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Why the SaaS Partner Programs are the Best Choice for High Commissions



Why the SaaS Partner Programs are the Best Choice for High Commissions

Are you looking for a way to earn extra income? Look no further than SaaS partner programs! These programs offer a lucrative opportunity to promote innovative software solutions and earn high commissions in return.

This blog will delve into the world of SaaS partner programs, explaining what they are, why they’re a fantastic option for high commissions, and how you can use them to earn high income.

What are SaaS Partner Programs?

SaaS partner programs are strategic alliances between software companies and external individuals or businesses in which an external individual or business (known as affiliates) promotes SaaS products or services to their network. Affiliates earn commissions for every customer they refer who signs up for the service. These programs are popular among marketers and entrepreneurs due to their high earning potential and recurring revenue streams.

High commissions are the lifeblood of affiliate marketing because they directly impact affiliate marketers’ earnings. The higher the commission rate, the more an affiliate can earn per sale or subscription. The best SaaS partner programs offer commission rates greater than 20% and often include recurring commissions and incremental revenue. This means that you can earn more with less effort, making SaaS affiliate marketing a profitable choice.

Benefits of SaaS Partner Programs

There are numerous reasons why SaaS partner programs are an excellent choice:

High Commission Rates

SaaS partner programs stand out because of their high commission rates. Typically, these programs offer commissions ranging from 20% to 40% or even higher. This allows affiliates to earn significant income from their promotional efforts.

In addition to the high commission rates, SaaS partner programs often come with performance bonuses and tiered commission structures. This means that as affiliates drive more sales and bring in more customers, they can unlock higher commission rates and additional bonuses. This tiered system not only motivates affiliates to improve their performance continuously but also ensures that their efforts are consistently rewarded. 

Recurring Revenue Potential

Another significant advantage of SaaS partner programs is the potential for recurring revenue. Since many SaaS products are subscription-based, affiliates can earn continuous commissions as long as the customer remains subscribed. This creates a reliable and steady stream of income, providing financial stability for affiliates. 

Furthermore, the recurring revenue model encourages affiliates to focus on customer satisfaction and retention. By providing excellent customer support and ensuring that customers are happy with the SaaS product, affiliates can maintain and even increase their recurring commissions over time. This long-term income potential makes SaaS partner programs particularly appealing.

Access to Premium Products and Services

SaaS partner programs often provide affiliates with access to premium products and services. This might include exclusive products, early access to new features, or exceptional customer support from the SaaS company.

Having access to these premium products and services can significantly boost an affiliate’s credibility. When affiliates are familiar with the latest features and have firsthand experience with the product, they can speak more confidently and persuasively about its benefits. This increased credibility can lead to higher conversion rates, as potential customers are more likely to trust and act on recommendations from well-informed affiliates.

Become an Advocate of Software You Believe In

SaaS partner programs let you promote software that meets your audience’s needs. You can choose programs that match your interests and your market’s requirements. By promoting software you genuinely believe in, you can create content that feels authentic and compelling. This makes your recommendations more trustworthy and valuable.

Moreover, when you passionately endorse a product, it helps build a stronger connection with your audience. Your enthusiasm can inspire more people to try the software. This approach drives sales and establishes you as a trusted advisor in your niche.

Top SaaS Partner Programs for High Commissions

There’s a vast array of SaaS partner programs offering high commissions. Here’s a glimpse at a few:


KrispCall offers a Partner Program that includes both an Agency Partner option and an Affiliate Program. These programs are designed to welcome various businesses and individuals who want to collaborate with KrispCall.

KrispCall Affiliate Program

As a partner with KrispCall, you can earn a 30% commission on every sale you make, and you’ll earn more as your referred members grow within the same workspace. You will also get special discount codes that you can share with your network for signup savings. 

Additionally, KrispCall provides a 90-day cookie lifespan, meaning you still earn commissions if your referrals take time to sign up. You can track your performance through detailed stats and data in your affiliate dashboard. Likewise, payments are made monthly and deposited directly into your accounts each month, ensuring timely compensation for your efforts.


HubSpot’s Affiliate Program is perfect for content creators who want to make money while helping businesses grow. By joining the program, you can earn a 30% commission on sales for up to one year. 

Hubspot Affiliate Program

The program offers tiered payouts, meaning the more customers you refer, the more you’ll earn. Plus, with a generous 180-day cookie window, you’ll have ample time to maximize your earnings.

The program also provides access to a vast library of over 400 promotional materials, training guides, and tips to ensure your success. Moreover, you can rely on HubSpot’s support team for help whenever needed and track your performance with customizable reports. 


Pipedrive offers a partnership program ideal for website owners, content creators, influencers, consultants, investors, trade groups, and any business keen on earning commissions. When you refer people to Pipedrive, and they become paying customers, you’ll earn 20% of all the revenue Pipedrive makes from them in the first year. There’s no cap on how much you can earn, so your potential earnings are limitless.

Pipedrive Affiliate Program

Similarly, Pipedrive provides a generous 90-day window for cookies. Joining Pipedrive’s Partner Program is free.  This program is designed to reward you for bringing new customers to Pipedrive, offering a straightforward way to monetize your influence and connections.


Moosend offers a rewarding Affiliate Program for those looking to help businesses grow using powerful marketing tools. You can earn up to 40% commission for each person you refer who signs up. Also, they’ve introduced tiered commissions, where you can earn more as you refer more paying accounts—from 30% for fewer accounts to up to 40% for 36 or more paid accounts.

Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend has already paid over $250,000 in commissions to its affiliates, showing its commitment to rewarding successful partnerships. It also provides a handy Affiliate Resource Center with banners, email templates, social media posts, and images to help you promote Moosend effectively to your audience.

  1. Semrush

Semrush’s partner program is based on revenue sharing, where the affiliate (you) promotes the product in exchange for commissions on sales.

Also, Semrush uses a last-click attribution model, meaning you get credited if your link is the last one clicked before a sale or trial. Plus, your referral link stays active for 120 days, so you can earn commissions even if there’s a delay between the click and the action. You’ll earn $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for every new lead generated, and even $0.01 for each new sign-up through your efforts.

How to Succeed with SaaS Partner Programs

To succeed with SaaS partner programs, follow these best practices and strategies:

  • Create high-quality content: Educate your audience about the benefits of the software by blogging, writing reviews, creating tutorials, or sharing case studies.
  • Target the right keywords: Use keywords that potential buyers search for when they are ready to purchase the software. This improves your content’s visibility.
  • Build a strong audience: Focus on providing value and establishing trust to build a loyal and engaged audience.
  • Showcase your experience: Share detailed information about how the software benefits you in your work. Discuss your personal experiences to build credibility.
  • Utilize various marketing channels: Promote your affiliate links on your website, social media, and through email campaigns to reach a broader audience.
  • Track your results: Use affiliate dashboards and analytics tools to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Leverage program resources: Make use of the marketing materials and support provided by the SaaS partner program.


SaaS partner programs offer a fantastic opportunity for affiliates to earn high commissions and build a steady income source. By choosing the right programs and implementing effective strategies, you can maximize your earnings and create a sustainable business. Explore the potential of SaaS partner programs today and take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

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