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Top 20 Staffing & Recruiting CRM in 2024



top staffing and recruiting crm

Managing a large pool of candidates and clients can be overwhelming, 😞especially when you have to enter data manually. This can waste time, reduce productivity, and negatively impact your business. 

The solution is to use Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software 😀. However, choosing the right one can be confusing with the numerous CRM options available in the market.

Don’t worry; this guide will highlight the top 20 staffing and recruiting CRM software solutions for recruitment and staffing agencies. We will evaluate each platform carefully with its definition, key features, pricing,  pros, and cons. 


  • Staffing and recruiting CRM helps you to automate and optimize various recruitment tasks such as candidate sourcing, resume parsing, and interview scheduling.
  • The top 20 best CRM software for staffing and recruiting software are Zoho Recruit, JazzHR, Manatal, Recruit CRM, Ceipal, iCIMS, Workable, HiringThing, Jobvite and many more. 
  • When choosing the best recruiting and staffing CRM software, you must consider its cost, features, customization, Integration, support and services, and many other factors. 
  • With advanced communication tools and personalized outreach capabilities, recruiting and staffing CRMs enable businesses to maintain continuous, meaningful interactions with candidates and clients. 

Best Recruiting CRM: At a Glance

When choosing a CRM platform for your recruitment agency, it’s important to select the best one to streamline your business operations. These platforms offer robust tools for managing candidate and client relationships and automating workflows. 

Here is the top recruiting CRM software in 2024:

CRM Software Key Features PricingBest For
Zoho RecruitKey Performance Indicators, Top Source Boosters, PII & EncryptionEmail Parsing, Dedicated portalsAdvanced AI Analytics, Applicant Tracking, Recruiting AutomationStarts at $25/user/monthSmall to medium-sized businesses
JazzHRAutomation, E-signature integration, Interview Tools, Candidate experience, Customizable workflows, Knockout Questions, Advanced ReportingStarts at $75/user/monthSmall businesses
ManatalIntuitive and Customizable Interface, Advanced applicant tracking, Chrome Extension, Compliance Tools, Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Data Migration Starts at $15/user/monthSmall  business
Recruit CRMBranded Career Page, Reports and Analytics, Candidate Hotlists,Direct link to apply, Invoicing, Resume or CV templates, Advanced search filters, AI RecommendationsContact  Sales team Recruitment agencies
CeipalCustom Business Intelligence Reports, AI-Powered Candidate Matching, Leads and Client Module, Centralized Data Management, Advanced Analytics and Reporting, Integrated Search, Compliance Tools Contact  Sales teamMid-sized to large enterprises
iCIMSBranded Career Sites, Gmail, and Calendar IntegrationFull-Text Search, Live ChatBulk SMS, In-App Notifications, Bulk edit and updateContact  Sales teamEnterprise-level companies
WorkableCustomizable Pipelines,Job Board Integration,AI Recruiting Tools,talent marketing toolkit,Alerts/Notifications,Activity Tracking.Starts at $189/monthGrowing businesses
HiringThingAI-Assisted Resume Screening, QR Code to Apply,Billing & Invoicing, Resume Database, Scorecards & Star Ratings, Resume Import & Parsing,Video ConferencingStarts at $124/monthSmall to medium-sized businesses
JobviteCandidate Screening, Scheduling and Interviewing Tools, Applicant Tracking, System and Onboarding, Hiring Processes Tracking,API, Boolean Search, Real-Time ReportingContact  Sales teamMid-sized to large enterprises
Breezy HRTwo-Way Audio & Video, Internal HRAutomated reference checking,Create and assign tasks,Google Analytics,Interview Practice Session,Session Recording,Skill Assessment & ScoringStarts at $157/monthGrowing companies
SmarterSelect Applicant Portal, Commenting or Notes, Customizable Reports, Grant Award Tracking, White Label, SSL security, Web Forms, Multi-Currency, Member DatabaseContact  Sales teamEducational institutions and nonprofits
TargetRecruit Activity Dashboard, Applicant Tracking, Assessment Management, Background Screening, Billing & Invoicing, Emailing timesheet reportPassword Encryption, Mobile AccessContact  Sales teamStaffing and recruitment firms
Avionté Campaign Analytics, ChatbotDirect Deposit, Sick Leave TrackingData Import/Export, Check PrintingBackground ScreeningBilling & InvoicingResume SearchContact  Sales team
Staffing agencies
SalesforceSales Analytics, Files Sync and Share, Contact center, Data Management, Process automationIntegral, Customer service AIAppExchangeStarts at $25/user/monthEnterprise businesses
VincereInternal Chat Integration, Interview Management, Interview SchedulingJob Board, Real-Time ReportingSocial Media IntegrationPre-recorded MessagesContact  Sales teamInternational recruitment firms
TalentReefPosting reports, Audit Trail, Customizable Tests, Employee Handbook, Onboarding, E-Verify/I-9 Forms, Electronic FormsElectronic SignatureContact  Sales teamService industries
Symphony TalentIntegration APIs, analytics tools File Sharing, Job Ad Creation,Real-Time Adjustments, DashboardMobilityContact  Sales teamLarge enterprises focusing on talent acquisition
OdroLive Video Interview, Recruitment Management Reporting & StatisticsQuestion Library, Customizable Branding, Video Call RecordingContact  Sales teamVideo-based recruiting firms
GEMInterview Scorecard, Auto Scheduling, Custom Hiring Stages,Candidate Sourcing, Single Sign-On (SSO), Feedback Collection, Predesigned Email Templatese-SignatureContact  Sales teamTech companies and startups
BullhornAccelerator Feature, Resume Parsing, Fast Find Search, Standard and Customizable Reporting Tools, Automatic Email Tracking, Mobile Functionality, Middle and Back Office ModulesContact  Sales teamLarge staffing firms
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Top 20 Staffing CRM to Use in 2024

