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Why DialPad Alternative?

If you are searching for the top alternative to DialPad, explore KrispCall’s latest VoIP offerings. With KrispCall, you get advanced call management and analytics at much cheaper pricing. Make the best choice for your business with our DialPad vs. KrispCall comparison.

Discover the benefits of choosing KrispCall over DialPad:

About DialPad

Dialpad is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform. Dialpad provides business call features catered to small and mid-sized business needs. VoIP solutions from Dialpad include Calling, Conferencing, Contact Center, and Sales Dialer. Dialpad has a range of contact management and call analytics features for its business phone system.

Get a more premium VoIP experience at a better pricing than Dialpad with KrispCall. Install KrispCall today to get better value for your investment.

About CallPage

KrispCall: An Ideal Alternative to Dialpad

KrispCall is the latest VoIP solution provider with exciting new features. KrispCall’s state-of-art dashboard gives your business the best call management feature in one place. KrispCall is a premium alternative to other VoIP providers in the market with the most recent VoIP technologies.

Set up KrispCall to gain access to the latest calling features at the most reasonable prices.

KrispCall prices & plans

KrispCall offers the best bargain for your money with annual pricing plans as low as $15/user/month. Our Essential, Standard, and Enterprise plans provide access to all the business features you get from DialPad at a lower cost. Explore our pricing options and contact us to know more.

KripsCall prices & plans
DialPad to KrispCall ideal Alternative

Here are the main reason of customer are switching to KrispCall.

Advanced Call Management and Analytics

1. Innovative Call Dashboard
KrispCall’s call management dashboard is designed for ease of use and simplifies your business communication. KrispCall’s “callbox” has the best utility features for your team to communicate internally and with clients. Callbox has the unique feature of a work communication tool merged with VoIP and is one of the firsts in the market.
2. Call Analytics
KrispCall offers the latest call analytics solution with advanced reporting and data options. KrispCall provides integrated insights into customer and team activities. KrispCall is better suited for enterprise-level companies that require higher-level data insights. Dialpad solutions are more focused on small and medium enterprises.
3. Better Team Management
KrispCall user interface is ideal for businesses that telecommute. Our desktop and mobile apps help your team communicate easily outside the office as well. KrispCall’s team-centric features include admin access, shared numbers, contact and call tagging, etc., for effective team management. KrispCall has one of the most comprehensive team management features in the market.
Advanced Call Management and Analytics

Better Option for Your Call

1. Purchase International Numbers
KrispCall provides the best-priced plans for purchasing international numbers. Our pricing plans are cheaper than Dialpad. You can choose options for purchasing voice, SMS and MMS-enabled numbers as per convenience. Gain access to virtual numbers for over 100+ countries at the lowest prices with KrispCall.
2. Easy Number Porting
KrispCall offers the easiest number porting experience for businesses. Instantly port your numbers and utilize existing numbers to make business calls. KrispCall provides one of the fastest porting services for businesses with temporary and outbound number options made available during the porting process.
3. Better Call Management
KrispCall contact and call tagging options help the teams better document the calls. Advanced call filtering options and intelligent features such as power dialer, call queueing, interactive voice response (IVR) helps you automate and manage your calls. With an agile user interface, you get the best calling experience with KrispCall.
Shared number for your team

The Most Business-Friendly Phone

1. Shared Numbers
KrispCall provides the best options for shared numbers. You can share numbers with your teams, so client calls are never missed. KrispCall’s call features such as call and contact tags, call notes, live call monitoring, and shared number activity tracking helps you utilize shared numbers to the maximum.
2. Call Routing and Transfers
KrispCall business call solutions are built with cutting-edge VoIP technology. KrispCall app is available for your desktop and mobile. You can instantly route calls to your desktop or mobile phones based on your convenience. KrispCall also provides the fastest call transfer service to instantly connect your clients to the concerned person.
3. Call Automation
KrispCall integrates intelligent calling features such as call queueing, power dialer, predictive dialing, interactive voice response, etc., for advanced call automation. Access KrispCall’s range of call automation features at a more competitive price than Dialpad.
The Most Business Friendly Phone

Why Customer Switch to KrispCall ?

KrispCall provides the latest VoIP features in a unified and easy-to-navigate user interface. KrispCall offers a wide range of international numbers and business calling features at the best prices. Install KrispCall today to get the best deal in the VoIP market.

DialPad Alternative KrispCall

KrispCall Logo
DialPad Logo
Plans Essential - $15, Standard - $40, Enterprise - Customized Solution Standard - $15, Pro - $25, Enterprise - Get a Quote
Duration Monthly Monthly | Annual
Unified Callbox
International + Toll-free Numbers
International Phone Numbers 100+ Countries 25+ Countries
Shortcodes/Short Numbers Coming Soon
Number Porting
Pin Contact
Pin Message
Starred Messages
Call Recording
Pause/Resume Call Recording
Recording Playback Fast Forward
Call Filters
SMS Filter
Call History
Click To Call Button/Widget Coming Soon
Voicemail Filter
Bulk Contact Import
Public and Private Contact
Call Notes
Call/Contact Tagging
Do Not Disturb (DND) for Members
Do Not Disturb (DND) for Clients
New Lead Alerts
Member To Member Communication
Call Handling
Number Sharing
Call To Cellphones/Landlines
Call Blocking
Call Monitoring
Call Forwarding
Call Barging Coming Soon
Call Transfer
Call Mute
Call Hold
Block Contact
Phone Trees (IVR)
Automatic Call Distribution Coming Soon
Custom Greeting Messages
Call Hold With Custom Music
Voicemail Custom Greeting
Voicemail in Email
Email Support
Call from Any Number
Ring All Devices
Business Hours Coming Soon
Call Notifications
Call Conference Coming Soon
Available Platforms
Web App
Windows App Coming Soon
Mac App Coming Soon
Linux App Coming Soon
Android App Coming Soon
iOS App Coming Soon
Browser Extension Coming Soon
Call Center
Multiple Agents
Agent Groups
Ring Strategy  Coming Soon
Google Contacts Coming Soon
Microsoft Team Coming Soon
Slack Coming Soon
Hubspot Coming Soon
Pipedrive Coming Soon
Salesforce Coming Soon
API and Webhook access
Developer Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Data and Analytics
Call Analytics Coming Soon
Reports Coming Soon
Types of Customers
Small Business
Large Enterprises
Medium-scale Business
Frequently Asked Questions

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Which is the best DialPad alternative?

KrispCall is the best alternative to DialPad. KrispCall offers advanced call management and better analytics solutions than DialPad.

You can access more business call features at a cheaper price with KrispCall. KrispCall allows small businesses to purchase international numbers at a cheaper rate and also send SMS and MMS at more efficient pricing than DialPad.

KrispCall is cheaper than DialPad with its basic plans starting at $10/user/month. DialPad has more expensive pricing at $15/user/month but with limited analytics capabilities.

Switch your phone system to KrispCall instantly. Simply submit documents, including a signed Letter of Authorization, carrier, and SID details, and let our team handle the rest.

You can use existing phone numbers while switching to KrispCall. Use our number porting service to retain all your business numbers in KrispCall.

For remote working, KrispCall’s state-of-art dashboard, “callbox”, is an ideal solution. Unlike DialPad, KrispCall integrates all client and team interaction in a single interface, making team communication and information sharing easy and straightforward.