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UK Phone Number Format: An Ultimate Guide



UK Phone Number Format

Are you tired of struggling to dial international numbers, especially when trying to connect with your close ones in the UK? 😫

Dialing international numbers with their area codes can be difficult, leading to incorrect dialing and reaching the wrong destination. However, the UK phone number format will help you understand how to route the call to the right country and area.

Let’s delve 🌊deeper into this blog to understand the UK phone number format, structures, and the dialing process. We will also unravel geographic, non-geographic, mobile, and landline numbers. 

  • UK Phone Number Format (Landline): (0XX) XXX XXXX
  • UK Phone Number Format (Mobile): 07-XXX-YYYYYY

What is the UK Phone Number Format?

UK phone number format is a standard geographic number consisting of a maximum of 15 digits and is based on E.164 standards. It includes all the important information to route the call to the right country and area. 

Similarly, a UK phone number in international format consists of three parts: country code, area code, and contact number

The area code and contact number make up the National Destination Code (NDC), which is essential for routing calls to the correct location within the UK.

Examples of UK Phone Numbers

UK Phone Numbers Examples

Landline Number

A landline number in the UK typically follows the format: country code, area code, and contact number. The format of UK landline numbers is (0XX) XXX XXXX.

An example of a landline phone number is 020 7946 0958. Meanwhile, when dialing the number outside the UK, ‘0is excluded and replaced with the country code +44. An example of a landline number dialed from outside the country is +44-20-7123 4567.

Mobile Number 

In the UK, mobile phone numbers begin with the digit ’7’ after the initial digit ‘0. Likewise, the format of UK mobile number is 07-XXX-YYYYYY

An example of UK mobile phone number is 07-123-456789.

Furthermore, if you dial the number outside the UK, the initial digit0’ is replaced with the country code +44. Hence, the example number dialed from another country is +44-7123-456789.

How to Write a UK Phone Number: Codes for Dialing UK Numbers

You should understand the proper format and specific dialing codes while writing or dialing a UK phone number. The format used in UK numbers is a single digit with clear differentiation of the area code and the subscriber number. 

UK multiple area codes range from 3 to 5 digits. When you dial a UK number from another area but within the UK, just dial a ‘0’ before the area code and phone number. Dialing the country code is not necessary. However, country code +44 is used with the phone number if you call from outside the UK.

There are codes for dialing the UK numbers. They are as follows:

1. Three-Digits Code

The three-digit dialing code in the UK always starts with 02, followed by eight-digit phone numbers. A list of three-digit UK dialing codes is given as:

Southhampton and Portsmouth023
Northern Ireland028

When dialing from the UK, the three-digit area code will look like (020)-XXX-XXX. If you call from a foreign country, the three-digit area code will be +44-20-XXX-XXX.

2. Four Digits Code

The four-digit dialing code starts with 011X or 01X1. After dialing the area codes, you should dial the 7-digit subscriber number. Large cities usually follow the four-digit code. When calling within the UK, the four-digit area code will be 011X-YYYY-YYY or 01X1-YYYY-YYY

But, if you are dialing from another or a foreign country, the four-digit code will be +44-1XX YYYY-YYY. Some of the UK areas and their codes are:

Areas Codes

3. Five Digits Code

The five-digit dialing code starts with 01XXX, followed by a 5 to 6-digit phone number. Likewise, UK numbers with five-digit codes will be 01XXX-YYY-YYY if you call within the UK. But use +44 1XXX-YYY-YYY when calling from outside the UK. 

Some areas and their codes for five-digit codes are:


4. International Dialing Code

Using ‘+’ in front of the international dialing code would be more appropriate as customers will understand that they must enter their specific country code. The country code for directly dialing the UK from anywhere in the world is +44.

To connect to another country, you can use the International Direct Dialing (IDD) code, which for the UK is 00. For example, dialing a number from Australia to the UK will look like 00-61-2-98765432

The breakdown of the numbers is 00 (IDD number for the UK), 61 (Australia country code), 2 (Sydney area code), and 98765432 (Australian phone number).