1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit staffing and recruiting crm

Zoho Recruit is the world’s most highly rated staffing CRM software solution for both HR internal teams and recruitment agencies. It offers a single platform with a powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) in a single interface.

Zoho Recruit provides a robust and scalable solution for managing the hiring lifecycle. This user-friendly platform is designed to simplify the recruitment process by automating routine tasks, such as parsing resumes, sending emails, and updating interview status. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Top Source Boosters
  • PII & Encryption
  • Email Parsing
  • Dedicated portals
  • Advanced AI Analytics
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Recruiting Automation

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Affordable pricing, especially for small businesses.Customization of pipelines based on department/role is limited.
Automated workflows to trigger emails when the candidate pipeline stage changes.The blueprinting process to manage candidate flow could be simplified.
Resume parsing from doc, docx, and pdf files to automate data entry.The mobile app has some limitations and can be unreliable at times.

💲 Pricing

  • Standard: US $25 /user/month billed annually
  • Professional: US $50 /user/month billed annually
  • Enterprise: US $75 /user/month billed annually

2. JazzHR

JazzHR staffing and recruiting crm

JazzHR is a comprehensive applicant tracking system that streamlines businesses’ recruitment processes. It provides a seamless experience with intuitive tools, from job posting to hiring. This staffing CRM was introduced in 2009 and instantly became popular among multiple industries due to its wide range of features. 

JazzHR offers robust features that allow HR officers or staff agencies to find and recruit the best-talented candidates. This recruiting and staffing CRM software integrates with various job boards and social media platforms to expand the reach of job postings.

⚡ Key Features

  • Automation
  • Offer Letter Generator
  • E-signature Integration
  • Interview Tools
  • Customizable workflows 
  • Knockout Questions
  • Email Sync
  • Advanced Visual Reporting

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Unlimited users and job postings in higher pricing tiers.Some users found the initial setup and implementation to be complex.
Allows confidential candidate discussions and notes within the recruiting team.Reporting capabilities could be improved.
Integrates with hundreds of apps through the JazzHR Marketplace.Emails to candidates sometimes go to spam folders.

