative

Here are the main reason of customer are switching to KrispCall.

Latest VoIP Solutions

1. Contact Center Software
With KrispCall, you can instantly set up your virtual contact center. Our dedicated dashboard enables text and message functions in a single platform. Purchase toll-free, SMS and MMS-enabled international numbers to interact with your customers from multiple channels. Yodel doesn’t have a dedicated contact center solution.
2. Sales Dialer and Sales Automation
KrispCall is committed to providing the best offers for your business sales activities. Our intelligent sales call features include power dialer, predictive dialing, sequence calling, and group ringing. Clients can call, message, drop voicemails easily in your KrispCall number. Team managers can administer sales calls with our advanced admin options. KrispCall has a more specialized sales solution than Yodel’s.
3. Click-to-Call
KrispCall’s website calls are one-click solutions that drive lead conversions from your website. KrispCall’s web calling options help you answer client queries to improve customer engagement. Enjoy the benefits of easy call routing and transfer features and convert your website visitors to potential clients with KrispCall.
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Benefits of international numbers

1. Purchase international numbers
KrispCall gives you the choice for international numbers of over 100+ countries with options for toll-free and local numbers. KrispCall has options for SMS and MMS-enabled numbers so you can interact with your clients through multiple channels. KrispCall’s pricing plans are cheaper than Yodel.
2. Shared numbers
KrispCall offers the best bargain on shared numbers. Purchase any international number to be shared with your team. Share numbers with your team so you can be available to clients 24/7. KrispCall’s advanced team communication features help your company best utilize the shared numbers. KrispCall’s lower pricing means better savings with shared numbers.
3. Number Porting
Instantly port your existing numbers to KrispCall with our superior number porting services. Use our temporary outbound numbers during the porting process for temporary number porting within minutes. KrispCall provides a smooth number porting experience for businesses to easily transition to VoIP.
Shared number for your team

Using our messaging feature

1. Instant messaging
Gain easy access to clients through texting with KrispCall’s instant messaging features. You can send and receive text and voicemails on a single platform, making your interactions simple and easy. Install KrispCall for easy text and SMS features. Avoid switching between multiple apps with our multiplatform dashboard.
2. Bulk SMS
Achieve successful advertising campaigns with KrispCall’s bulk SMS feature. Send SMS to large groups with a single click. With the lowest prices for SMS, small businesses can carry out mass-scale advertisements using KrispCall's bulk SMS features.
3. MMS features
KrispCall provides choices of MMS-enabled numbers at the best prices. Use our MMS features to send MMS to clients for building your brand image. Send bulk MMS during promotional campaigns at a cheaper rate with KrispCall’s virtual numbers. KrispCall offers the best price for MMS-enabled numbers in the VoIP market.
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Why Customers Switch to KrispCall ?

KrispCall is cheaper, more advanced, and has niche solutions for all your business functions. Customers switch to KrispCall because they can access specialized solutions for sales and marketing at a much lower cost than Yodel.

Choose KrispCall today to get the best value for your money!

Yodel Alternative KrispCall

KrispCall Logo
Yodel Logo
Plans Essential - $15, Standard - $40, Enterprise - Customized Solution Premium - $25, Premium Plus - $35
Duration Monthly Monthly
Unified Callbox
International + Toll-free Numbers
International Phone Numbers 100+ Countries 100+ Countries
Shortcodes/Short Numbers Coming Soon
Number Porting
Pin Contact
Pin Message
Starred Messages
Call Recording
Pause/Resume Call Recording
Recording Playback Fast Forward
Call Filters
SMS Filter
Call History
Click To Call Button/Widget Coming Soon
Voicemail Filter
Bulk Contact Import
Public and Private Contact
Call Notes
Call/Contact Tagging
Do Not Disturb (DND) for Members
Do Not Disturb (DND) for Clients
New Lead Alerts
Member To Member Communication
Call Handling
Number Sharing
Call To Cellphones/Landlines
Call Blocking
Call Monitoring
Call Forwarding
Call Barging Coming Soon
Call Masking Coming Soon
Call Transfer
Call Mute
Call Hold
Block Contact
Phone Trees (IVR)
Automatic Call Distribution Coming Soon
Custom Greeting Messages
Call Hold With Custom Music
Voicemail Custom Greeting
Voicemail in Email
Forward to Cellphones
Contact Management
Email Support
Call from Any Number
Ring All Devices
Business Hours Coming Soon
Call Notifications
Call Conference Coming Soon
Available Platforms
Web App
Windows App Coming Soon
Mac App Coming Soon
Linux App Coming Soon
Android App Coming Soon
iOS App Coming Soon
Browser Extension Coming Soon
Call Center
Multiple Agents
Agent Groups
Ring Strategy  Coming Soon
Google Contacts Coming Soon
Microsoft Team Coming Soon
Slack Coming Soon
Hubspot Coming Soon
Pipedrive Coming Soon
Salesforce Coming Soon
API and Webhook access
Developer Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Data and Analytics
Call Analytics Coming Soon
Reports Coming Soon
Types of Customers
Small Business
Large Enterprises
Medium-scale Business
Frequently Asked Questions

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Which is the best alternative?

An ideal substitute for is KrispCall which is lower priced and equipped with advanced call features.

KrispCall offers a range of options for purchasing international numbers such as toll-free numbers, SMS and MMS-enabled numbers, local and national numbers. Small businesses can access these numbers at a cheaper rate than Yodel and also benefit from additional shared number features.

KrispCall offers a cheaper solution compared to Yodel. KrispCall’s annual plans are half the price of Yodel with more features than Yodel.

Switch from Yodel by submitting your Letter of Authorization, carrier, and SID details. Our team will instantly migrate your phone system to KrispCall.

Yes, you get to use the same Yodel phone number in KrispCall by accessing our efficient number porting services. We will port all your existing numbers to KrispCall platform immediately.

KrispCall has a centralized platform to handle all client and team communication. KrispCall’s multiplatform dashboard is more user-friendly than Yodel, with team-centric features such as admin options, shared number activity monitoring, in-app messaging, etc.