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Types of UK Phone Numbers

Several types of UK phone numbers are:

1. Geographic Number 

Geographical numbers or local numbers are associated with geographical position, which means they have certain area codes corresponding to definite regions of the United Kingdom. These numbers are traditionally assigned to fixed-line connections.

  • Geography number: 020-7946-0958(London)
  • UK Local Number Format: Area Code-Subscriber number

2. Non-Geographic Number

Non-geographic numbers are not associated with a specific location, which means they can be used from anywhere in the UK. Businesses often use these numbers to enhance their professional image.

  • Non-geographic number: 0845-123-4567(Shared cost)
  • UK Non-Geographic Number Format: Prefix-Area Code-Subscriber name

3. Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers used for cell phones are quite portable and flexible. They are normally affixed to the cell phone as a movable number, helping a person be reachable from anywhere. However, calls can incur a cost depending on the caller’s plan.

  • Mobile number: 07-123456789
  • UK Mobile Number Format: Prefix-Subscriber number

4. Freephone Numbers

Freephone numbers in the UK are toll-free, so the caller doesn’t have to pay charges. Instead, the service provider or organization receiving the call will be charged. Freephone numbers enhance customer inquiries and engagement, while local rate numbers are also commonly utilized for similar purposes.

  • Freephone number: 0800-123-4567
  • UK Freephone Number Format: Prefix-Contact number

How to Dial a UK Phone Number?

Dialing a UK phone number is easy once you know the pattern. Always remember to put the correct codes and contact numbers when dialing a UK phone number. Similarly, dialing the right code but on the wrong device can also cause your call to reach the wrong person. You can either call the UK landline number or the UK mobile number. 

How to Dial a UK Landline Number?

How To Dial A UK Landline Number

To dial a UK landline number within the country, start with the telephone numbering code 01 or 02. The number begins with 3-6 digits. Similarly, you can skip the area code when calling a UK landline from a UK landline with the same area. 

The steps to dial a UK landline number from other countries are:

  1. Enter the International Code: First and foremost, when calling a UK landline number, you must enter the access code of the country you are calling from. Generally, the initial digits are 00, 011, or ‘+.’
  1. Dial the Country Code: After entering the access code, dial the country code of the country you are calling. If it’s the UK, then dial ‘44’.
  1. Determine the Area Code: After dialing the access code and the country code, ensure that your call reaches the specific area of your contact. Correctly dial the contact’s area code, replacing zero if you are an international caller.
  1. Enter the landline number: Finally, enter your contact’s number after entering the access code, country code, and area code. Press the call button and initiate the call. 

For example, if you want to dial a UK landline number from the USA, dial 011-44-20-7946-0958

How to Call a UK Mobile Number?

How To Call A UK Mobile Number

If you are in the UK, dial the UK mobile number starting with 07. The phone number is 11 digits long, and you can reach a person within the UK by dialing the complete number.

However, outside the UK, there are some steps to follow. They are:

  1. Enter the International code: First, dial your country’s international access code, which is 00, 011, or ‘+.’
  1. Enter the country code: After entering the access code, enter the country code of the country your contact is from. If the contact is from the UK, dial 44.
  1. Dial UK mobile number: The process is slightly different when calling from different devices or locations. You must enter the contact’s complete phone number in its international format.

For instance, if you are dialing from the US, dial 011-44-7-23456-7892. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding the UK phone numbering plan format and dialing code is very important. Numbers in the UK can be geographic, non-geographic, or mobile telephone. For local calls, you dial the full number directly. For international calls, you need to include the country code +44.

For those looking for UK virtual phone numbers, KrispCall is a solid option. It offers key benefits like global connectivity, cost-efficient communication, and flexibility. KrispCall also offers features such as call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and call notes, thus improving the quality of communication processes. 

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Are all UK mobile numbers 11 digits?

Yes, all UK mobile numbers are 11 digits long, which begins with ’07’ followed by nine digits.

How many digits is a UK phone number?

A UK phone number can be 10-11 digits, with area codes for landlines and starting with ’07’ for mobile numbers.

Which is the best UK phone number provider?

KrispCall is the best UK phone number provider offering feature-rich numbers at an affordable rate. 


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