💲 Pricing

  • Hero: $75 /user/month
  • Plus: $269 /user/month
  • Pro: $420 /user/month

3. Manatal

manatal staffing and recruiting crm

Manatal is a leading cloud-based recruitment software solution that utilizes AI, machine learning, and innovative features to help staffing agencies and HR professionals recruit. Its applicant tracking system (ATS) is a highly customizable solution that adapts to users’ needs.

Manatal is perfect for managing and optimizing recruitment across multiple clients. This recruiting CRM software allows users to post jobs across various platforms with a single click and monitor the campaign successfully. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Intuitive and Customizable Interface
  • Advanced applicant tracking
  • Chrome Extension
  • Compliance Tools
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Data Migration 

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Robust search capabilities and AI-driven candidate recommendations to quickly find the best matches.Some advanced customization options can be complex.
Ability to create and customize career pages to showcase job openings.Inability to directly call candidates from within the platform.
Seamless integration with Gmail to manage all communications within the platform.Difficulty searching the large database of candidates.
Detailed reporting and analytics to track recruiting metrics and performance.Limited options for customizing email templates and designs.

💲 Pricing

  • Professional: $15 /user/month
  • Enterprises: $25 /user/month
  • Enterprises plus: $55 /user/month
  • Custom: On-demand and contact them

4. Recruit CRM

recruitcrm staffing and recruiting crm

The Recruit CRM is highly used staffing software that simplifies the recruitment process, improves candidate relationships, and increases the chances of finding clients’ talent. This software offers a wide range of features, such as centralized candidate databases, reporting, and integration with other tools, such as applicant tracking systems, email platforms, and job boards. 

Recruit CRM allows recruiters to focus on strategic activities and saves them time. The benefits of using this CRM include improving candidate experience, enhancing efficiency, centralized data management, strategic decision-making, and many more. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Reports and Analytics
  • Candidate Hotlists
  • Direct link to apply
  • Call & call records within the system
  • Resume or CV templates
  • Advanced search filters
  • AI Recommendations

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Streamlines the entire recruitment process from sourcing to placement.The user interface could be more intuitive and visually appealing.
Robust candidate database management with advanced search capabilities.Reporting capabilities are basic and may not meet advanced analytics needs.
Allows tracking of all interactions and communications with candidates.Lacks some advanced features like video interviewing and candidate assessments.
Affordable pricing options are suitable for small to large staffing agencies.The onboarding and training process may have a steeper learning curve.

💲 Pricing

  • Pro: $40 /user/month
  • Business: $65 /user/month
  • Enterprises: $90 /user/month

5. Ceipal

ceipal staffing and recruiting crm

Ceipal is a popular staffing agency software that streamlines various aspects of hiring and workforce management. This software solution is easy to use and has a comprehensive BI (Business Integration) module that empowers HR to identify candidates’ efficiency levels during the recruitment process. 

Ceipal offers several ways to create jobs, including manual creation and custom fields. Users can also create job templates and automate repetitive tasks. This CRM recruitment software is designed to streamline various hiring and workforce management aspects, making it easier for organizations to manage their employees effectively.

⚡ Key Features

  • Custom Business Intelligence Reports
  • AI-Powered Candidate Matching
  • Leads and Client Module
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Integrated Search
  • Compliance Tools 

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Excellent resume parsing and bulk resume upload capabilities from various job boards.Occasional bugs and errors encountered.
Ability to categorize candidates by skills, location, pay range, and other relevant criteria.Performance issues with pages getting stuck and buffering.
Offers an integration marketplace with job boards and AI-driven candidate matching and ranking.Login challenges include having to log in repeatedly.
Provides passive candidate sourcing and managed resume harvesting to find candidates with less effort.Some search filters need improvement for better candidate screening.

