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  • Bantu Shrestha
  • Last Updated: 29 Apr 22
  • 6 min read

Top 5 Conversation Intelligence Software to Stop Losing Winnable Leads

  • Bantu Shrestha
  • Last Updated: 29 Apr 22
  • 6 min read

Do you work in voice operations and want to find the best conversation intelligence software to improve call outcomes?

In this post, We’ve discussed 5 such applications that can help you run faster, call QA, provide personalized SDR coaching, and improve conversation outcomes.

Stay connected till the end to know the top 5 conversion intelligence software to stop losing winnable leads.

What exactly is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence is the process of extracting actionable and valuable business insights from team conversations with prospects and clients.

The data gathered from these conversations are used to better understand the customers and thoroughly analyze the agents’ performance. Conversation intelligence ensures that every call is thoroughly analyzed.

In a typical setup, calls are listened to randomly, leaving a significant value on the table. All calls are monitored and analyzed with conversation intelligence tools for quality assurance.

Advantages of Using Conservation Intelligence Softwares

Customers are an organization’s lifeblood. An organization cannot function and progress unless it acquires new customers and retains existing ones.

As a result, your customer-facing teams (sales, success, and support) must be efficient in their conversations. To ensure this, you must continue to monitor every customer conversation in your organization.

However, analyzing hundreds of calls made by a small group of high-quality people is nearly impossible. This is where conversation intelligence software and tools come in.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of Conservation Intelligence software: 

1. Conversation intelligence assists sales teams in focusing on calls that require immediate attention. As a result, call quality assurance is completed more quickly.

2. Conversation intelligence ensures 100% call coverage instead of random sampling, which is used by the majority of organizations.

3. Conversation intelligence allows you to compare your agents’ performance to the benchmarks you set (e.g., listen to talk ratio).

4. Conversation intelligence can assist you in identifying potential areas for sales coaching.

5. Conversation intelligence drives direct cost savings by reducing the number of high-quality team members required.

6. Conversation intelligence assists you in detecting costly errors promptly (like regulatory and compliance issues).

Top 5 Conversation Intelligence Software to Improve Conversation Outcomes

Various factors influence the quality of conversation intelligence software. . While compiling the list of top platforms, we consider the following factors:

Customer service: Is it available at all times, and how useful is it?

Integrations: We researched various platforms to help you choose the best business phone system.

Pricing: We evaluated the costs for small and large businesses with varying features.

Security: To ensure the safety of your data, we investigated system security.

Here is a list of the top 5 Conversation Intelligence Software

  1. Enthu.AI: Extremely Flexible
  2. ExecVision: Improve Performance
  3. Jiminny : Effective Phone calls
  4. Observe: AI-powered agent 
  5. Voyc : provides a real-time view

The top 5 Conversation Intelligence Software are as follows. Let’s look at their features, pricing and plans, free trial period, platform support, and other information in more detail.

1. Enthu. AI: Extremely Flexible

Enthu. AI is one of the most popular forms of artificial intelligence software on the market.


Enthu, designed for contact centers and sales teams, integrates seamlessly with leading VoIP providers and provides quality assurance on 100% of your calls.

Enthu takes a scientific approach to agent coaching and training by replacing random sample selection with specific and measurable call moments. Instead of randomly listening to calls, Enthu assists voice teams in testing call quality hypotheses against actual call data.

One of the best things about Enthu.AI is the flexible engagement model: you don’t have to commit to an annual contract, and you don’t have to commit to a small number of agents.

Pricing: Custom pricing is available

2. ExecVision: Improve Performance

ExecVision believes that insights and data from customer conversations become more valuable when used to improve the performance of marketing, sales, support, and product teams.


This company believes that changing human behaviors can improve performance. It aids in closing the Insight-to-Performance gap, allowing your teams to improve performance based on powerful insights gleaned from customer conversations.

This tool can reduce onboarding and ramp time, increase win rates, lower employee attrition, and improve cross-functional alignment.

3. Jiminny: Effective Phone Call

Jiminny is a customer conversation intelligence software that analyzes customer conversations.


Jiminny records transcribe and analyze all of your business calls and meetings in real-time, providing you with the necessary data and insights.

All of this information contributes to more effective phone calls. It also integrates with its CRM software, giving you detailed insights into where to coach for the greatest impact. It is a wonderful platform for improving your sales team’s performance and motivating them to work smarter.

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $65 to $85 per agent per month.

4. Observe.AI: AI-Powered Agent

Observe is a voice AI-powered agent enablement platform. This software enables you to analyze more calls, evaluate agents, and coach teams while maintaining complete visibility into customer experience operations.


Businesses can use to look into customer sentiment intelligence and use this data to turn their agents into top performers. This tool analyzes 100% of calls, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity or risk.

Pricing: Custom pricing is available

5. Voyc: Provide Real-Time View

Voyc records voice and text conversations as well as feedback from multiple channels.


Following that, it analyzes all of this data using machine learning and AI, revealing important insights within this data to you.

Based on this analysis, you will learn how your customers feel: what makes them happy or unhappy.

You can also create flags and alerts for specific phrases. It also provides a real-time view of what’s going on and generates and sends reports to the appropriate people.


Until recently, most voice teams were aware of what was going on around their conversations. However, almost always, someone had to listen to the calls or rely on the agent’s notes to determine what was going on within the call.

Conversation intelligence software is unquestionably necessary if you charge a voice team.

Conversation intelligence is more than just monitoring calls; it is also about learning from them and improving the next conversation.

Enter speech AI and conversation intelligence tools, which allow you to glean meaningful insights from your voice calls without having to listen to a single minute of them. Examine the Conversation Intelligence Software mentioned above and select the best one for your company.

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