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Advantages of VoIP Call Centers: Why should businesses choose it?

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Good communication is the bread and butter for most businesses. And that’s more so in the case of call centers.

Traditionally, businesses used to rely on landline-based call centers to establish connections with customers. However, not all businesses have the luxury to afford extra expenses on call centers.

Call centers were expensive to run due to their physical infrastructure. But this is no longer the case. With the introduction of VoIP call centers, businesses can now afford their services at a reasonable rate.

With VoIP, you can handle phone calls over an internet connection. Because of that simplicity, VoIP has become the clear choice for businesses over traditional networks. It also offers powerful features like messaging, call queuing, call recording, etc., on top of regular mobile telephony features.

 Let’s discuss how to take major advantage of VoIP call centers and why businesses should choose it.

Advantages of VoIP Call Centers for businesses

The craze for VoIP call centers is growing at an unprecedented rate. Currently, over one-third of businesses are relying on VoIP call centers for their business communication. And looking at the trend, the number can only grow up.

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The reason behind this strategic shift is the features and flexibility. VoIP technology offers several benefits for businesses to handle productive business communications. And here are the five significant advantages of why businesses are choosing VoIP call centers.

1. Remarkable cost considerations

Cost is the primary reason why businesses are switching to VoIP. Traditional call centers were expensive because the physical infrastructures involved were costly. This resulted in expensive call rates. Using VoIP, you can slash call rates by avoiding unnecessary investment in traditional physical infrastructures.

VoIP service providers offer subscription packages to businesses at a much lower cost. On top of that, users do not have to pay extra money to enjoy exclusive features like call recording, call conferencing, etc., as they are already included in the subscription package. Using VoIP also allows businesses to avoid toll charges included by traditional telephony services.

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2. Ingenious features

Similar to traditional systems, you get all the generic features like call forwarding, call holding, call transferring, etc., with VoIP. But when you need exclusive features to enhance your communication quality and effectiveness, a VoIP call center is a no-brainer.

VoIP call centers come aboard with a ton of exclusive features like call recording, call queuing, call conferencing, auto attendance, video conferencing, etc. These features give you more options for managing the business effectively and effortlessly. Let’s talk about some key features:

i. Call queuing

Call queuing feature gives you the ability to answer a client’s call even if all the lines in the office are busy. The client’s call will be lined in a queue until the next agent is available to answer it. This feature is crucial at peak hours to handle all the incoming calls at once. 

ii. Call recording

Clients’ requests can be daunting. Failing to catch a point can make you do the entire project again from scratch. Jotting down the deliverables on paper may not be effective either. Firstly, it is easy to lose. It can also be easily misinterpreted if they are not written down properly. 

With call recording, you can save a copy of your conversation with the client. This can help understand the exact requirements and according check the progress of your work. 

Also, when clients are providing sensitive information like bank details, and card details, you will have the option to pause the recording. This helps to protect your customers’ privacy and gives them a sense of security.

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iii. Auto attendant

With auto attendant, you can set up a voice menu that automatically routes incoming calls to the concerned personnel. As the person to receive the call is predefined during the setting, it avoids the need for a human operator. It also prevents any human error in the process—this feature guides the company’s clients to different services offered by the company.

3. Business Tools and CRM Integration

VoIP service supports the mechanism of business tool integration. Such integrations help businesses expand their communication portfolio with services like emails, chat, video integration, screen share, etc. This allows businesses to view two-way communications between customers and the company seamlessly.

With CRM tool integration, you can turn your VoIP call center into a lead-generating machine. CRM tools help automate repetitive tasks boosting the productivity of reps. So, the agents will always be there when customers need them. It eventually helps your business close more deals and develop more important business relationships.

4. Mobility and scalability

VoIP call centers eliminate the physical limitation of handling calls at one fixed location. You will have the luxury to move anywhere feasible without worrying about the service.

No matter where the company moves, you can use its full service without changing the number. Also, companies with multiple locations can take advantage of using one VoIP call center for all branches.

It allows remote connectivity, which means employees or employers can bring their business phone lines anywhere to go. So employees don’t have to miss important calls. Most VoIP services provide mobile apps linked with call centers to handle incoming and outgoing calls.

Since VoIP services are not constrained by physical infrastructure, you can add or remove users in your workplace with just a few clicks.

5. Effective client interactions

As VoIP works over the internet, they are less vulnerable to signal fluctuations and network disturbances. VoIP services also offer echo and noise cancellation features. These features help you establish clear and undisturbed duplex communications.

Features like auto attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) guide the customers to the right destination in a definitive step-by-step process. This allows the customers to stay involved in the company’s customer service until the call is picked up. It significantly improves time management for dealing with customers to answer clients’ requests on time.

VoIP also allows companies to have call performance monitoring in real time. Companies can enjoy the benefits of real-time statistics on customers’ calls. It provides information about the number of calls active, on queue, and missed. It addresses the average time taken to answer a call and Talktime with customers. These statistics are essential in generating leads for the company.

VoIP service offers company personnel to listen to calls between an agent and a customer in real-time to ensure that accurate information is being conveyed to the customers. 

6. Advanced Security

VoIP call centers offer crucial security during a typical call. Having a secure calling service is essential from a business perspective.

A secure calling service assists in discovering fraudulent calls. These fraudulent calls can be a huge security risk for the business as they might bypass the company’s encryption to steal data.

VoIP helps to avoid such security risks by utilizing IP technology and including additional security layers through encryptions. So, hosted VoIP services defend their networks against potential threats themselves, which allows the company to feel secure.

These types of call centers also undergo security audits to analyze the phone calls in the system. These call centers consistently update their software to find and purge any vulnerabilities in it.

All things considered,

VoIP call centers provide numerous potential advantages that improve the productivity of a business. But you should keep in mind that not all VoIP call centers offer the same benefits.  

You can find different types of VoIP call centers whose price ranges, features, and support systems differ from each other. So choosing the one for your business can often be a difficult job.

For that, you need to first identify your needs, determine your budget, and list your business limitations. Then based on your findings, you should analyze the available VoIP call centers and choose the best suitable one for you.

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