💲 Pricing 

  • Ceipal ATS: $24 /user/month
  • Ceipal Workforce: $100 /user/month
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6. iCIMS

icims staffing and recruiting crm

iCIMS CRM helps thousands of worldwide organizations to attract, engage, and hire talented candidates. This CRM provides tools to effectively manage offer letters through documentation and automated processes. Whether you’re recruiting in large numbers or for niche positions, the iCIMS ATS simplifies, automates, and optimizes your hiring processes with ease.

This AI-powered CRM software is designed to improve efficiency, reduce recruiting costs, and build exceptional experiences for candidates and recruiters. It allows recruiters to provide timely updates, personalized communication, and a smooth application process. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Gmail and Calendar Integration
  • Full-Text Search
  • Live Chat
  • Bulk SMS
  • In-App Notifications
  • Bulk edit and update

 👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Robust candidate relationship management (CRM) capabilities to source, engage, and nurture leads.Can have a steep learning curve, especially for users new to the iCIMS ecosystem.
Seamless integration with the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for a unified recruiting platform.Pricing is based on the number of users and modules, which can get expensive for smaller teams.
Automated email campaigns and personalized outreach to keep candidates engaged.Limited native integrations with third-party tools outside the iCIMS Talent Cloud suite.
AI-powered candidate recommendations based on job requirements and past interactions.Customer support quality can be inconsistent, with longer response times for complex issues.


  • Contact the Sales team for the price.

7. Workable

workable staffing and recruiting crm

Due to heavy competition, it’s difficult to find and hire skilled candidates for your company. However, with Workable, you can leverage artificial intelligence to enhance the hiring process and talent management. This CRM has been widely used by international companies because of its advanced features and efficiency.

Workable Recruiting CRM software gives you more ways to find candidates. Its applicant tracking system features allow users to customize hiring stages and automate candidate screening. With just one click, it can post jobs on up to 200+ sites, which is essential to filling your sales pipeline. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Customizable Pipelines
  • Job Board Integration
  • AI Recruiting Tools
  • Talent marketing toolkit
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Activity Tracking

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Comprehensive recruiting software that combines smart sourcing and intuitive candidate database management.Pricing may not be as cost-effective for larger recruiting teams,
It offers various tools for sourcing candidates, including posting them on job boards.No phone support, only live chat and a help center
Workable AI helps streamline sourcing by automatically identifying the best candidate matches from a vast pool of profiles.Poor Customer Support.

💲 Pricing

  • Starter: $189/user/month
  • Standard: $313/user/month
  • Premier:  $628/user/month

8. HiringThing

hiringthing staffing and recruiting crm

HiringThing is a modern recruiting and employee onboarding platform. With HiringThing, every hiring process step is simple and effective. It utilizes great AI technology for superior and fast implementation of all hiring procedures.

This recruiting CRM provides adequate tools for hiring agencies and recruiters to post online job listings and analyze job applicants. In addition, this software solution allows users to easily share resumes with other department managers as well as send automatic rejection letters.

⚡ Key Features

  • AI-Assisted Resume Screening 
  • QR Code to Apply
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Resume Database
  • Scorecards & Star Ratings
  • Resume Import & Parsing
  • Video Conferencing

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

A cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps streamline the recruiting process.Lacks the ability to block duplicate applicants based on email addresses.
Allows tracking candidate behavior and creating notes on issues during the hiring process.No way to track offer letters.
Measures the relationship between employers and candidates to generate reports on hiring process development.Difficulty integrating with other software outside the Zoho suite.

💲 Pricing

  • Flexible: $124/month plans billed annually​

9. Jobvite

jobvite staffing and recruiting crm

Jobvite is the ideal partner to help you achieve your company’s goals. Its evolved talent acquisition suite is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, enhancing the candidate pipeline, speeding up hiring processes, and optimizing intricate workflows. 

This software automates time-intensive tasks, including applicant screening, email parsing, and resume analysis. Moreover, this CRM offers a wide range of advanced features such as applicant tracking, candidate onboarding, reporting capabilities, and much more.

