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16 Funny & Random Numbers to Call When Bored: Quick List 



16 Funny Random Numbers to Call When Bored Quick List 

Feeling like you’ve scrolled through social media too many times 😩? Exhausted from all the levels on your favorite game 😮‍💨? Fear not; funny phone numbers are here to rescue you from the feeling of what to do now?

Funny numbers are a sequence of numbers formatted to entertain the dialer. This type of number is the perfect remedy to kill your boredom in a fun and engaging way. However, choosing the right number to call for fun from a pool of numbers can be a hassle, but don’t worry; this blog has got you covered. 

Within this blog, you will find 16 funny and random phone numbers to call that are guaranteed to inject laughter and lighthearted weirdness into your day 😂. These numbers range from pop-culture shout-outs to fun vanity phone numbers with pre-recorded messages guaranteed to make you snort-laugh.


  • A funny number is a type of number that offers its dialer a burst of laughter through its automated humor and jokes.
  • Some of the names of funny random numbers are Santa’s number, Keep an Idiot entertained, the Divorce hotline, and Kids Pep-talk. 
  • 844-4357-387 is a phone number shown in the game Infamous Second Son. 
  • The phrases within the number 858-651-5050 are made by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

16 Funny & Random Numbers To Call For Pranks Or When Bored

Funny random numbers are the best way to relieve boredom more interestingly and engagingly. You have different choices, from random numbers to prank calls to toll-free 800 numbers.

So, here is a list of 16 funny random numbers to call for pranks or when you are bored 👇:

16 Funny Random Numbers To Call For Pranks Or When Bored

1. Call Santa: (603-413-4124)

Instead of giving kids Christmas presents, why not try something different this year? Tell them to call Santa themselves. When they dial 1-603-413-4124, they might think they’re really talking to Santa. Even though you can’t actually contact Santa Claus with this hotline, you can still contact a fake Saint Nick anytime. It’s a great way to prank kids always on your nerves.

Similarly, this prank also works perfectly on adults looking for a blast of laughter and retrieving childhood memories. So, call Santa and tell him what you want for his Christmas while you’re at it. Though the responses on the receiver end are totally automated, the fun remains the same.

2. Divorce Hotline: (605–475–6960) 

Do you know a couple who makes you cringe or have a friend who just got married? If yes, then it is the perfect time to dial this number and have fun. To get this prank to operate smoothly, you can swap the contacts of any one of the couples to make them believe that their partner is divorcing them.

Within this number, the most exciting part is the funny automated response you will receive when dialing it, which is sure to make you crack.

3. Keep An Idiot Entertained: (401-285-2079)

We all know someone who can be really annoying sometimes. Maybe they do things that bother us or act in ways we don’t like. Instead of confronting them directly, why not suggest they call 401-285-2079? It’s a funny way to let them know they might be getting on your nerves without saying it to their face.

Have them dial 401-285-2079 on their phone and wait for the fun. During the start of the conversation, they may find it entertaining, but as the seconds pass, they will eventually understand its purpose and the true motive of the call. It is one of the prank calls that will offer you satisfaction, knowing that you have pranked someone and corrected their bad character. 

4. Kids Pep-Talk: (707-873-7862)

The “Peptoc Hotline” is a project created by West Side School in Healdsburg, California, led by art teacher Jessica Martin and artist Asherah Weiss. Their aim was to bring some happiness back into the lives of their students aged 5 to 12. 

This hotline isn’t just for students but for anyone who needs a little encouragement or a boost to get through their day at work. It’s filled with uplifting and encouraging messages from kids who are both silly and adorable at the same time. 

When you call 707-873-7862 (or 707-8PEPTOC), you’ll be greeted by Martin’s 11-year-old daughter, Rosely Pochan. She’ll guide you through a menu of options: 

  • Press 1 if you’re feeling mad, frustrated, or nervous.
  • Press 2 if you need some words of encouragement and life advice.
  • Press 3 if you want to hear a pep talk from kindergartners.
  • Press 4 if you just want to hear kids laughing with joy.
  • Press 5 if you need encouragement in Spanish.

This is one of the best numbers to prank call to get someone out of their gloomy mood. Honestly, this one is a precious gift rather than a prank.

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5. Infamous Second Son’s Number: (844-4357-387) 

Do you know that the number 1-844-4357-387 is found in the game known as Infamous Second Son? This is a game developed by Sucker Punch Productions in 2014 and is one of the hugely popular action-adventure video games. 

The number 1-844-4357-387, available within the gameplay, also works in real life. And when you dial the number, you will get a funny-sounding speech from the Department of Unified Protection, where the game’s main antagonist comes from. This speech will surely make you laugh, killing your boredom. 

6. Bad Breath: (605–475–6959) 

The bad breath hotline is a hilarious and useful prank call number. Now, you may be wondering useful in what way. Well, you may be familiar with someone who has bad breath. But comforting them directly and pointing out it may be rude. So, the bad breath hotline is perfect to tell a person with bad breath what they really need to do, and that is to brush their teeth regularly, obviously. 

But, the question may arise about how I can give someone such a number. The easiest way is to leave the person a note with the number on it and wait for the hilarious yet helpful message on the other end of the call.

7. Rejection Hotline: (605-475-6968)

The rejection hotline is one of the most fun prank call numbers, especially to use on someone you do not want to be in your life. For example, there are people who are always coming in and disturbing your work life. 

Offer them a (605)–475–6968 number, telling them it’s your personal number, and boom, wait for them to dial it. Once they dial the number, they will get a hint that you are no longer interested in them and don’t want them to disturb you repeatedly.

8. It Could Always Suck More: (605–475–6964)

Do you know a friend, relative, or individual who always complains about the smallest things? If so, this hotline is perfect for them. Giving them this number might help them see things differently. After hearing the message on the other end, they might start appreciating what they have more and complaining less.

