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US Toll Free Number: How to Get One For Your Business?



USA Toll free number

If you want to make your business more accessible and professional in the US, own a US toll-free number today! This is essential and can be very effective in reaching out to customers, creating trust, and improving your brand image. 

Having a toll-free number helps you reach many customers in various areas of the United States and build a relationship with them. Customers are more likely to call a business with a toll-free number, especially if they are outside of your local calling area.

In this article, you will discover how to obtain US toll-free and understand all the significant advantages it can deliver to your company. “

So, let’s dive in.


  • A US toll-free phone number is a telephone number comprising a special three-digit area code (either 800, 877, 866, 855, or 844) that can be called from a landline or mobile phone within the United States. 
  • Giving customers a way to call you toll-free from within the US makes your company easier to do business with and raises your trust and accessibility factor.
  • Call forwarding, Call transfer, On-hold music, and Voicemail transcriptions are the features of US toll-free numbers.
  • KrispCall is a great option for obtaining a US toll-free number for your business. It offers seamless integration, competitive pricing, and a range of features to enhance your communication capabilities. 

What is a US toll-free phone number?

A US toll-free phone number is a number that allows callers to connect to you or your business without being charged. The person who gets the calls (the business or individual) pays for the opposite end instead of the caller paying every time they call.

What is USA Toll free number

In the North American numbering plan, the toll-free number list starts with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, or 833. Area codes reserved for future expansion of the US toll-free service include 822, 880 through 887, and 889. This is done for customer service and to make it easier for people to contact businesses without any added cost.

Here are some of the top brands using toll-free numbers: (Amazon) 1-(888)-280-4331, (Apple-) 1-(800) 442–4000, Walmart – 1-(800)-925-6278. In the USA, a toll-free number format typically follows the pattern: 1-8XXX-XXX-XXXX

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Advantages of US toll-free numbers for your business

The most critical strategic way to carry out in this competitive market is to ensure that one stays ahead of the others. The American toll-free number is one simple yet powerful tool that can help you achieve this. 

Separate Your Business from Your Personal Life

Toll-free numbers assist in the separation of personal and business life, which tends to eliminate confusion on both ends. This means that when one has to be productive at work, personal time can be restricted, but once there is a desire to attend to individual affairs, work is out of the way. Indeed, with a toll-free number, you can enjoy optimum work-life balance.

Project Professionalism and Build Trust with Your Customers

A unique toll-free number demonstrates a commitment to quality customer service and understanding of clients, fostering stronger relationships and boosting company visibility and reputation. It enhances trust and credibility while offering additional benefits like multilingual support and broader calling areas, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting diverse needs.

Break Free from Geographical Constraints and Reach New Heights

By getting a toll-free number, you will be able to tap into the markets across the United States at no extra cost. It is not just cost-efficient but provides an easy means to reach out to customers and open up new markets for business. You will avoid geographical constraints, meaning that your business will grow immensely.

Build Trust, Credibility, and Loyalty with Your Customers

The toll-free number is geared towards ascertaining and maintaining a solid reputation for service delivery, thus creating customer base loyalty. This cannot be compared to companies that mainly depend on recommendations and referrals. One way is to provide a toll-free number; this will make the customers realize that you value their business and are willing to do what it takes to offer them the best.

Get a Marketing Edge and Drive Conversions

A toll-free number is not just a business phone number. It also has the potential to be a promotional tool. Promotion is an effective way of increasing the volume of sales and conversions, and easy-to-memorize values contribute to the enhancement of brand consciousness and presence in the market. Also, by keeping a record of the calls made, you will be able to estimate the results of your marketing campaigns and make adequate changes.