⚡ Key Features

  • Candidate Screening
  • Scheduling and Interviewing Tools
  • Applicant Tracking System and Onboarding
  • Hiring Processes Tracking
  • Boolean Search
  • Real-Time Reporting

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Hiring managers and recruiters can see the full activity/status/communication with a candidateInitial setup and implementation can be complex and time-consuming
Can build custom forms (and use out-of-the-box forms) to have new hires complete required paperworkCustomer support quality has been inconsistent for some users
Integrates with SkillSurvey for candidate assessmentsReporting and analytics, while robust, may require additional support to set up

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the Sales team for the price.

10.  Breezy HR

breezy staffing and recruiting crm

Breezy HR is cloud-based recruitment software with robust features, including job postings, a branded career site, and a candidate management tool. More than 17,000 companies of all sizes have chosen Breezy to automate repetitive hiring tasks, allowing them to focus more on engaging with a diverse pool of high-quality candidates.

Breezy HR integrates with pre-employment assessments, background checks, and HRIS solutions. This allows recruiters to focus on more strategic and high-value activities. Additionally, the software provides real-time recruiting analytics to help track and improve hiring processes.

⚡ Key Features

  • Automated reference checking
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Google Analytics
  • Session Recording
  • Skill Assessment & Scoring
  • Automation

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Very user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.Pricing can be expensive for startups and small businesses.
Very user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.Limited Customization for Larger Teams.
Enables posting jobs on over 50 top job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn with just one click.The free Bootstrap plan is limited compared to paid plans.

💲 Pricing

  • Startup: $157/user/month
  • Growth: $273/user/month
  • Business: $439/user/month

11. SmarterSelect 

smarterselect staffing and recruiting crm

SmarterSelect is an application management system that allows schools, award organizations, and grant providers to create and analyze customized application forms. This software solution eliminates paper applications and focuses entirely on selecting the best candidates.

SmarterSelect offers tools to create and share online forms and collect and evaluate their responses. It provides a low-cost option for smaller organizations and easily identifies issues and stress-test solutions. Furthermore, this CRM helps you gain deeper insights into applicants while automating complex grant application and evaluation tasks.

⚡ Key Features

  • Applicant Portal
  • Commenting or Notes
  • Customizable Reports
  • Grant Award Tracking
  • SSL security
  • Web Forms
  • Multi-Currency
  • Member Database

 👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Easy to create custom application forms and export data, saving time on data entry.Limited functionality compared to more robust enterprise-level recruiting CRM platforms.
Provides a centralized database to store and access candidate profiles, resumes, and communication history.Lacks advanced features like AI-powered candidate matching or video interviewing capabilities.
Offers customizable workflows and automation to streamline repetitive tasks.Integration with external systems and software may be limited.

💲 Pricing

  • Create: $1000/annually
  • Enhance: $3000/annually
  • Enterprise: $5000/annually

12. TargetRecruit 

targetrecruit staffing and recruiting crm

TargetRecruit is an ideal option for an organization to streamline recruitment processes and improve hiring efficiency. Its flexible and user-friendly interface makes navigation easy. Moreover, it enables users to streamline the recruitment process using an ecosystem of customizable apps. 

This CRM is an integrated applicant tracking system built on Salesforce for staffing and recruiting firms. Its front-office recruitment software is fully configurable to fit any of your recruiting workflows. This powerful end-to-end system is designed to source, engage, and place the right candidates in the shortest possible time.

⚡ Key Features

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Assessment Management
  • Background Screening
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Emailing timesheet report
  • Password Encryption
  • Mobile Access

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Makes candidate/client relationship management more personalized.When uploading resumes, the candidate search could be improved to map previous attachments vs just the most recent resume.
Allows tracking all activities for each client or recruiting candidate.Report generation functionality could be faster as it currently takes minutes instead of seconds.
Manages cost and time in sourcing and reaching out to candidates.Limited Integration with Other Tools.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact their Sales team for pricing.

