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Top 5 Industries That Benefit Most from Australian Phone Numbers



The Top Industries That Benefit Most from Australian Phone Numbers

Today, the business environment is very dynamic, and this brings the need for dynamism in business operations. Acquiring phone numbers for remote or hybrid employees can be challenging due to their constantly changing work locations. Local telecom companies may not be able to provide a suitable solution. 💡

Due to the high standard of living and the economy’s growth, Australia is an attractive market that can provide firms with an opportunity to gain new customers and construct credibility.

Companies in Australia use phone numbers such as toll-free numbers, shared phone numbers, and VoIP numbers that provide a simple and cheap way of communicating with customers, hence giving them a competitive edge in business.

Here, we will try to explain the five top industries that benefit the most from Australian phone numbers.


  • Australian phone numbers are typically 10 digits long and consist of a 2-digit area code followed by an 8-digit local number.
  • Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail and E-commerce, Hospitality and Tourism, and Education are five industries that benefit most from Australian phone numbers.
  • KrispCall helps companies to have a local phone number, no matter where in the world the company is located and win the confidence of customers in the Australian market. 

Understanding the Australian Phone Numbers

Australian phone number allows individuals and businesses to establish a local presence in Australia without the need for a physical office.

Australian numbers can be toll-free numbers, which means that callers are not charged for the call, making it more convenient for prospective students to contact the institution. By understanding the structure and options of Australian company phone numbers, businesses can select a number that meets their needs and effectively connects them with their target audience.

Australian phone numbers are typically 10 digits long and consist of a 2-digit area code followed by an 8-digit local number. When calling an Australian phone number from outside of Australia, you need to include the country code (+61) followed by the area code (without the initial “0”). Australian mobile numbers follow a similar format but with a 3-digit mobile carrier code instead of an area code. Mobile numbers in Australia are usually written in the format of 04XX XXX XXX.

Top 5 Industries That Benefit Most from Australian Phone Numbers

Undoubtedly, having a reliable and convenient communication system is crucial for any business, especially for those looking to expand their operations in a foreign market. When it comes to establishing a strong presence in Australia, businesses can significantly benefit from using Australian numbers. 

Now, let’s look at the top 5 industries that benefit the most from using Australian phone numbers.

1. Real Estate

It is important to build trust with local clients, mainly in the real estate industry. Australian phone numbers can play an important part in establishing this trust. With a local phone number, real estate agencies and property managers can establish that they are active in the local market and can be easily reached.

For instance, a property owner intends to rent their property out, and he or she is more likely to develop trust in a property manager with a local Australian phone number as much as he or she can easily access. This may be especially true in cases when it comes to managing rental properties, as property owners are interested in having their property well secured.

By acting as a local point of contact, Australian numbers can help real estate agencies and property managers build trust with their clients and establish a strong reputation in the local market.

2. Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, the availability of an Australian phone number can increase accessibility to healthcare services and making appointments. The benefit of using local points of contact is that it helps patients feel more comfortable contacting healthcare providers and scheduling appointments.

For example, a patient seeking an appointment with a specialist may dial a healthcare provider from an Australian local phone number, as it implies familiarity with the Australian healthcare system. This may be highly useful in patients who are likely to have several coping difficulties, such as those who are anxious or insecure about their health, which is central to the healthcare provider.

Australian phone numbers can help healthcare providers enhance patient engagement, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately deliver better healthcare outcomes by providing a convenient and accessible way for patients to contact them.

3. Retail and E-commerce

With regards to order tracking, customers expect updates of their orders to be as frequent as possible. By using an Australian business phone number, eCommerce businesses can easily send simple text messages or voice messages to customers about their orders. This allows customers to track their orders and their status from the time they are prepared to the time they are shipped.

Furthermore, an Australian phone number can also enhance customer relations. Customers can freely reach the business through the phone to ask about their orders, report a problem, or seek help. This is a more welcoming approach, which is usually more effective in the long run in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Overall, the use of Australian phone numbers in eCommerce operations can significantly impact customer support and order tracking, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, business growth. 

4. Hospitality and Tourism

First of all, the opportunity to use an Australian number would make it easier for customers to make bookings. In addition to the reservation button, customers can directly call the business to inquire about availability or even make a reservation. This brings about enhanced bookings and consequently improved revenues for the commercial establishment.

Also, using an Australian phone number in relation to inquiries can also be useful for customers. Customers can easily call the business to check on the services and facilities offered, or the prices to be charged. This can result in a higher level of buyers’ satisfaction and their commitment to the businesses that offer them access to this kind of information.

Overall, the incorporation of Australian phone numbers into hospitality and tourism operations can have a significant impact on the booking and inquiry process, leading to increased bookings, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

5. Education

Having an Australian phone number can go a long way toward adding more credibility to institutions such as schools that are based in other countries. This is beneficial because educational institutions can gain credibility within the target community. This means that the students can reach the institution directly without having to spend a lot of money through international call tariffs.

Additionally, an Australian phone number can also help facilitate effective communication between the learning institutions and potential students, where timely information is provided to the students to guide their educational choices. In turn, enhanced responsiveness to students may translate into higher satisfaction and retention levels.

The implementation of an Australian phone number is an important feature for educational institutions, as it can greatly improve the organizations’ credibility and accessibility, thus increasing the level of inquiries and enrollments as well as student satisfaction.

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An Australian phone number helps clients establish credibility and form a closer connection with the company without necessarily spending a lot on international calls. Getting an Australian virtual number with KrispCall is the best strategy for various industries in Australia.

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Having an Australian number can result in more customers calling for different reasons, more efficiency and quality in answering them, and overall satisfaction of customers’ needs. 

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