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Telegram for Community Building: Success Stories and Lessons Learned



Telegram for Community Building: Success Stories and Lessons Learned

It is a challenge 🤔 to establish and sustain a healthy online community in the current social media environment. Traditional approaches do not fit the bill usually because they are missing some of the features desired, and this leads to disengagement and failure😞 in the community. 

Telegram, an instant messaging application, contains features that can assist in creating and sustaining a powerful 💪 community online. When employing the option of Telegram, those communities will be able to make the experience more personal and interactive, giving the members the possibility to be more connected and informed.

In this blog, we will cover how you can use Telegram to build and sustain a thriving online community effectively. And also learn how it has assisted in creating powerful communities for personal, interactive, and engaging members.


  • Telegram has a global reach community ecosystem with over 200 million users. With 60 million active users daily.
  • Telegram can be accessed using multiple platforms, including desktops and mobile devices.
  • Establishing an online community on Telegram requires different strategies. It includes sharing exclusive content for engagement, bots for moderation and communication process, monitoring user behavior and content of the pages, and encouraging people to form smaller subgroups.
  • Many companies like Ted Talks, Nitcoin, and the Washington Post were successfully able to build and manage strong online communities using Telegram.

Why Use Telegram for Community Building?

Telegram is best for community building as it offers a wide range of features, security, and a user for the enhancement of the community base. Here are the reasons why you should use telegram for community building. 

  • Large Group Capacity: It has millions of users, with more than 200 million people using the platform monthly and 60 million using it daily. This makes it such a good platform as many people can be reached. It has the capacity to add 200,000 members in a Telegram group.
  • Channels for Broadcasting & Engagement: In Telegram, channels are used for engagement, which means the owners of the channels ask people questions, take their feedback, and spread various content. This makes people more likely to respond and feel like they are an integral part of the community.
  • Engaging Features: There are numerous features within Telegram which assist in community development. It is made of VoIP calls, customizable robots, sharing images & videos, and conversations that are linear. There are also polls, quizzes, and secret chats, which are private and safe for all consumers.
  • Advanced Admin Tools: Telegram provides features and options that allow administrators to run their communities. They can block people who cause problems and decide upon the level of severity they prefer.
  • Focus & Privacy: Telegram allows you to create a community as your data is hidden while being organized. It has robust security options such as private talks and channels, custom robots, and content management.
  • Security & Encryption: Telegram provides all communications to be discreet and safe having incorporated end-to-end encryption. This is very important for blockchain projects that require some information to be kept secured from other parties. 

How to build a Telegram community (channel)? 

Building a strong online community on Telegram platform requires strategy. It means you need to choose an audience, have new ideas, and need to share exclusive content that would engage the audience. You should also include helper bots for moderation and communication purposes. Apart from that, there are certain steps that you need to take if you want to a successful Telegram community.

How to build a Telegram community (channel)

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to build a successful Telegram community:

  1. Define your niche: Here, you must come up with the topic or the theme you want your community to be based on, which will attract your target market. 
  1. Create engaging content: Ensure that there is regular posting of new and related information through posting of articles, images, videos among others, to make them engage. 
  1. Set clear rules and guidelines: They showed that appropriate setting of standards should be done in good time to ensure your community is the kind of place members would like to be in. 
  1. Foster active participation: Ensure you participate in the community through this by using calls-to-action like the use of questions, reposting your own content, and commenting. 
  1. Monitor and respond to feedback: Notice the comments of your community members and respond to all of them and their comments politely and in detail. 
  1. Collaborate with influencers and admins: Reach out for other influencers or other admins in your particular niche to help in the promotion of the group and the increase in number of people joining the group. 
  1. Analyze and optimize: Evaluate how your community is doing and use that to improve the various features in a cascading approach. 

And in order to further grow the community, you will have to begin hosting the interactive sessions, assign community moderators, as well as monitor the content of the pages. It is also important to encourage people to form smaller subgroups, interconnect online discussions with real-life meetings, and distribute moderation among the volunteers.

Thus, using these approaches, it’s possible to create an active community in the Telegram application. Several telegram channels allow you to take advantage of community experience, the latest analytics, and payment options globally. With these tools, you can build a good community, which will assist in achieving set objectives.  

Telegram Community Success Stories

No doubt telegram is a great platform for building and managing communities through the implementation of various strategies. Here is the list of the Top 3 success stories of companies that build a strong community in Telegram. 

  • Ted Talks: Ted Talks also has a Telegram channel where it shares popular videos from their channel, which are also available on YouTube. This is, in a way, useful for those users who rarely visit YouTube since they can be informed of the latest videos. TedTalks channels have over 2.5 million subscribers from all over the world.
  • Washington Post: The Washington Post’s telegram channel, with over 150,000 subscribers, delivers short announcements about the latest news through Telegram. This keeps users updated with information on current affairs and makes them more interested in the newspaper. 
  • Nitcoin: Notcoin is a successful example of a community in Telegram that contributed to the creation of other communities in Telegram and The Open Network (TON). With over 10,000 dedicated members community, Nitcoin focuses on new and creative ideas to ensure it achieves the set goals and keeps on engaging users. 