13. Avionté 

avionte staffing and recruiting crm

Avionté is a fully integrated staffing platform that empowers thousands of professional staffing and recruiting firms to find and hire top talent in less time. They are dedicated to connecting people to meaningful work and empowering employment. 

The software’s automatic tracking system automatically tracks email communication with candidates and has a great resume parsing feature. This CRM is essential for staffing agencies wanting to grow and scale the business pipeline rapidly. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Chatbot
  • Direct Deposit
  • Sick Leave Tracking
  • Data Import/Export
  • Check Printing
  • Background Screening
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Resume Search

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Powerful and comprehensive solution that eliminates administrative tasks and optimizes daily recruiting activities.Lacks open API for easier integration with other systems.
Intuitive interface that is easy to customize to work best for each user.Payroll does not allow using negative deductions to refund withheld amounts.
Excellent reporting capabilities to track recruiter performance and activities.ACA tracking functionality needs updating.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the Sales team for pricing.

14. Salesforce  

salesforce staffing and recruiting crm

Salesforce is an AI CRM that enables companies to connect with customers through a unified platform. This solution brings together all your data from any source and allows companies to find more prospects and close more deals.

Salesforce is widely used in businesses to track customer interactions and sales data. This staffing agency software manages leads, contacts, opportunities, and more.  It offers several features like Sales analytics, file synchronization, integral, and many more. It provides AI in customer service to enhance customer satisfaction and interaction.

⚡ Key Features

  • Sales Analytics
  • Files Sync and Share
  • Contact centre
  • Data Management
  • Process automation
  • Integral
  • AI customer service
  • AppExchange

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Comprehensive CRM functionality that covers the entire recruiting lifecycle from sourcing to placement.The steep learning curve, especially for users new to Salesforce.
Highly customizable to fit the specific needs of staffing and recruiting firms.Customization and configuration often require specialized Salesforce expertise.
Seamless integration with other business applications like job boards, HRIS, and marketing tools.Some limitations in mobile app functionality compared to desktop.

💲 Pricing 

  • Starter Suite: $25 /user/month
  • Professional: $25 /user/month
  • Enterprise: $25  /user/month

15. Vincere

vincere staffing and recruiting crm

Vincere is an all-in-one recruitment software solution for staffing agencies. It is trusted by 20,000+ recruiters worldwide and is best for startups and small agencies. This is a cloud-based platform designed to provide a complete view of all your recruitment activities. 

The key features of Vincere include drag-and-drop job portal design and automated tasks such as scheduling, onboarding, and resume parsing. Vencere integrates with various external software solutions through its API and pre-built integration marketplace.

⚡ Key Features

  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Job Portal Design
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Job Board
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Pre-recorded Messages

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Excellent recruitment CRM system that links client, recruiter, and candidate data and recruiting metrics.Does not offer a free trial for users to test the software.
Highly customizable and able to automate CRM tasks for seamless data flow across all modules. Some users have reported the system feeling clunky, click-intensive, and prone to bugs/lags at times.
Efficient communication tools like in-app messaging, video interviews, and company-wide updates.Limitations in configuring certain features like on-cost calculations.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the Sales team for pricing.

16. TalentReef

talentreef staffing and recruiting crm

TalentReef Recruiting CRM software is essential for hiring a high volume of candidates hourly. This solution service is a SaaS-based recruitment workforce management tool that automates processes and optimizes workflows to remove friction for candidates and hiring managers. 

This recruiting CRM software is used by any multi-location with a decentralized workforce looking for an automated hiring solution. This software’s mobile-optimized HR platform streamlines the recruit-to-retain process, which includes how employers find, hire, train, and engage hourly workers. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Posting reports
  • Audit Trail
  • Customizable Tests
  • Employee Handbook
  • Onboarding
  • E-Verify/I-9 Forms
  • Electronic Forms
  • Electronic Signature

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Ability to customize the application for individual positions.Can be slow to load, especially for applicants with poor internet.
Allows managing multiple job boards with one login.Some users found the platform difficult for less tech-savvy applicants.
The automated system is easy to use and functional.Limited customization options for job postings and pipelines.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the TalentReef sales team for pricing.

