things to consider while running a cloud call center
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Things to consider while running a cloud call center

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  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 8 min read

The top priority for any cloud call center is providing a high-quality customer experience. The success of any business relies upon how it runs its cloud-based call centers.

Running a cloud call center is not an easy task. It requires a proper understanding of what your business is about as well as planning to structure your business’s entire sales process.

With over 70% of companies shifting to cloud platforms, a cloud-based call center is an important asset to compete in the larger business market.

It is your ultimate weapon to attract people into buying your products.

Call centers don’t only involve back-and-forth interaction with customers, but it is your baseline for making ideal business strategies.

So, there are more things to consider while running a cloud-based call center. Let’s delve straight into the following 10 key points.

What is a cloud call center?

A cloud call center is a web platform that organizes all inbound and outbound business communications.

It works on VoIP technology and requires an internet connection. It’s a software package offered by a cloud-based phone system that includes a comprehensive set of tools and applications.

It enables you to provide exceptional customer care services across various business channels such as voice, SMS, email, and social media.

Key points to consider while running a cloud call center
Source: Teledata Select

Key points to consider while running a cloud call center

It is so hard to set up a business and so easy to mess up everything. That’s why the clever thing to do is get all the necessary ingredients for organizing your business calls.

Here are 10 key points which you should consider while running a cloud call center.

1. Understanding of business profile

Every agent responsible for handling call center calls should clearly understand what your business is really about. Generally, a typical business profile consists of your company’s values and objectives.

It also offers you an indication of where your company is going. A business profile is also referred to as your company’s “Curriculum Vitae.” It demonstrates your company’s abilities and qualities.

Having a clear picture of a business profile helps in approaching your person over the phone. It helps in understanding what your company is trying to achieve.

2. Set your business strategy

Understanding a business profile is never enough. It also requires a solid business strategy to go with it.

A business strategy is a collection of competitive tactics and measures used to attract customers, compete successfully, improve performance, and meet organizational objectives. It lays forth how business should be conducted in order to get the intended results.

The business strategy allows a call center to follow discrete measures while dealing with existing or potential customers. Your agent can sell products with a set mindset of fulfilling the target figures to gain profit.

3. Important cloud call center software features

Your cloud-based call center software should include must-have features for your business. These features are necessary for streamlining your sales process in the best way possible.

You should take some time to investigate each feature and list them, then rank them according to your company requirements.

If your software does not have one of your must-have telephony features, you can ask your service provider. If they don’t have it, then you can move to another business phone service.

Some of the important features are:

4. Business tools integration

crm software integration krispcall

Talking about CRM integration, your software should have business tools integration. It is a gateway to manage all your business data and information in one place.

With just one click, call center software that integrates with your current helpdesk, CRM, chat, e-commerce platform, social networking platforms, and marketing platform will completely improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

Repetitive work will be automated for your team using call center software with business tool integrations.

5. Training call center agents

You need to provide your call center agents with a step-by-step training procedure to use call center software and handle business calls. Most call center software solutions provide simple training materials to assist your staff in learn and operate their software. Usually, they offer PDFs, videos, and knowledge base tutorials.

Some third-party organizations will even offer to train your agents on-site. Ask what resources they have available and make use of all of them for better results. After all, a little front-end training could save you a lot of grief down the road.

Also, previously recorded phone calls and real-time call monitoring can be utilized for training on how your company deals with customers.

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6. Ideal target customer profile

Every business should know who its customers are. Your ideal customers depend on what type of business you have. It also varies upon what type of products you are selling. It’s necessary to outline a customer profile to increase the rate of sales.

A typical ideal target customer profile includes metrics like age group, gender group, and geographic region, as well as more personal variables like customer interests, lifestyle, and requirements.

Such data enables your cloud call center to focus more on particular targets. As well as give perspectives on non-target customers and make strategies to pull them into your customer pool.

7. Work hour scheduling

Timing is crucial in order to make an impact on your business. It is best to give a 24 hours service every day and create shifts for your agents.

It’s easier said than done. There are peak hours where your call center requires maximum agents.

Also, there are different time zones where different sets of customers call you. So, you should plan your work hour schedule in such a way that you cover the necessary hours where your customers are most active.

8. Flexibility and scalability

The greatest thing about cloud call centers is you can access them from anywhere as long as there is the internet.

Agents can make and receive calls, get real-time reports, watch live calls, and participate in call conferencing with just a laptop, headset, or mobile. That means agents are available anytime, anywhere.

Another great thing is you can easily scale the number of agents. No matter what your business size is, make sure your cloud call center software can allow you to scale on the go.

So, you should consider how many agents your business requires and organize them in such a way that they can be accessed 24*7 wherever they are.

9. Handling spam calls

Scam calls are a major problem that can frequently ring in your call center. They are like a virus infecting your agent’s work productivity and the company’s data privacy.

Scam calls may appear insignificant at first, but they can quickly become quite harmful, causing your cloud phone system to lose all credibility.

It is not possible to handle all the spam calls, but you can take the necessary measures to block most of them. It is necessary to avoid spam calls so that you won’t miss any calls from potential leads.

Spam calls effects your agent’s daily routine. It will likely make you unable to fulfill the required target figure for profit.

10. Availability of technical support

Your cloud call center solution may suffer from issues that disturb its functionality. You need proper technical support to handle them. Your cloud phone service provider should be available 24*7 to provide you with the necessary assistance to solve your problems.

Technical issues halt your work progress and affect customer’s experience. So, you must be careful in choosing your call center solution provider. Make sure their technical support is responsive anytime and capable enough to handle your issues.

Empower your cloud call center

The cloud call center is the junction where all interaction with customers takes place. It is the pivot point that determines how your business is performing. So it’s not crazy to say you have to be super careful in running it.

Your cloud call center should be your flexible liability to consider all the essential things for handling business communication. That means your initial responsibility is to select the cloud phone service provider appropriate for your business.

The market is filled with delightful options to choose from. Out of all, KrispCall has got a sweet spot for giving you an all-in-one solution. KrispCall is a cloud-based telephony system that offers one of the best in-town cloud call center software for your business.

With the inclusion of top VoIP features like IVR, call transfer and forwarding, sales dialers, customized phone greetings, click-to-call, and more, KrispCall can become your best ally to get a well-organized sales process.

Additionally, two of the main highlights of KrispCall are its unified callbox and CRM integration that is known for substantially easing call center agent’s workflow.

Furthermore, KrispCall comes in handy to manage high volume of calls and keep call center shrinkage to the minimum. So KrispCall serves as an amazing to improve employee’s efficiency and workplace productivity.

What makes it even more compelling is its pricing. KrispCall has bundled its cloud call center software with integrated business phone features and created super-affordable subscription packages. So you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Furthermore, there is a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now. So if you are a first-time user, you can try it out without spending a penny.


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