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10 Best Practices for Leveraging SMS Customer Support



Best Pracatices for Leveraging SMS Customer Support

In today’s business world, customers want a quick response from the support teams. Phone calls 📞 and emails 📧 can sometimes lead to delays or miscommunication. Managing a high volume of customer inquiries through these mediums can also be difficult and costly for customer support teams.

One powerful tool 🧰 for resolving this problem is text messaging for customer support. It offers numerous benefits, such as personalized interactions, higher response rates, and immediate communication, and it can significantly improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In this blog, you will learn about SMS Customer Support, its advantages for businesses, and some best practices for leveraging text messaging for customer support. 

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  • SMS Customer Support utilizes text messaging or SMS service to resolve customer issues promptly and enhance satisfaction.
  • SMS Customer Support offers high engagement and open rates that help reach customers directly and effectively.
  • The 10 practices listed below are for “leveraging SMS customer support.” Implementing them helps to optimize the organization’s overall efficiency and performance.
  • SMS Customer Support is commonly used during order confirmations, appointment reminders, FAQs, or payment reminders.

What is SMS Customer Support?

SMS Customer Support is a text messaging service that most business organizations and companies use to resolve customer issues and answer questions. SMS in customer service helps improve customer satisfaction. Also, Integrating CRM systems with the SMS platform can help manage SMS interactions alongside other support channels.

SMS Customer Support offers an effective means of communication that can enhance the overall customer experience. Some common examples of SMS Customer Support are Transactions, payments, appointments, discount and promotion offers, and event reminders. SMS customer service is mainly used in call centers, banking, education, real estate, e-commerce, logistics, etc.

Businesses can provide a comprehensive multi-channel support experience by integrating SMS with emails and phones. This efficient approach to customer service ensures timely communication, making the audience feel secure and well-supported. 

An example of an SMS Customer Support can be like

“Thanks for contacting Earlsworth Cooperation. We have received your message and will get back to you very soon. Please kindly cooperate with us.”

What is the Importance of SMS Customer Support?

SMS Customer Support is vital for immediate customer response and can increase customer engagement metrics. SMS customer support can be more convenient since text messaging has become more popular than calls for customers to connect with businesses. Some of the significant benefits of SMS Customer Support are as follows:

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers’ satisfaction increases When they respond to their inquiries promptly. Personalized SMS support allows you to address individual customer needs. Timely reminders, sending order confirmations, and timely delivery updates increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Sales & Conversion: SMS is primarily used to send promotional messages and special offers that boost sales and conversion rates. Tracking response times, engagement rates, and customer interactions helps maintain your customer support strategy.
  • High Engagement & Open Rates: Since SMS text messages have a 98% open rate, which is significantly higher than email, the SMS Customer Support system is mainly used to grab immediate attention and have direct communication, unlike emails, which go to spam folders or gets buried in the inbox.
  • Enhanced Security & Verification: SMS is widely used for sending verification codes, which can add a layer of security to customer accounts and transactions. Also, Immediate SMS notifications and alerts about various suspicious activities can be sent via SMS, which can help prevent fraud and unauthorized access.
  • Customer Retention: SMS can re-engage inactive customers by sending personalized messages, special offers, or reminders. With regular updates and exclusive offers, businesses can enhance customer loyalty programs to satisfy clients and create customer retention strategies

10 Best Practices to Leverage SMS Customer Support

SMS Customer Support is used in almost every business nowadays. However, many businesses might not know some of the best practices for leveraging text messaging or how to improve SMS customer support to optimize their efficiency and performance. 

Here are the 10 best practices to leverage SMS Customer Support

1. Choose the Right SMS Support Platform

One of the first and most important practices for leveraging SMS customer support is choosing the right SMS Marketing platform for your business. There are many messaging platforms, like direct SMS and messaging via social media through SnapChat, Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.

You might find it challenging to determine which SMS support platform might be best for you. However, you can interact with your customers to see which support channel they prefer the most and make decisions accordingly. You can get various unique features from these support channels as well.

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2. Message Personalization

Personalizing messages is one of the best practices for leveraging text messaging. The first step in this process is gathering customer information like names, purchase history, and past interactions. Addressing the customers by name can make the interaction feel more personal and valuable. 