17. Symphony Talent

symphonytalent staffing and recruiting crm

Symphony Talent powers businesses with a unique combination of technology and creative service. It specializes in talent acquisition software, CRM systems, and brand transformation. These software solutions deliver a modern approach to meet today’s challenges while innovating for the future.

This recruiting platform is mainly used to manage candidate relationships. It features AI-driven sourcing, efficient workflows, and communication tools for engaging with candidates. In addition, Symphony Talent focuses on enhancing candidate engagement through personalized communication strategies and data-driven insights, helping recruiters to attract, nurture, and retain top talent effectively.

⚡ Key Features

  • Integration APIs
  • analytics tools 
  • File Sharing
  • Job Ad Creation
  • Real-Time Adjustments
  • Dashboard
  • Mobility

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Integrates with a wide range of vendor partnerships to streamline the recruiting process.Does not offer an applicant tracking system (ATS) as part of its core product, requiring integration with other systems.
Provides comprehensive solutions for talent acquisition departments, especially for organizations with multiple locations.Reporting capabilities can be limited, especially when extracting large amounts of data.
Offers personalized email campaign capabilities to reach passive candidates.The user interface and admin experience may not be the most intuitive, requiring a learning curve.
Helps improve SEO and job search rankings to attract more applicants.Reporting problems may occur during the extraction of large data.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the Sales team for pricing.

18. Odro

odro staffing and recruiting crm

Odro is a recruitment software solution offering various products to help recruitment agencies. It can be deployed online or on-premise and is accessible for Windows and Apple devices. Thousands of forward-thinking recruiters globally are leveraging this powerful recruitment software to grow their businesses.

The Odro platform provides features such as advanced interviewing, sales messaging, a question library, and video call recording in one complete end-to-end solution. This is typically suitable for video-based recruiting firms. 

⚡ Key Features

  • Live Video Interview
  • Recruitment Management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Question Library
  • Customizable Branding
  • Video Call Recording

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Excellent video messaging capabilities for candidate outreach and business development.Relatively fewer integrations compared to some other recruiting CRMs.
Supports both one-way and two-way video interviews, enabling more engaging candidate interactions.Occasional technical issues are reported with video recording, such as camera flipping or blurring.
Comprehensive customer support including email, phone, live chat, and a dedicated team for premium plans.Requires a longer training and implementation period of around 6 weeks.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the Sales team for pricing.

19. GEM

gem staffing and recruiting crm

GEM is an AI-powered recruiting platform with excellent customer service. This software consolidates candidate interactions from LinkedIn, email, ATS, and more into a single, unified view. With Gem, recruiters have all the context they need without the hassle of switching tools.

Utilize Gem as your comprehensive recruiting platform, or augment your current ATS with integrated CRM, sourcing, scheduling, analytics, career sites, events, and more. Its powerful, two-way ATS integrations ensure that the data in Gem and your ATS (applicant tracking system) are always in sync.

⚡ Key Features

  • Interview Scorecard
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Custom Hiring Stages
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Feedback Collection
  • Predesigned Email Templates
  • e-Signature

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Streamlines candidate sourcing and communication.Does not automate LinkedIn messages and InMails.
Updates ATS data and provides analytics.The lack of a centralized inbox makes communication management challenging.
Facilitates outreach across multiple channels like LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook.Difficulty in bulk candidate import.

💲 Pricing

  • Contact the Sales team for pricing.

20.  Bullhorn

bullhorn staffing and recruiting crm

Bullhorn is staffing software built for recruitment agencies that help improve business productivity. It is popular in the international market and trusted by more than 100,000 recruitment agencies. Known for its comprehensive suite of tools, Bullhorn empowers recruitment agencies with CRM functionalities that span candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, and client relationship management. 

