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How to keep your virtual phone number spam-free?

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A business thrives when there is an influx of people with the prospect of getting products or services from it. A phone call is always a good sign of a potential customer reaching you for your products and services. But sometimes, you may encounter fraudulent calls, also known as spam calls.

Scam calls are a common thread that can ring frequently in your virtual phone number. Scam calls feel irrelevant at first. But slowly, they grow very harmful to the point your cloud phone system loses its credibility. They are like a parasite infecting your work productivity and data privacy.

On the bright side, there are preventive measures that you can take to get rid of these scam calls. Let’s learn about possible ways to get a spam-free virtual phone number.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number looks just like a regular phone number. This number requires an internet connection instead of a typical wired phone connection. Cloud-based phone systems, powered by VoIP technology, offer virtual phone numbers. You can use it through web applications, desktop software, or mobile apps. Since the cloud phone requires software and internet connectivity to make a phone call, there are sometimes referred to as softphone or webphone.

Virtual phone numbers are also known as international phone numbers. You can get an international phone number from any country of your choice. They are of different types. For example, KrispCall offers four types of phone numbers on its platform. They are Toll-free numbers, Local numbers, Mobile numbers, and National numbers.

Virtual phone numbers are flexible. You can use them from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet connection. You need to pay a monthly or annual subscription to use them. They are about 70% cheaper than traditional phone numbers.

7 ways to keep your virtual phone number spam-free

Scam calls are a huge issue for anyone running a business through a virtual phone number. According to the reports, cloud-based phone systems saw more than an 18% rise in scam calls in 2020. These scam calls bring inconvenience to the user handling the call. Although it is impossible to eliminate all scam calls, you can avoid most of them. Here are 8 ways to keep your number’s call log clean from scam calls:

1. Change your current number

The easiest way to avoid spam calls on your current virtual phone number is to get a new phone number. This immediately eliminates all your spam calls problems. It will be a good option if you use the number for personal use or a new business. But for a well-established business, changing a number can affect your business. Although it’s a good way to escape scam calls, it’s just a temporary solution.

2. Embed auto-attendant feature

Auto attendance is a cloud telephony feature that interacts with people without the intervention of humans. It uses a virtual receptionist that routes people to specified extensions via a menu. People have to press the number keys to respond to the given menu. Auto attendance feature defends your virtual phone numbers against bot calls. Since bots cannot press a key to respond to the menu, the call is suspended after some time. This feature reduces the significant amount of scam calls from bots.

3. Check out the DNS registry

Registering your virtual phone number in the National Do Not Call (DNC) list is an apparent technique to avoid spam calls. By doing so, your agents will no longer be hounded by bothersome scammers, lawyers, and telemarketers.

Although the DNC register will not fully eliminate calls, it will help to reduce most of them. You might also use a service like Do Not Disturb, which disables notifications for incoming calls from specific numbers. You only need to add the undesired numbers to the list once to complete the task.

4. Add scam numbers to block list

Scam calls are really annoying. Whenever you come across a scam call, the best option to follow is to add that number to your block list. This is a reliable and effective process. Once you block a number, you will no longer have to worry about calls or messages from that number. But you can keep getting scam calls from different numbers, which you can add to the block list every single time.

5. Integrate call tracking software

Many call tracking software has spam control measures. Making deliberate attempts to protect your virtual phone number against spam calls is worthwhile. It can also safeguard your call monitoring data. It’s all too easy to fall for advertising agencies that promise a certain quantity of calls or leads if you work with them.

Unfortunately, you will receive fake calls that are common and might corrupt your data. Using a call tracking tool allows you to see how well your ads are doing, identify spam calls and get information on quality prospects.

6. Ignore scam calls

Even after securing your phone number from scam calls, you cannot completely eliminate all of them. You will still have to tackle random scam calls. Well, the best option is to ignore these calls. If you pick any scam calls, instead of losing your time and productivity by talking on these calls, you can simply hang out.

7. Reach your cloud phone service provider

The last attempt to eliminate scam calls is by contacting your cloud phone service provider. Despite all your efforts to stop scammers from calling your virtual phone number, the problem is still at large. You’re still dealing with an increasing amount of obnoxious phone calls. Your service provider can assist you in blocking calls from numbers you don’t wish to connect with. You can blacklist calls from certain area codes in addition to blocking specific phone numbers, giving you even more security against spam.


Spam calls can severely affect your working routine. It invites unproductivity due to irrelevant interaction. Also, it can cause security risks of important data on your system. Keeping your virtual phone number clean from spam calls is necessary to keep the flow of relevant calls.

Having a good cloud-based phone system also assists in tackling those spam calls. On that note, KrispCall is one of the secure cloud telephony platforms against spam calls in the market. KrispCall is rich in advanced features that keep you track of all the inbound calls. The Contact Tags feature allows you to tag scam phone numbers and block them. The call monitoring feature enables your team to listen to these scam calls in real-time for giving training and feedback.

KrispCall also has a Phone Trees (IVR) feature that handles high inbound calls with a virtual receptionist. It is best known for its powerful CRM integration that means you can integrate call tracking software to reduce scam calls.

If you want your virtual phone number spam-free, KrispCall can be your savior. You can schedule a free KrispCall demo. And in the full subscription, you can even port your existing number to their cloud telephony platform.


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