Also, Sending follow-up messages to the customers after they buy a product and then offering them some tips about the product can be quite good practice for better customer support. With these, you can create a more engaging customer service experience.

3. Automate Common Responses

Another popular practice for leveraging SMS or text messaging for customer support is automating common responses. This practice can save time for both customers and agents, as it can address FAQs or routine interactions through automated responses.

Immediate responses can ensure customer satisfaction, as customers don’t have to wait longer for replies. These responses are mostly used during order confirmations, appointment reminders, FAQs, or payment reminder messages.

4. Integrate SMS with other Support Channels

Integrating SMS with other support channels helps provide seamless customer communication and ensures customers can switch between channels without losing their interaction. This practice can often lead to higher satisfaction and quicker resolution.

Support agents can manage all customer interactions from a unified interface. An integrated system with various support channels, such as chatbots, video conferencing, and emails, can enable better tracking and analyzing customer support performance.

5. Ensure Security & Privacy

One major practice for leveraging SMS customer support is ensuring security and privacy. Data encryption plays a vital role in ensuring that both parties can encrypt sensitive information, such as personal and account details sent via SMS, and that unauthorized parties are prevented from intercepting and reading messages. 

Also, Ensuring compliance with relevant data protection policies like GDPR and CCPA can govern handling of personal information through SMS channels. With these practices, organizations can provide efficient and secure customer support, protect customer privacy, and maintain trust.

6. Train Agents & Support Teams

This practice is crucial for leveraging a proper SMS customer support service. The agents must deeply understand the products and services, including their features and functionalities. This can make the agents feel more confident while answering customer queries.

Also, Training the agents and support teams by teaching them proper customer service skills like active listening, empathy, and problem-solving can help build positive customer interactions.

7. Give Prompt & Quick Responses

One common practice that should be leveraged for SMS customer support is prompt and quick customer responses. Since Customers expect quicker responses, all agents and support teams should be aware of and regularly monitor response time and customer feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of prompt responses.

Organizations can focus on positive customer experiences and improve the satisfaction level of their customer base by setting a customer response time goal and focusing on prompt responses.

8. Collect and Monitor the Customer Feedback

Collecting and monitoring customer feedback is another way to leverage SMS customer support. Customer Feedback is necessary to understand customers’ honest opinions about the service and product. Organizations can get plenty of ideas to implement from customer feedback and what can be improved. Customer Feedback Management is necessary for these processes.

Listening to and implementing customer feedback can make customers feel appreciated and valued. Organizations can gain valuable insights into customer perceptions and ultimately strengthen customer relationships. It enhances the effectiveness of customer support and contributes to overall business success and growth.

9. Follow-up with the customers

It might be easier for the agents to answer the customers’ queries, but it is much harder to follow up with them later. With Follow-up messages, organizations can demonstrate commitment and foster positive customer relationships for continuous improvement.

Also, you can utilize automation to send follow-up messages and enhance personalization by addressing the customer’s name. Providing contact information or a direct link to other support channels to ensure the customers can reach out again if there are any queries can be a good follow-up process for organizations.

10. Promote Your SMS Customer Service Across Other Social Media Platforms

The last and another important practice for leveraging SMS Customer Support is promoting SMS customer service/ support across various social media platforms like newsletters, voicemails, websites, email signatures, etc.

In this way, many customers might use your SMS customer support service after seeing all the advertisements. You can also implement SMS shortcodes to see whether your targeted customer wants to get any alerts or notifications about the service or product.


Overall, SMS Customer Support plays an important role for businesses in resolving customer issues faster and building stronger relationships with loyalty. Customer service agents can leverage the above-mentioned practices and implement them as well, as it can enhance customer satisfaction.

SMS Customer Support is a crucial part of customer service that helps build a long-lasting customer relationship. Effective SMS Customer Service, with personalization and timely communication, can ensure that each interaction feels more relevant.

With KrispCall, you can effectively engage with your partners, customers, and clients through the seamless SMS Text Messages feature. It also offers global coverage, allowing you to send and receive text messages to anyone worldwide. You can book a free demo to see whether your business meets the requirements.

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