Bullhorn’s platform emphasizes scalability and customization, enabling recruiters to manage workflows efficiently while maintaining a strong focus on client and candidate relationships. Their solutions are designed to optimize recruitment processes and drive business growth in competitive markets.

⚡ Key Features

  • Accelerator Feature
  • Resume Parsing
  • Fast Find Search
  • Standard and Customizable Reporting Tools
  • Automatic Email Tracking:
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Middle and Back Office Modules

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

Superb user interface with intuitive features like a bowling alley layout for efficient data input.Customizable dashboards, lead tracking, and API access are only available at the Enterprise level.
Seamless integration with Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce Automation Software.Can be complex and difficult to learn, especially without technical experience.
Seamless integration with Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce Automation Software.Heavily reliant on integrations with other software, which can be challenging to troubleshoot.

💲 Pricing 

  • Pricing starts from $120/month/user.
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Tips to choose the best staffing & recruiting CRM software

To streamline your staffing agency’s operations, enhance candidate engagement, improve client relationships, and drive business growth and success, You have to choose the best recruiting and staffing CRM software. 

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Cost: Consider the total cost of ownership, including any additional features or integrations you might need. You must ensure the software fits within your budget and offers a good return on investment. 
  • Features: Identify the essential features required to meet your staffing agency’s goals, such as candidate databases, job order management, client management, and email integration. Then, ensure the CRM software you choose offers these features and can adapt to your unique needs.
  • Customization: Consider the CRM software that allows customization to fit your agency’s specific workflows and processes. Many CRM vendors offer advanced options using application programming interfaces (APIs) if you need even more customization. But you have to choose the right one based on your business needs. 
  • Integrations: Choose the staffing & recruiting CRM software that integrates seamlessly with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other third-party tools. This helps to maintain data consistency and streamline your business operation efficiency. You can also investigate their integration level by seeing their review section. 
  • Support & Services: Evaluate the level of support and services offered by the CRM provider, such as training, documentation, and customer support. Hence, select the best CRM software provider with comprehensive support to help you get the most software over others. 


Equipping your HR team with the staffing CRM is crucial as it helps you streamline workflow, attract top talent, and maximize placements. In addition, you can organize candidate information, track applications, and automate communication for a seamless recruitment experience.

Besides that, you can also automate tasks such as scheduling interviews and sending offer letters, saving valuable time and resources. But, finding the best staffing and recruiting CRM for your business is essential. So, before selecting, compare features, integration, price, and customization capability with multiple CRMs.

 Many CRM providers also offer free trials. Try for a certain time and evaluate if the option is suitable for your business or not. You can also choose from the top CRMs such as  Zoho Recruit, JazzHR, Manatal, and Recruit CRM. 


What is a CRM in recruiting?

CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) in recruiting is a software that helps to manage the relationships with job seekers and potential candidates. It automates tasks, provides visibility into applicant information, and organizes the workflow to streamline recruitment. 

How much does staffing and recruiting CRM software cost?

The cost of staffing and recruiting CRM software depends upon the features and level of support provided. Some CRM software offers a free plan and trial service with limited features. Typically, a basic paid plan starts from $ 15 – $100 per user per month, and Professional plans from $100 – $250 per user. Enterprise plans are more expensive than these. 

Which is the best CRM for staffing agencies?

When choosing the best recruitment CRM  for a staffing agency, you must consider many things, like their ease of use, customization, automation capabilities, integration with job boards/ATS, and quality of customer support.

 So, based on their ability and features, the best CRMs are:

  • Zoho Recruit
  • Recruit CRM
  • HiringThing
  • Avionté 

What are the tools that staffing and recruiting agencies use?

The tools used by the staffing and recruiting agencies are:

  • Applicant tracking system.
  • Social media management tools.
  • Project management and collaboration platforms.
  • Chatbots and candidate engagement tools.
  • Screening and skills assessment tools.
  • Job recruitment platforms.
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