Features of US toll-free number

  • Call Forwarding: Divert incoming calls so that you are never out of touch. You can divert your phone calls to any mobile, landline, or even another toll-free number, thus allowing you to manage your calls at any given moment.
  • Auto-Call Recording: Monitor and supervise all screening, answering, and connecting to ensure call quality and consistency, locate weaknesses, improve your employee education, and document voices in case of a legal battle.
  • Call Transferring: Handle calls in and out of other extensions or agents, making sure that the calls are connected to the right people or departments to reduce the incidence of referent calls and ensure the customers are attended to as soon as possible.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Established phone trees to route the calls to a particular line or receptionist, thereby ensuring the caller feels individual attention, routes them to the appropriate sector, or even allows them to solve a range of simple issues on their own.
  • On-Hold Music: Record others music or messages to be played to the calling parties when they are on hold, create a better image for your respected customers, make the callers feel they are not waiting, and at the same time publicize your products and services.
  • Voicemail Transcription: Transcribe voicemail in real-time helps you to cope with the messages, skim through the messages, prioritize, and even add and reply to the messages in email or SMS format, which is convenient in terms of communication management.
  • Time-and-Day Scheduling: This also has the ability to deliver calls and messages at certain convenient times and days so you will never miss any calls and schedules; you can also set various schedules for business, route different calls directly to specific agents or departments, and even record after-hour messages that will inform all customers that you are closed.

What area codes are available for toll-free numbers in the USA?

The available area codes for toll-free numbers in the USA are:

How does a US toll-free number work?

A toll-free number for a business firm works precisely like any other phone number. Regarding caller experience, a toll-free number functions similarly to any other phone number. Dial the number to contact a customer care agent or another staff member.

Any customer can place a call to a specific business without concern for any possible cost, as the business bears the cost of the call made to a US toll-free number. Whenever a customer excites the toll-free number, which is prefixed with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833, or the like, the call is forwarded to the customer’s local telephone company.

The local telephone company then requests the SMS/800 database to determine which business requested the call and to get the requisite routing information. The long-distance telephone company then makes the call to the business’s local telephone company, and then the business interacts with the customer. This entire process is done in under three seconds, and the caller does not see it happening while the business meets the cost of the call.

How to get a toll-free number in the USA?

To get a USA toll-free number, follow the simple steps:

  1. Choose a Toll-Free Number Provider: Select a credible VoIP service agency like KrispCall that provides a free virtual phone number in their subscription. They offer distinct features such as call transfers, call recording, IVR, and call analytics among these providers. 
  1. Create an Account: Go to the provider’s website or use the application; it’s available for both email and Google accounts. Follow the instructions to complete the account registration.
  1. Select Your Toll-Free Number: To try out toll-free numbers for your business, go to KrispCall’s interface, click “toll-free numbers,” and then choose the one you want to use. 
  1. Enter Payment Information: You can use your payment information, either credit card or debit card, for the service and start using it. Some providers also accept other payment methods, as it entirely depends upon the platform. 
  1. Set Up Your Users and Extensions: Once you have chosen any of the above numbers, you create new users for the account and select extensions to test people’s reactions to your marketing efforts. 
  1. Share the Number with Your Clients: Ensure that the number is prominently displayed at all times within your communication with the customers.

What documentation is required to get an American toll-free number?

No, you don’t need any special documentation to get an American toll-free number. However, national regulations backed by the FCC now require all USA toll-free numbers for businesses to undergo a verification process called A2P 10DLC  to be able to send SMS to a US number. This is the recent measure taken by the authority to reduce possible scams. 

Get an Affordable US Toll Free Number from KrispCall

KrispCall is a great option for obtaining a US toll-free number for your business. This service offers seamless integration, competitive pricing, and a range of features to enhance your communication capabilities. 

Here are 9 key reasons why businesses opt for KrispCall:

1. Simple Pricing: The pricing strategy that we adopted in our company is so simple that one does not have to search for hidden factors. What this means is that with KrispCall, you will only be paying for the services that we provide, and there will be no charges that will be considered unforeseen surprises to you.

2. Access from Any Device: Collaborate from the comfort of your home or wherever you wish using your technology—the app. No landline is required! Work in the office or on the move—do not lose the connection with KrispCall.