The above examples demonstrate how businesses build community in Telegram by providing users with inspiring ideas updated content and enhancing their experience for more engagement. 

Lessons Learned from Telegram Community Success

Let’s explore some lessons you can learn from Telegram community success, highlighting the strategies best practices to thrive in the community platform and leverage automation with personal touch. 

  • Consistency and providing data timely: Creating a posting schedule, being consistent with updates, and providing content relevant to your base will keep your community engaged. You also need to be truthful and offer genuine information, introduce timely changes, and make important decisions that will increase the level of credibility and enhance the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Managing large groups and preventing spam: In order to prevent your large group in Telegram from being ignored and messy, you should control in-app spam and other unwanted actions. Establish guidelines regarding what should and should not be posted and shared. And select carefully the people who will help you moderate the selected social media platforms.
  • Encouraging engagement and participation: In order to engage the audience and encourage them to join your group, you can test various posts, including polls and quizzes. You can share your group on various social platforms and use advertising to capture new members.
  • Balancing automation with a personal touch: For effective functioning of the Telegram community while maintaining the level of automation and human touch, employ Telegram bots, set the program schedule, and personalize. You can also create opportunities for feedback, and experiment and refine approaches. 

Best Practices for Building a Community on Telegram

Here are some of the best practices you can do to build a community on the Telegram platform.

1. Know your audience

The first and crucial step to creating a successful Telegram community is knowing who your audience is. Make sure you know what your customer wants. It’s important to have an idea of what your customers desire and what their requirements are.

It is also advisable to know the needs and problems of telegram community members. This will assist you in laying down a good foundation for the community that you want to create. Knowing your customer in a meaningful and organized way leads to build a strong community on Telegram.

2. Prioritize Security and Privacy

Moreover, if you want to preserve the health of your community and their active participation in the conversations, you should keep your Telegram account safe. Add an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access into your account by enabling two-step verification.

Scan for any unusual activity and go on to put up a password to further increase the security of the account. Always protect your members’ privacy by changing your settings. This will enable you to develop a safer and trusted environment for yourself and others. 

3 Interaction and foster engagement

Getting your members involved in the community is key to creating a solid foundation of community followers. You should post updates as frequently as you can in order to update them with the latest information.

Get them to participate by hosting Q&A sessions, polls, or games that will keep them interested.

Give attention to them and consider their advice in case you modify your approach in the future. This will assist you in developing membership and promoting engagement among them.

4. Use Telegram’s Unique Features

There are a wide range of features that exist in the Telegram app that helps to enhance the experience of the users in the community. For example, you can use secret chats to talk about personal or crucial issues. You can also utilize bots to deliver welcome messages or monitor content.

If you want to broadcast messages to a massive audience, then you should use channels, but if you want to converse and engage with people, then groups are ideal. With the help of these features, the workflow is improved, and the members of a community get a more interesting experience. 

5. Offer Support and Resources

To offer support and resources, one must provide help and tools. Ensure your members in your Telegram community are aware of where to seek assistance, such as the Telegram Form for reporting issues. You should also have a FAQ section or helpdesk where more frequently asked questions by users are addressed as well as further assistance given. 

6. Promote and Grow

To grow and promote your telegram community, you require exercising and facilitating. You can invite more people to join your Telegram group by using social media platforms. There is also an option to connect with other Telegram channels or organizations to expand the number of subscribers.

In this way, you can foster conversation and orchestrate the growth of your audience base to consist of a greater and more varied demographic. Inviting more people using different social media not only engages people but also promotes and helps to grow your telegram community. 

Final Words 

Telegram has been described as one of the most effective tools when it comes to building a community since it has functionalities that make conversations fast and easy among members. Starting from social activism to business networking, there are many examples that prove that the communities are thriving on Telegram.

The proper use of features and focused strategies based on effective communication and flexibility make it possible for communities to reach their goals successfully on Telegram. However, frequent and transparent communication is needed to follow the vision and objectives of the community you build on Telegram. 

That aside, sometimes, you might need to create multiple accounts on Telegram and that requires using the phone number. Multiple accounts can be handy when you require different accounts for personal and business use. So what is the solution?

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Telegram is generally considered safe and secure for building online communities as it includes safety features like end-to-end encryption, two-step verification, and a reporting mechanism. Despite of its security features users should be aware of their privacy settings and potential vulnerabilities.  

With Telegram channels, you can have one-way communication, where admins can broadcast messages to a large audience, while groups focus on two-way communication among members. Groups also allow discussions and interactions.

Yes, there are paid promotion options for Telegram channels that help you promote and build an active community within your channel or group, boost sales, gain paid promotions, and see fast growth to help you distribute content, gain new subscribers, and increase sales to your brand or business. 

Yes, there are many tools or bots that can help you manage and moderate your Telegram community. Some of them are BotFather, Combot, AdminBot, GroupHelpBot, and many more.

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