It’s both useful and funny to call this number. Just dialing it can make someone realize how lucky they really are.

9. Callin’ Oates: (719-266-2837)

This number is the best way to call when bored, especially for those who love music. Give this phone number to your friend and wait for them to dial it. Upon dialing this number, they’ll be bursting out of laughter in no time, as once the call is received, a British female operator tells them they’ve reached the Callin’ Oates hotline. 

Upon receiving, the British female operator gives you a choice to listen to some of Hall & Oates’s hit music: Press 1 for “One on One,” 2 for “Rich Girl,” 3 for “Maneater,” and 4 for “Private Eyes.” You press the button, and something happens that you don’t expect to happen at all. 

10. Outsource Friendship: (605–475–6966) 

This number is one of the fun ways to kill your boredom. Upon dialing this number, you can hear the pre-recorded message that starts out politely, but as time passes and you get to the agent’s name, you will know it’s just a prank. 

Within the speech, you will also hear, “But you can call me BFF, best friends for a very long time indeed,” simultaneously leaving you confused and stunned. 

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11. Hogwarts Admissions: (605-475-6961) 

Wanting to get admitted to Hogwarts has been the dream of all the fans of the Harry Potter universe. Within the number 605-475-6961, you can be accepted, or is that the case? Tell your Harry Potter friend to dial this number and get admitted to the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

After the call is picked up on the other end, the receiver on the other end will inform you with directions to the famous platform nine-and-three-quarters and your admission information. But in the end, it will offer you a burst of laughter, which is totally worth it. 

12. Harvard Sentences: (858-651-5050) 

This is one of the funniest numbers to dial when you are totally bored and want to take a break. By dialing this number, you can listen to the world-famous sentence of Harvard. 

The phrases within the Harvard Sentences were designed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to measure a person’s speech quality. A sentence’s appeal is more in its word flow than its meaning.

13. Sobriety Test Hotline: (605–475–6958) 

The sobriety test hotline is the perfect phone number to call if you want humor. This number basically helps you know if you are sober or drunk. Dial the number, and when the call is received, the person on the other end will ask you some simple questions before generating your sobriety results. 

This is a simple yet fun number to dial when you are bored and are looking to test whether you are sober or not 😏. 

14. Murray Bauman’s Residence: (618-625-8313)

Do you know that Murray Bauman’s number was revealed in the third season of the hit Netflix show? 

If you are bored and want to revisit the Stranger Things craze, this is the phone number to call. Just pass this number down to your friend who loves Stranger Things and wait for them to dial it. 

By dialing this number, you will hear a special message from Murray, a private investigator–slash–conspiracy theorist. He has a message for two important women in his life: Joyce Byers, regarding their mission to save the world, and his mother, who’s sure to bring a chuckle. It’s the perfect April Fools’ prank for any fan of the Upside Down.

15. Stop Complaining: (605–475–6973)

You may be familiar with some people who complain a lot, even when it is not necessary. Some may listen when you tell them directly, but in most cases, telling them directly about their nature may offend them. So, just tell them to dial 605–475–6973. 

This number will help them understand the true intention behind giving it to them after they dial it, making it one of the most useful and fun numbers out there. 

16. Funny 1-800 Numbers

Prank calls are fun, but what if someone doesn’t like pranks at all? The answer to this lies within funny 1-800 numbers. Funny 1-800 numbers or fun vanity phone numbers are the perfect alternative for prank calls. 

Businesses mostly use the 800 number to make their numbers memorable. While the motive is to make the business known, some businesses are doing it in a fun way using funny numbers. 

Here are some of the toll-free 800 numbers, which are pretty funny 👇: 

1 800 HURT NOW

Oh no, are you hurt and need someone to help? Then this is the right number to call. You can easily connect with highly qualified lawyers to get on your case by dialing this number. The plus point of this phone number is that it’s completely free

This number is funny and easy to remember, as you might even unintentionally whisper it while tending to your injury.


If you are having issues related to computers or IT, fear not. Geeks on Call is here to help. Dial this funny 1-800 number and get the help you need for all your computer or IT issues.

1 800 Virus No

“Virus, no” is your expression when your PC is injected with viruses. But fear not; this number is here to aid you. Just dial this number and solve any problem related to the viruses. 


As the number suggests, this number connects you with a public storage service provider. Although this might not be the right vanity number they were seeking, the essence is clear and effortlessly memorable.

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Wrapping up

If you’re bored and need a quick pick-me-up, consider calling one of these 16 funny numbers. From silly songs to humorous messages, these numbers will surely make you smile. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted distraction or a fun way to pass the time, these numbers are a great way to add humor to your day. 😊

These funny numbers offer a range of entertainment options, from silly songs and jokes to interactive games and challenges. They’re perfect when you need a break from your daily routine or want to add humor to your social media posts. So, next time you’re bored, grab your phone and call one of these numbers.

These fun vanity phone numbers might inspire you as a small business owner. If you’re considering getting a virtual phone number, KrispCall has you covered.


What are random funny numbers?

Random funny numbers are phone numbers that offer some amusement or entertainment when you call them. They can be broken down into a few categories:

  • Vanity Numbers
  • Prank Call Hotlines
  • Pop Culture References
  • Unexpected Recordings

What are these funny numbers for?

These funny numbers are designed to be called for entertainment, to prank friends, or to get a laugh when you’re bored. They typically provide pre-recorded humorous messages when dialed. 

Can I really call these numbers for fun or pranks?

Yes, you can call these numbers for fun or pranks. They are designed to be humorous and can be used to pass the time, play jokes on friends, or even make fun of someone lightheartedly. 

Are these numbers available internationally?

No, these numbers are not available internationally. They are specific to certain countries and regions.

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