3. Shared Team Numbers: Integrate your number and contacts easily using shared access and call transfer control. This also means that your team’s work will be more efficient, regardless of the precise location of the people whom you have gathered.

4. Time-Saving Features: Choose features like auto attendants, call forwarding, and many other functions that will take work away from your hands. As highlighted in the case study, one should not lose sight of what is most important in life. This is because, with KrispCall, you do not have to spend much time worrying about getting calls; instead, you can work harder.

5. Call Recording: Record calls during call center training and quality control and get value-added features for free. It is recommended that you use these recordings to make necessary adjustments to your sales plan and enhance customer service.

6. Text-Based Voicemail Transcriptions: Voicemail transcriptions are processed and delivered on the spot and can be easily copied or forwarded to attainers. Second, with call answering, you can answer voicemail messages with little or no delay.

7. SMS and MMS Texting:  In addition, the toll-free number can be used to send and receive texts, pictures, and other messages to someone in need. Never lose touch with your customers and clients using their preferred channel.

8. Third-Party Integrations: KrispCall allows its users to integrate with some of the common platforms, such as Slack, HubSpot, and Zapier. That means you can continue using the tools we love and get this powerful feature from KrispCall.

9. Easy Number Porting: Follow our seamless porting process to port your existing number to KrispCall easily. Our KrispCall solution makes it simple to join our platform using your current phone number identification.

Join Us Today and Get a Different Feeling at  KrispCall.

  • Create a  KrispCall account and access your dashboard account.
  • Choose the My Numbers and hit the + Add New Number.
  • Select and click United States of America (USA) in the Select Country account.
  • In the Match to section, select the “first part of the number” option. Once you’ve set these filters, click the Search Number button.
  • Pick the required numbers from the search, hit the buy number button, and confirm the purchase.


How much does an American toll-free number cost?

On average, an American’s toll-free number can cost from $2 to $10 a month, depending on the service provider and additional services. Some providers may also charge extra for setups, minutes, and other services not included in the monthly charges.

What are the things to consider when buying an American toll-free number for your business?

When buying an American toll-free number for your business, consider the following factors: 

  • Cost: It’s important to compare prices and their offers for each provider.
  • Features: Find out which of these are essential to you and these include call forwarding, voicemail and text for instance. .
  • Coverage: If needed, check if obtaining the number from all 50 states of the United States and other countries is achievable.
  • Customer support: Consider the provider’s public support and credibility.
  • Scalability: Select a provider capable of providing for the future needs of your business in terms of expansion.

Do you need to pay extra for toll-free Service?

Yes, acquiring a toll-free number always involves a certain fee, which customers must pay. The cost can differ from one provider to another, depending on the number of minutes actually used, the optional features, and the call charges, which are mostly per minute usage.

After purchasing, Who owns the US 1-800 number?

In the case of toll-free numbers, you can be sure that whatever number you get from KrispCall belongs to you. We will give you a toll-free number, which you can call if business goes between you and us. 

Is it possible to send a text message with my American toll-free number?

Yes, you can actively use text messages (SMS and MMS) and your American toll-free number. It helps you communicate with your customers and clients in a way they would want to be communicated with.

What is the difference between vanity numbers, 800 toll-free numbers, and local numbers?

  1. Vanity numbers: Vanity numbers are special numbers that, when entered into the phone using the keypad, spell a word or a phrase, such as 1-800 FLOWERS. This strategy is well-known since it has been used for branding and marketing purposes.
  1. 800 toll-free numbers: These include toll-free numbers based on the 800 prefix and related prefixes. They are highly familiar and even traditionally linked to the business concept.
  1. Local numbers: These are phone numbers relevant to a special area, such as a city, a state, or a region. Hubs are even more commonly utilized by firms interested in developing local relationships.

Can I port my existing toll-free number to a new service provider?

Yes, you can transfer your existing toll-free number from one provider to another This is called number porting. When I sign up for service with us, we help simplify the porting process, and our support team will ensure it is done seamlessly.

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